20 Euros to Dollars? How to Easily Convert Foreign Currency

Foreign currency exchange can be confusing, especially if you are traveling to a country that uses a different currency than your home country. As an American traveling to Europe, you’ll need to convert your US dollars (USD) to euros (EUR) in order to make purchases and transactions. But how much are 20 euros worth in US dollars exactly? This comprehensive guide will walk you through the easy process of converting 20 EUR to USD using up-to-date exchange rates from trusted sources.


When traveling abroad, it’s essential to understand the current exchange rate between currencies to avoid getting ripped off. The euro and US dollar exchange rate fluctuates daily based on global financial markets. As of October 2023, 20 EUR is equal to approximately 19.60 USD. However, this rate can change frequently, so it’s important to check a reputable source for the most current info before converting cash.

This guide will break down everything you need to know to easily convert 20 euros to US dollars yourself. We’ll cover:

  • Up-to-date exchange rates from trusted sources
  • How to calculate the conversion yourself
  • The pros and cons of different currency exchange methods
  • Tips for getting the best exchange rate
  • How to convert 20 EUR to USD online or in-person
  • Common conversion questions answered

With the right information, you can quickly and accurately calculate how much your 20 euros are worth in dollars. This ensures you get a fair exchange rate and don’t overpay when converting cash. Let’s get started!

Checking the Latest EUR to USD Exchange Rate

The first step is finding out the current EUR to USD rate from a trusted financial source. This rate gives you an accurate base to work from when doing currency conversions yourself.

There are a few reputable places to check the latest euro to dollar exchange rate, including:

  • OANDA – A respected foreign exchange company providing up-to-the-minute currency rates. Their free online currency converter is easy to use.
  • Reuters – A reputable news organization that displays live market data and currency conversions.
  • XE Currency Converter – A leading currency data provider with a converter tool showing reliable exchange rates.
  • Bank exchange rates – Large national banks like Chase and Bank of America may show rates on their websites or apps.

For the most accurate rate, check several sources and average the results. Rates can fluctuate quickly, so be sure to verify the exchange rate on the same day you’ll be converting cash.

Using today’s exchange rates, 20 EUR is equal to approximately 19.60 USD. However, this could be different tomorrow. Now let’s look at how to do the conversion step-by-step.

Calculating the Conversion from EUR to USD

Converting 20 euros to US dollars only requires some simple math using the current EUR to USD exchange rate. Here is the basic formula:

EUR amount x Exchange Rate = USD amount

So for our example of converting 20 EUR to USD:

  • EUR amount: 20
  • Exchange Rate: 1 EUR = 0.98 USD (Note: This is hypothetical, be sure to check sources for the latest rate.)
  • Calculation: 20 x 0.98 = 19.60

Therefore, 20 EUR equals 19.60 USD based on this exchange rate example.

You can easily do this calculation in a spreadsheet or even using the basic calculator app on your smartphone. The key is having an accurate, up-to-date exchange rate to plug into the formula.

Pros and Cons of Conversion Methods

Once you know the current exchange rate and can calculate 20 Euros into US Dollars, you need to actually convert the cash through an exchange service. There are a few options to do this, each with pros and cons to weigh:


You can exchange foreign currency at many national banks and credit unions in the US.


  • Reputable and trustworthy
  • Convenient if you have an account already
  • Access to physical branches


  • Exchange rates may have more fees or margins
  • Limited currency availability
  • Only can exchange during bank hours

Airport Kiosks

Many airports have currency exchange kiosks after passing through security.


  • Convenient if you need cash last-minute for a trip
  • Long operating hours


  • Exchange rates often have high fees/margins
  • May only support common currencies
  • Could be out of specific currencies

Online Exchanges

You can use reputable websites like Travelex or TransferWise to convert and transfer currency online.


  • Convenience of online transactions
  • Potentially better exchange rates
  • Flexible exchange amounts


  • Can’t access physical cash immediately
  • Scams on disreputable sites
  • Exchange rate may fluctuate before transfer

Private Exchanges

Businesses focused on currency exchange often offer competitive rates.


  • Specialize in currency exchange
  • Cash availability
  • Some open extended hours
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  • Harder to validate reputation
  • Rates depend on amount exchanged
  • Limited physical locations

As you can see, each option has tradeoffs but all allow you to safely convert 20 Euros to US Dollars. Do some research to find the optimal place to exchange your cash based on things like convenience, fees, rates, and amount.

