33 Ways To Be A Billionaire in 2023

I love having a lot of money in my pocket.

Nothing makes me feel better than carrying 10k in cash everywhere I go.

10 grand in cash doesn’t fit in your pocket well, it sticks out, it’s gauche, it’s tacky.

A lot of people cannot handle that, they cannot handle “money talk” and they cannot handle seeing people with money brag about it.

We call those people “poor”.

For those people I have a very specific piece of advice that will help them deal with money talk.

That specific piece of advice is this…

Deal with it.

For the rest of you, here’s how you fill up your fucking pockets…

1) Being extreme is the key to the billions

There are no two ways about it, there is only one way about it – it takes extreme dedication to your craft to become a billionaire.

A great man once said, Moderation is not the key to success, it’s the key to mediocrity. That great man was me and I meant every word.

You cannot moderate the madness required to succeed in such a big way. It’s always more, more, more. Not less, less, less.

(Ever heard a group of shareholders say they want to make LESS money? It’s always more, boys.)

Do more, work more, make more.

Being extreme is the only true method that works.

Everything else is phony-baloney marketing to jabronies.

2) Attitude is more important than knowledge

If you know you can do it, you will do it.

It doesn’t matter if you know how. The how will figure itself out when you have the absolute decision to do it no matter what.

The “but how do I do it?” question is for dipshits who stay stuck in “research mode” for 30 years.

Go-getters with an attitude just decide to do it and then they go and do it.

Attitude is the difference between winning and losing. Have an attitude or jump out of a window.

3) Concentrate your focus

Focus on a lesser amount of things, but concentrate your focus harder on your goal of becoming a billionaire.

Focus hard and put in the hours.

If you want more accomplished in a day, what do you do? You put in more time in a day. When you want to get more accomplished, you work more.

Don’t be moderate and don’t be coy, be a hard son-of-a-bitch who works a lot.

When you aren’t working on it, think about it. I said FOCUS goddamit and I meant it.

Focus is the secret weapon of the rich.

Even when you’re not physically working, you are mentally working.

You will never become a billionaire if your eyes don’t burn holes through souls.

4) Don’t ask permission to be rich

You can do anything you want anytime, you don’t ask permission

If you ask permission for what you want you are going to be denied. If you don’t need permission you cannot be denied.

Figure out a way to do it and then take what you want – the only real option.

If you want something you plan for it, you visualize it, you take action and then you grab it.

“That’s mine. Give me that.”

What the knucklehead losers think of your actions is of no consequence.

5) Give up luxuries you cannot afford

If luxuries are what you are after then you are a fucking fool who will never get rich.

Luxuries do not fulfill, only the numbers fulfill.

You have to become addicted to seeing the numbers move up, and the numbers will never move up if you keep spending all of your money on seeming luxury.


If you buy luxury before you can afford to throw luxury away it will hold you prisoner.

You have to be free to make the billions.

6) Stay out of debt

You cannot get rich if you’re in debt trying to pay for a middle-man’s house and car, or a boat or something equally stupid.


Debt is the currency of the poor.

That means no auto payments, no credit cards, no loans, and no expensive mortgages or rentals.

Minimize to maximize. It’s so simple that it should be outlawed, anybody can do it.

Just stop spending that dough on things and start spending that dough on assets. Buy things that will make you more money, don’t buy things that won’t make you money.

When you become rich then you can buy all the toys you want, but not before you become rich.

But if you buy buy buy things before you have the money (the actual cash money, not credit) then you are digging yourself deeper and deeper into a debt hole.

7) Be honest about what you want

You only ever have to be honest with yourself about what you want.

You never need to tell other people your plans (and you shouldn’t).

But you do have to know clearly what your goals, plans, and intentions are and that takes what we call honesty.

Many people cannot handle the thought of admitting that they want to make a lot of money and enjoy a life of wealth. Fuck ’em, they can stay poor.

Always remember, to get it you must admit it.

Learn to say, “This is what I want. Give it to me or get out of the way.”

8) Don’t get a job, start a billion dollar business

A lot of you morons think you’re going to get a STEM degree and magically get rich rich working a corporate job as a mid-wage slave.

Don’t make me laugh.

