BabyPips Forums Review – Are They Useful for New Traders in 2024?

The world of forex trading can seem daunting for beginners. With so many concepts, strategies, and resources, it’s tough to know where to start. This is where online forex forums like BabyPips can come in handy. With over 1 million forum members, BabyPips is one of the largest and most active trading communities for new traders. But are the BabyPips forums actually useful for new traders in 2024? In this comprehensive review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the key features, pros and cons, and usefulness of BabyPips forums for new forex traders.

Overview of BabyPips Forums

BabyPips forums were launched in 2004 alongside the popular BabyPips education website. The forums aim to provide an open community for forex traders of all experience levels to discuss forex trading strategies, analytics, broker reviews, and market news. There are over 1 million registered members and over 33 million posts, making it one of the largest and most active retail trading forums online.

Some key features and sections of BabyPips forums include:

  • Beginners Forum: Dedicated section for new traders with threads on basics of forex trading.
  • Forum Lobby: General trading discussions about strategies, analysis, current events etc.
  • Broker Talk: Traders discuss and review forex brokers.
  • Trading Journals: Traders can log and discuss their trading activity.
  • Forex Education: Continued learning section with resources, videos, tutorials.
  • Members Services: Additional services including signals, EA services, prop firms.

The forums are free to use and require only a quick registration to access. Moderators and senior members help monitor forums but it is primarily user-driven content.

Pros of BabyPips Forums for New Traders

So what are some of the key advantages BabyPips forums offer, especially for those just getting started in forex trading?

1. Active Community of New Traders

One of the biggest pros is the large, active community focused specifically on new traders. With over 1 million members, there are always thousands of active users online ready to help. The Beginners Forum sees the most discussions for brand new traders.

Having an active community makes it easy to get quick answers to burning questions when starting out. It also provides the opportunity to learn with traders facing similar challenges.

2. Discuss Trading Strategies

Another useful aspect is the ability to discuss trading strategies and methodologies. New traders can get feedback on the viability of a potential strategy. They can also discover new strategies that experienced members are using successfully.

Some popular strategies discussed include price action, technical indicators, news trading, scalping, day trading, swing trading, and more. There are often lengthy debates on the merits of different approaches which is helpful for perspective.

3. Forex Education Resources

In the Forex Education section, members share a trove of useful learning materials. This includes training guides, ebooks, video tutorials, webinars, glossaries, and more educational resources.

New traders can supplement their learning by accessing thousands of free education materials reviewed by the community. There are also recommendations on the best paid training courses.

4. Broker Reviews

The Broker Talk section hosts insightful broker discussions. Given the number of dubious forex brokers, newbie traders greatly benefit from experienced traders’ broker experiences.

Long-term forum members provide detailed reviews on deposit/withdrawal processes, execution quality, customer service, and overall broker reputation. New traders can avoid potential scams and select a decent regulated broker.

5. Built-in Community Trust

With real identities and forum activity history, members build reputation and trust over time. Traders get to know each other and form relationships through ongoing interactions.

This community trust prevents some of the rampant over-promotion of paid services found on other major trading forums. Members provide honest opinions of various courses, signals, EAs etc.

6. Shared Trading Journals

The trading journals allow newbies to learn from more experienced traders posting real account updates. By seeing detailed trading journals, new traders observe how seasoned traders manage positions, risk, psychology, etc. during live market conditions.

Journals exhibit both winning and losing strategies over long periods of time. This demonstrates the realities of trading to set reasonable expectations for newbies.

7. Specialist Forums

Beyond forex education, BabyPips forums also provide specialist sub-forums. These include categories for commodities, cryptocurrency, stocks, business & finance, lounge, regional forums, members services, and an off-topic lounge.

The broader forums allow traders to discuss additional assets, markets, and related concepts in business/finance. This delivers a more well-rounded education beyond just forex.

Cons of BabyPips Forums for New Traders

However, BabyPips forums also come with some drawbacks to consider as a new forex trader.

1. Dated Platform & Design

The forums utilize an older forum software and design that can seem outdated compared to more modern forum platforms. However, the focus is more on the content rather than flashier features and aesthetics.

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Still, the navigation can feel a bit clunky. And some members complain about minor bugs and quirks that can be annoying.