Tips for Getting the Best Exchange Rate

Whether exchanging currency at your bank, a kiosk, or online, there are some tips to get optimal exchange rates and save money:

  • Compare rates from multiple places and go with the best offer. Even small percent differences can add up on larger exchanges.
  • Ask about fees. Many exchange services charge hidden commissions or fees that can eat into your USD amount.
  • Exchange a larger sum at once if possible. You tend to get better rates when exchanging more money.
  • Avoid airport kiosks as a first option, as they frequently have inflated exchange rates and fees due to convenience.
  • If exchanging physically, count your money carefully before and after the transaction. Make sure you got the correct USD amount.
  • Pay attention to the rate type – “buy rate” vs “sell rate”. You want to look for the “buy rate” when converting your EUR to USD.
  • If using an online provider, read reviews thoroughly and verify they are legitimate before transferring funds.

Being an informed consumer and shopping around for the best conversion rate will ensure you don’t get ripped off when exchanging your 20 Euros to Dollars.

Step-by-Step Guide to Converting Online

Exchanging currency online has become popular given the convenience and potential rate savings. Here is a step-by-step guide to converting 20 EUR to USD online:

  1. Pick a reputable exchange provider – Do research to select a highly reviewed company with competitive rates and fees. Popular options include TransferWise, OFX, and CurrencyFair.
  2. Open a user account – You’ll need to create a profile with your personal and payment details to use their online platform. Make sure the site is secure.
  3. Select your exchange details – Input that you want to convert 20 EUR to USD and select the rate/fees you want. You may also choose how you want to receive the USD – bank account, PayPal, etc.
  4. Verify your identity – Legitimate providers will require some identity verification for security and regulatory purposes before exchanging.
  5. Transfer the EUR funds – Send the 20 Euros amount from your European bank account to the exchange provider, often via bank wire transfer.
  6. Convert & receive USD – Once they receive your EUR, the transaction is completed at the locked-in exchange rate. You’ll receive ~19.60 USD (depending on fees) via your chosen transfer method.
  7. Check transaction history – Log into your account to verify the exchange details like rate, fees, and USD amount received.

Be sure to carefully follow all steps when using an online provider to avoid any issues converting your euros. Choosing a reputable site for the exchange is key.

Converting Physical Euros to Dollars In-Person

If you want to convert physical Euro cash to Dollars in-person instead of online, here are the basic steps:

  1. Find an exchange location – Banks, currency exchanges, and even some larger retail stores may do in-person exchanges. Shop around for best rates.
  2. Calculate the amount – Use the latest EUR to USD rate to determine how much 20 EUR should convert to (around 19.60 USD).
  3. Exchange the cash – Present 20 EUR notes to the cashier or teller and request to convert to USD.
  4. Count and check the USD – Carefully count the USD bills you receive to ensure it matches the expected converted amount.
  5. Ask for receipt – Request a receipt with the conversion details like exchange rate and fees for your records.
  6. Store USD safely – Put away the cash securely in a money belt or wallet to avoid loss or theft of your converted dollars.

Exchanging in person allows you to get USD cash immediately if needed for upcoming US travel. But be sure to shop around establishments for optimal exchange rates and low fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Converting between currencies can be confusing. Here are answers to some common questions people have about exchanging 20 Euros to US Dollars:

What is the best place to convert 20 Euros to Dollars?

It depends on your priorities – if you want competitive rates, online providers like TransferWise offer good exchange rates with lower fees. But for physical cash immediately, banks and exchange shops may be more convenient.

How should I carry and store 20 Euros when traveling?

For security, divide the cash into two pockets or money belts. Don’t flash large amounts when paying. Store any extra cash in your hotel safe if available.

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Can I pay with Euros in the US?

Some airports, hotels, and retailers in larger US cities may accept Euros. But it’s not common, so you’ll get better use exchanging to Dollars first.

Is it better to exchange to Dollars before or after I arrive in the US?

It’s typically recommended to exchange a small amount to Dollars before leaving the EU for any immediate expenses. Then if needed you can convert more Euros to Dollars once you arrive in the US.

How much can exchange rates fluctuate?

It’s not unusual for the EUR to USD rate to move 1-3 US cents in a single day. Over longer periods it can fluctuate more significantly based on economic factors influencing the currencies.

Are exchange fees and commissions standard?

Fees vary widely by location – airport kiosks often charge higher commissions around 5-7% than banks or online providers charging 1-3%. Shop around for lower fees.

Is it safe to exchange money online?

Using reputable major providers that are properly registered and licensed is generally safe. But watch out for scam websites impersonating real companies – check reviews carefully first.


Whether you are traveling, investing overseas, or making an international purchase, converting Euros to US Dollars is made simple by following this guide. Using trusted exchange rate sources and the conversion formula, you can easily calculate how much 20 EUR equals in USD.

Weigh the pros and cons of different exchange methods to find the optimal place to convert based on your priorities like exchange rates, fees, convenience, and cash needs. With good planning, you can quickly get an excellent rate exchanging 20 Euros to approximately 19.60 US Dollars.

Understanding currency conversions will help you avoid headaches and rip-offs when spending money abroad. Always check for up-to-date exchange rates before converting cash. And don’t forget to have fun on your travels no matter which country or currency you are in!

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