BabyPips For Beginners – Is This Site Enough to Start Trading Forex?

Forex trading has become an increasingly popular way for beginners to start investing and potentially profit from currency fluctuations. is one of the most well-known free educational resources for new forex traders, providing a range of tutorials, articles, tools and more. But is BabyPips enough on its own to give beginners all the knowledge they need to begin actively trading forex?

In this comprehensive review, we’ll take an in-depth look at everything BabyPips offers for forex newcomers. We’ll examine its key beginner guides, features and tools, assessing how useful they are for helping complete newbies understand forex and start trading. We’ll also consider potential limitations and whether additional education and resources may be needed to supplement what BabyPips provides.

By the end of this detailed review, beginners will have a clear understanding of BabyPips’ strengths and weaknesses for learning forex trading. You’ll know exactly what you can realistically expect to gain from the site as a total beginner, and whether it’s sufficient on its own or best combined with other educational resources.

An Introduction to is an educational site created in 2004 by “PIP DIDDY”, a pseudonymous trader who wanted to help beginners understand forex trading. It provides free beginner-focused resources and tutorials to teach the absolute basics. The site is run by LLC and generates revenue through advertising and affiliate marketing.

The site’s main offerings include:

Overall the site aims to break down forex concepts into beginner-friendly tutorials. But does it provide comprehensive education? Let’s analyze the key beginner resources BabyPips offers.

BabyPips’ Key Beginner Forex Trading Guides

BabyPips offers two main courses focused on introducing beginners to forex trading basics:

1. Beginner Course

This covers the absolute fundamentals in 20 chapters, including:

  • Overviews of forex trading and the forex market.
  • Currency pairs and how they work.
  • How to analyze the market and currency values.
  • Leverage and margins.
  • How to place different types of forex trades.

It finishes by briefly introducing technical and fundamental analysis.

2. Intermediate Course

A level up, this has 11 chapters expanding on concepts from the beginner course:

  • Technical analysis basics.
  • Chart types and trends.
  • Major technical indicators like moving averages.
  • Japanese candlesticks.
  • Fundamental analysis.
  • Risk management and psychology.

Combined, these two course levels aim to take newcomers from knowing nothing about forex to having foundational knowledge to potentially start trading.

We’ll now analyze these beginner courses and tools in more detail:

In-Depth Look at the Beginner Course

The beginner course aims to introduce those completely new to the world of forex to all the essential basics in an easy-to-follow format. Here’s an outline of its 20 chapters:

The course uses a mix of written tutorials, illustrations, quizzes and short videos to teach each concept. The material focuses on clearly explaining unfamiliar terms and ideas simply, letting complete newcomers grasp the basics.


  • Easy to follow format makes forex approachable for beginners.
  • Covers a broad overview of all fundamentals.
  • Quizzes reinforce key learnings.
  • Illustrated examples demonstrate core concepts well.


  • Very surface level explanations of each topic.
  • Glosses over details critical for actual trading.
  • No step-by-step walkthroughs of executing trades.

In-Depth Look at the Intermediate Course

Moving up a level, the intermediate course aims to build on the beginner content by introducing more technical concepts involved in actual trading:

  • Technical Analysis – More advanced than beginner course with chart patterns, trends and figures.
  • Chart Types – Line, bar, candlestick explained.
  • Support and Resistance – How to identify key support and resistance levels.
  • Indicators – Detailed overview of 13 major technical indicators.
  • Moving Averages – Different types of moving averages and how to use them.
  • Japanese Candlesticks – Formation names and meanings.
  • Elliott Wave Theory – The basics of wave analysis theory.
  • Fundamental Analysis – More detail on analyzing economic events.
  • Trading Psychology – Expanded tips for controlling emotions.
  • Risk Management – Using stop losses, risk-reward ratios etc.
  • A Day in the Life – Following a sample day trading forex.


  • Provides moretrading-focused details than beginner content.
  • Covers key chart patterns and technical indicators.
  • Gives an idea of real-world trading workflows.


Both courses use simple language and ample visuals to explain concepts, with quizzes to test retention. Overall they offer a solid high-level intro to forex, but lack substantive depth.

Additional Beginner Tools and Resources on BabyPips

Beyond its two core courses, BabyPips provides a few additional tools and resources that may assist forex beginners:

Overall these resources provide some added value on top of the courses. The forums stand out in particular by enabling direct discussions with other traders about the reality of forex markets.

Limitations of BabyPips for Complete Beginners

While BabyPips covers a broad introduction to forex trading, it has some clear limitations for taking complete newcomers with no background and giving them all the preparation they need to succeed as traders.