2. Overwhelming for Complete Beginners

With over 1 million forum members and 33 million posts, the sheer amount of discussions can be overwhelming for some. Complete beginners may struggle to find the most relevant introductory information amongst thousands of threads.

However, the Beginners Forum section helps mitigate this issue. Stick to the dedicated new trader section before venturing into broader areas.

3. Duplicate Topics & Questions

Given the active user base, the same beginner questions get asked frequently. This means you’ll see duplicate topics and repetitive discussions as new users go through the initial learning curve.

Searching for existing threads on a question before posting can help reduce duplicates. The moderators also do a decent job merging common topics.

4. Contradictory Opinions

With so many active traders, you can expect lots of contradictory opinions and debates. Strategies that work wonderfully for some may completely fail others. Or certain brokers rated 5 stars by some have poor reviews from others.

It can be tough evaluating contrasting perspectives as a newbie. But this can also strengthen critical thinking and avoid confirmation bias by considering diverse viewpoints.

5. Promotions & Advertisements

As with any large forum, there are some self-promotional posts mixed in. Vendors advertise paid chatrooms, signals, EAs, and courses which may not always deliver. It’s best to take any paid services with a grain of salt.

However, trusted long-time members often warn about repeat offender promoters. And moderators do crack down on over-promotion when it gets excessive.

6. Misinformation Risk

Given the open nature of forums, there is always a risk of misleading or incorrect information. Not every member is an expert trader, so bad advice can spread as easily as good advice.

It takes developing discernment to filter opinion from fact as a new trader. Relying solely on forums for education can be risky without verifying information from trusted sources.

7. Over-Reliance Risk

Some newbies make the mistake of over-relying on forums for answers rather than learning to trade independently. While forums provide guidance, traders still need to digest materials and implement their own strategies.

Actively applying information and tracking performance is crucial. Forums should supplement rather than replace reading, practicing, and gaining direct trading experience.

Are BabyPips Forums Useful for New Traders in 2024?

Given the pros and cons, are BabyPips forums still useful for new forex traders in 2024?

The clear answer is yes, BabyPips forums remain highly useful resources for new traders getting started, as long as you use them productively.

The key is focusing on the Beginners section, searching for existing topics first, and using forums to supplement your learning rather than replacing it. Forums work best for:

  • Getting quick answers to basic trading questions
  • Learning from experienced traders
  • Discovering new strategies
  • Researching brokers
  • Avoiding scams
  • Sharing journal updates
  • Expanding your forex education

Forums have limitations and risks like any online source. But used properly, they offer unique value to new traders that is tough to find elsewhere.

The combination of an enormous active community, trust built over decades, and a singular focus on new trader education maintains the usefulness of BabyPips into 2024 and beyond. Just temper expectations, stick to fundamentals, and keep improving outside the forums as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the main advantages of BabyPips forums?

The main advantages are the active beginner-focused community, abundant trading strategy discussions, extensive education resources, detailed broker reviews, built-in trust through long-time members, and shared trading journals.

What are the biggest disadvantages?

Disadvantages include an outdated design, overwhelming amount of content, duplicate topics, contradictory opinions, promotions, misinformation risk, and over-reliance.

How can you avoid the negatives as a new trader?

Stick to the Beginners section, search before posting, verify information, and use forums to supplement not replace your own education and practice. Develop critical thinking skills to filter opinions.

Can forums help new traders avoid scams?

Yes, experienced members quickly warn about scams and questionable paid services. The community trust helps identify scam risks that beginners may miss.

Do promoters and ads make the forums untrustworthy?

While some promotions exist, long-time moderators and members keep overt advertising in check. Use judgment, check user reputation, and the forums still provide useful discussions.

Should new traders rely solely on BabyPips forums to learn?

No, forums should only supplement reading books, taking courses, paper trading, and gaining direct trading experience. Take forum advice as guidance but develop your own strategies.


BabyPips forums offer unique value with their highly active new trader community, open discussions, education resources, and member journals. They serve as excellent ongoing learning resources as long as you use them in combination with your own education and practice.

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The risks of outdated design, information overload, misinformation, and over-reliance are mitigated by sticking to fundamentals. For new forex traders in 2024, BabyPips forums remain highly useful communities that provide help through the challenging initial learning process.

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