If you want to get rich you have to create the billion dollar business.

Working as a STEM dipshit will never get you anywhere in life, it’s a con that rich guys play on you.

“Be a good boy, get a STEM degree, do our hard work for low pay and you can retire like a champ. I promise!”

Like Henry Rollins said: “HAHAHAHAHAHA! SUCKER! SUCKER!”

Ever heard of a billionaire that got rich from working some schmuck job in IT? No? That’s because they don’t exist.

Billionaires became billionaires by starting billion dollar businesses.

That’s called entrepreneurship not “get a job like the other slobs.”

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9) Sacrifice a normal life

Don’t you know the God of commerce requires a sacrifice?

That sacrifice is a normal life.

You cannot live a normal life if you want to live a life of wealth.

I always have to chuckle a little when I hear office drones say they couldn’t “sacrifice what they have” and “take a chance”.

As if being in debt up to your ears and being a good dog to a corporation isn’t a sacrifice. Working for someone else is the biggest sacrifice you will ever make.

10) Be to Bold and Determined

Bold & Determined is the best there ever was and the best there ever will be.

11) Stop waiting for a miracle

I hear these losers all the time, “if I could just win the lottery. If I could just get a chance. If my big break would come in” and blah blah blah.

I don’t expect anything to be given to me. If I want it you can be damn sure I’ll go and get it.

Play your stupid lottery, sit on your stupid couch in front of your stupid TV, and make your stupid excuses.

Someone else is out there kicking ass and taking what is rightfully his.

Like L. Cohen said, baby, you been waiting night and day. You didn’t see the times you waited half your life away.

12) Realize you are a lone wolf

If you wish to be a billionaire you are in a club of one.

You don’t have any friends, you have associates.

Friends are for dipshits who aren’t rich.

When you’re rich, you’re alone and that’s it.

Being a lone Wolf can help you tremendously and I will tell you exactly how: As a lone Wolf you can feel free to disregard advice from sheep.

If you’re a lone wolf worried about how best to fit in, my advice is to stop worrying.

Don’t worry about fitting in. Being a lone Wolf is a gift because it gives you an outside perspective.

The insiders (sheep) will never have this perspective and it is your #1 advantage.

13) Be bold with your words and bolder with your actions

No one will believe bold statements you make at first. But believe me, they will believe you later.

I used to get constant comments from people telling me how they couldn’t succeed. Now? I never get those comments.

When I write words, people respond with “Yeah, you’re 100% right”

They’ve been reading B&D long enough to see the light of success and know that it works if you work.

First they laugh and mock, but if you stick with it they always end up in the exact same spot: on your side, giving you support.

But if you mean it, and you keep saying it, they will eventually believe you. If you always mean it, they will eventually see it.

Words matter so choose your words wisely. Your words should be spoken clearly, truthfully and without remorse like a man.

Be careful to say more with less.

Less words = more meaning

14) Emulate the successful, ignore the average

If you aspire to be an average guy then the genie will come out of the bottle and grant you your wish.

Welcome to average world, friend. I hope you enjoy the taste of shit because you will be eating it until the day you die.

If you wish to change your station in life, if you wish to change your luck and fortune, if you wish not to be average but to be a winner there is one simple think you must do: Start thinking like a winner and not like an average bozo.

Hippies love to say “money doesn’t buy everything, man” and they’re right. Here’s a few things money cannot buy…

Money doesn’t buy your way out of stupidity, sloth, laziness or greed. This is why people who win the lottery are broke again within a year.

15) Kill your back-up plan

A back-up plan is for a back-up man.

Back-up plans are an excuse to fail, they are self-sabotage. The world of the rich is black and white.

You either…

DO or you DO NOT.

No in-betweens, in-between is where the average people live.

The need for a back-up plan is based on a fear of failure, so just kill the fucking fear of failure and stop being a pussy.

Also, there is no such thing as failure so it’s a dumb thing to be scared of. Failure isn’t real!

Sometimes you just give up and quit before you get your treasure. If you quit you are not a failure, you are a quitter.

16) Forget about the clock

To make it to the billions, work on your own time at your own speed.

Do not rush, but also do not spend time waiting around doing nothing.