Some notable gaps include:

  • Lack of step-by-step trade walkthroughs – BabyPips provides almost no examples of actually executing trades from start to finish. The intermediate course briefly follows one sample day, but without specifics. Beginners are left without a clear idea of how to apply course concepts in live trading.
  • No strategy development/backtesting guidance – The courses do not guide beginners on developing, backtesting and optimizing a trading strategy based on technical indicators and chart patterns. This is a core skill for profitable trading.
  • Minimal discussion of fundamental analysis – While technical analysis is covered in moderate detail, the courses provide little substantive instruction on leveraging events, news and economic data through fundamental analysis.
  • No risk management plan creation – BabyPips does not walk through creating a structured risk management plan, a key need for beginners. This includes guidance on position sizing, stop losses, risk-reward ratios and managing losses/winnings.
  • No paper trading – Paper trading platforms let beginners simulate live trades with fake money to gain experience. But BabyPips provides no guidance on using paper trading to refine skills before risking real capital.

While its core courses provide a surface-level forex overview, BabyPips lacks the depth needed to fully prepare complete newcomers for profitable live trading.

Do Beginners Need Additional Education With BabyPips?

Given its limitations, sole reliance on BabyPips is likely insufficient for giving complete beginners the knowledge to become successful traders. Additional education and resources would be advisable to supplement what BabyPips offers.

Some recommended additions include:

  • Step-by-step video courses showing how to technically analyze charts to identify high-probability trades, enter orders, manage positions, and secure profits.
  • Detailed guides and simulations for developing backtested trading strategies based on technical indicators and ideal entry/exit points.
  • Resources for discovering how to leverage fundamental analysis using economic calendars, news events, data releases etc.
  • In-depth presentations and workshops by professional forex traders on their proven strategies, risk management, and lessons learned.
  • Paper trading platforms to practice executing trades in a risk-free environment.
  • One-on-one mentoring from experienced forex traders who can provide tailored guidance and feedback.
  • Ongoing membership communities that share trading opportunities, market analysis, and member discussions.

Without supplementing from additional sources, BabyPips alone will not transform complete beginners into consistently profitable traders. New traders should be cautious not to rely solely on this free surface-level resource without significant further education.

Core Takeaways: Is BabyPips Enough to Start Trading Forex?

To summarize the key points, here are the core takeaways from our detailed review of BabyPips for forex beginners:

  • BabyPips provides free, beginner-friendly courses and resources covering a broad introduction to forex trading. This includes tutorials on terminology, technical/fundamental analysis, major concepts and more.
  • Its simplified explanations and ample visuals make forex approachable for newcomers with no experience. Active forums also let beginners engage directly with more experienced traders.
  • However, its core beginner and intermediate courses lack substantive depth. They do not provide step-by-step trade walkthroughs, strategy development/backtesting, detailed fundamental analysis, or paper trading guidance.
  • Sole reliance on BabyPips is likely insufficient for complete beginners to gain the knowledge needed to trade forex profitably without significant further education. Additional courses, mentoring, simulators and resources are advisable.
  • BabyPips is best used as a starting point to understand forex basics. But further in-depth education, practice and market experience will be essential before beginners are ready to trade forex successfully.

So in summary, while BabyPips is a useful free introduction, it should not be the only resource beginners use before attempting to actively trade real money in forex markets. Significant supplementary education and practice is strongly recommended. BabyPips alone is not comprehensive enough trading preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is BabyPips completely free to use?

Yes, BabyPips is 100% free to use. All its courses, tools, forums, articles and other resources are available at no cost without even needing to register. It does contain ads and affiliate links to brokers which is how the site generates revenue. But all educational content can be accessed free.

2. What background knowledge is needed before starting BabyPips?

BabyPips is designed for complete beginners with no prior forex knowledge. Its introductory courses assume no existing trading experience or financial markets knowledge. However, having some basic financial literacy can help understand concepts faster.

3. Can I learn to trade forex profitably using BabyPips alone?

It is highly unlikely you could gain enough knowledge from BabyPips alone as a complete beginner to trade profitably. Its courses are very surface level and lack the depth needed for successful real money trading. Significant additional education is recommended before trading live.

4. Does BabyPips provide certification?

No, BabyPips does not currently offer any official certifications or accreditations. It simply provides free informal forex education. There are no exams or qualifications.

5. What topics are missing from BabyPips for beginners?

Key topics absent or lacking sufficient depth for beginners include developing/backtesting a trading strategy, executing complete trades end-to-end, fundamental analysis, risk management plans, and paper trading. These require additional education.

So in summary, while BabyPips provides an excellent starting point, a combination of the free content supplemented by more rigorous forex education is advisable before trading live markets.


BabyPips aims to make forex approachable for beginners by providing free, introductory courses and resources covering all the basics. While it succeeds in explaining terminology and surface concepts through simplified tutorials, ultimately its education lacks the depth needed to properly prepare complete newcomers for profitable trading.

Reliance solely on BabyPips is insufficient without further courses, practice, mentoring and market experience. Its beginner content should be treated as an introduction only. Significant supplementary education is strongly advisable before attempting to trade live with real capital based on the limited information BabyPips itself provides.

Overall BabyPips can be viewed as a useful launching pad into the world of forex, but not a comprehensive trading course. With the proper additional knowledge and practice however, BabyPips combined with further materials can help pave the way for beginners to trade forex successfully.

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