Every day is exactly the same – PERMANENT SATURDAY.

You do the work at your time, at your leisure. You do not rush because when you rush, you stumble.

Young guns will shoot their load and then they will be finished. The slow but steady will always win in the end.

Be slow, sure, but damn sure be steady.

17) Say goodbye to losers, be elitist and hang out with the winners

Being an ass-kicker means you have to cut out all nonsense, that includes friends and relationships that are not beneficial to you.

There comes a time when you’ve got to re-assess friendships.

In the life of a billion dollar ass-kicker there just isn’t any room for low-yield relationships.

If your friends don’t serve a definite dual purpose then it’s time to let them go.

Dual purpose friendships: you enjoy spending time with the person and you accomplish an activity. A low-yield friend is a friend that does not serve a purpose.

A friend that just wants to ‘hang out’, gossip, use narcotics, whine or talk about themselves or other nonsense.

A low-yield friend is an “energy vampire”, someone who drains you of energy by just spending time with you.

18) Work every day

Days off are for losers I said it and you read it – days off are for LOSERS.

You will never win big on your day off. You don’t stand a chance of winning a race you don’t show up to.

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Show up and you automatically beat every single person that did not show up.


19) Do not live within limits

The average man’s life can be summed up into 3 words: Limit without benefit.

The average man limits himself, he isn’t limited by external forces.

If a man was born in the he west has no real time limits, geographical limits, relationship limits, job limits, or monetary limits. I live well because I do not place limits on myself.

Free men of the west are free to go anywhere, do anything legal and make as much or as little money as they want.

Instead of realizing this potential, they limit themselves. These limits are all self-imposed.

You truly are free to do as you please as long as you follow the rule of law.

You can go anywhere, you can make all the money you want, and you can have the relationship you want.

20) Be a creator, not a consumer

Don’t buy the things. Own the things and sell them to the buyers.

Average Joe spends his time consuming content (YouTube videos, blog articles, podcasts, social media etc).

Above average Joe sees this and takes advantage of the opportunity by producing the very content that average Joe consumes.

That’s the get rich open secret that no one knows – you are the content producer, you are the new media, there are no barriers to entry for being yourself.

By making the online content that average Joe consumes, Above-Average Joe can get wealthy.

All Average-Joe needs to do is flip a switch in his brain and say “from now on I will be a content producer, not just a content consumer”.

21) Don’t SAVE money, MAKE money

You can only save what you earn. That means it’s an impossible way to get rich.


You get rich by MAKING A LOT OF MONEY.

Focus on making money, do not focus on saving your pennies by skipping your morning coffee.

22) Don’t take breaks, breaks break the momentum

Every time I hear one of these retards talking about “needing a vacation” I want to slap them in the face for being so damn stupid.

If you constantly break the momentum you constantly have to stop and start over and over again.

Eventually what’s going to happen is that you stop and don’t get started again.

Don’t you read physics books? It’s Newton’s law of motion…

Objects in motion tend to stay in motion, objects at rest tend to stay at rest.

If you think you’re just going to stay at rest for one week, think again.

Every time you break the momentum it is harder and harder and harder to get going again. Eventually you are just going to stay at rest.

This is what vacations do to you! Avoid them.

23) Have a billionaire sized ego

Everyone pretends to love a humble guy. That’s because no one has to compete with a humble guy, a humble guy is no threat whatsoever.

Why is a humble guy not a threat? Because humble is short for humiliated.

Everyone hates a big ego guy, because a big ego guy is not humiliated and he points out your own shortcomings, lack of skill, desire, heart, dedication and discipline.

All champions have big egos. Without a big ego they would have never become a champion.

They would have been just like Joe Average crying about the ego of Chuck Champion. Ego isn’t a bad thing. Ego is a must. A big ego is just high self-esteem.

It’s the ankle-biters at the bottom who cry about “humility being a virtue”. Humiliation isn’t a virtue, you fools, it’s a vice.

Humility is something to overcome, it is never something to be proud of and for heaven’s sake, do not seek to amplify your humility.

All you will end up with is exactly what you strove for: more humiliation.

24) Take all of the performance ENHANCING substances you can

So many damn fools want to preach the value of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other narcotics…

While at the same time saying performance ENHANCING substances like RED GROWTH are “cheating.” This is the logic of non-rich retards.

Those damn fools can take all the performance decreasing substances they want. All it does is kill their game.

If you want to win, take stuff that helps you win and never take stuff that helps you fail.

25) Have an unbreakable billionaire mentality 

What does it mean to become unbreakable?

Becoming unbreakable means building and maintaining a protective shell or wall around your emotions to insulate yourself so you don’t even entertain thoughts that deviate from your plan.

Inside your head you have your plan, you know your plan. Your mom, your dad, your girlfriend, your best buddy from 5th grade don’t know your plan because they aren’t inside your head.

When you spill your guts to them about your plan they try and talk you out of it. They don’t understand your plan and it isn’t their job to understand, it’s their job to try and talk you out of it.

The breakable will listen to them and say “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” The unbreakable won’t even hear it.

If you want success you must have a plan for that success and it must be on your terms.

Develop an unbreakable shell. When they shout their nonsense in your ear don’t let it break you.

26) Only be the nice guy if you like eating shit

Ever met a super nice Drill Sergeant? No, that’s because they don’t exist.

You cannot be too nice to your people.

Being nice is a way to be taken advantage of.

Being nice will insure that good work goes undone.

Be a real bastard if you want your people to work hard for you.

If you want to get rich you’re gonna have to get really comfortable with one thing: the truth. If you can’t hear or see truth, you cannot get rich.

Nice guy? Go play with your dog, retard.

There’s no room for niceness in this business because nice is fake, it isn’t real.

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This game of billions is based on stone cold reality and if you want to be in a nice guy living in la-la land you won’t get rich.

27) Do what it takes to succeed

Winners don’t think the rules apply to them. And they are right.

The rules of the game only apply to those who are willing to abide by the rules.

The rules are there to make sure you do not rise up.

Playing by the rules is the same thing as doing the minimum. You cannot do the minimum to achieve maximum results.

To get maximum results you have to produce maximum action.

If you play by the rules then you aren’t trying very hard.

If you’re playing by the rules then you have turned off your brain and you’re coasting on auto-pilot.

Winners do what it takes to win, they do better than their best and they’re always a step or two ahead.

That’s how winning is done.

28) Be patient and always ready to act at a moment’s notice

Always wait for the right time to act and when the right time appears, act instantly.


29) Learn the word “NO” and say it often

No is a power word.

You know who doesn’t say no? People pleasers.

You know who says no all the time? Real dealers and ass kickers.

“No” comes from a position of power. Be powerful and say “NO!”

30) Stop caring what other people think (be deaf to criticism)

Their opinion is useless to you, their advice is useless and their thought process is non-existent.

If they didn’t see it on television then it isn’t real to them.

That goes for your mommy and daddy and your best friend from childhood.

Unless someone’s life is enviable to you their advice is utterly pointless and useless garbage.

Unless they are doing something you want to do, don’t ask for or accept advice.

Don’t you know what Edward said? Not caring what other people think is a super-power.

31) Attract Lady Luck to you

There isn’t a soul on planet earth who has good luck and a bad attitude. Good luck men have positive mental attitudes.

They will extend their arm to Lady Luck and she’ll take it with a little smile and a blush, like the good girl she is.

And if you don’t…

Who cares.

The billions are out there, lonely like Becky on a Thursday night in November. Just waiting for a big, strong man to come and take her in his arms and own her forever.

It’s a big world out there and there is plenty for your taking. Be a man and take it.


Success never smiles with a man who sits around waiting.

32) Howl like a wolf, work like a dog

I used to howl like a wolf every day but I stopped because everybody around me started howling every day too.

People would not even say “hi” to me anymore, they would just howl at me.

I would even hear my damn neighbors howling through the walls.

I became jaded to the howl, like some sort of hipster dipshit, “I used to howl before it was cool.”

But that was a big mistake I made, because howling like a wolf releases the endorphines you need to succeed.

There is no drug on earth better than howling like a wolf. Do it right now because it works, HOWL!

If you want to make a billion bucks you also got to feel like a billion bucks.

You will feel like a billion bucks after you howl like a wolf.

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