BabyPips School: The Ultimate Learning Hub for New Forex Traders

For new traders looking to learn the ins and outs of forex trading, BabyPips School is widely regarded as one of the best online educational resources available. With comprehensive beginner to advanced courses, community forums, trading tools and more, BabyPips provides an all-in-one solution for developing forex trading skills.

An Overview of BabyPips School

BabyPips was founded in 2004 by “Pip Diddy”, a veteran trader passionate about educating newbies. The site started out as a blog tracking Pip Diddy’s journey to profitability and quickly grew into a thriving forex education community.

BabyPips School emerged as the education portal of, offering a structured curriculum for new traders to learn in a step-by-step format. The curriculum covers everything from forex basics to developing a trading strategy.

BabyPips School utilizes a mix of articles, illustrated tutorials, quizzes and community discussion forums. Content is presented in a friendly, conversational style that’s easy to understand.

The education is 100% free and can be accessed on the BabyPips website or mobile app. Many traders refer to BabyPips as the “forex kindergarten”, making it the perfect starting point for total beginners.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the key features of BabyPips School:

Comprehensive Courses

The core of BabyPips School is the trading courses. There are five main courses:

  • Beginner Course – Covers forex basics like currency pairs, pips, lots, margins, order types, etc. Length: 25 lessons.
  • Elementary Course – Explains charting basics, support/resistance, trends, indicators and more. Length: 28 lessons.
  • Intermediate Course – Discusses technical and fundamental analysis strategies and methodologies. Length: 37 lessons.
  • Advanced Course – Explores advanced chart patterns, correlations, algorithmic trading and expert advisor programming. Length: 26 lessons.
  • Trading Journal Course – Focuses on psychology, discipline, tracking trades and optimizing performance. Length: 7 lessons.

In total, the courses include 123 lessons with quizzes to reinforce key concepts. Each lesson is presented through illustrated slideshows, detailed articles, or short videos.

Forum Community

The BabyPips forums are active community forums with threads on all things forex. New traders can engage with more experienced traders, ask questions and get feedback.

There are forums on the course curriculum, current market analysis, broker discussions, trader psychology and more. The wide range of forums make it easy to learn, interact and find solutions.

With around 9 million posts to browse, the BabyPips forums contain a wealth of knowledge. Traders develop affiliations and communication skills engaging in the forums.

Trading Tools

BabyPips offers a suite of free trading tools:

  • Economic Calendar – A real-time calendar showing upcoming market news events and potential impacts. Helpful for news trading.
  • Pip Calculator – Tool for calculating pip values based on account size and currency pairs traded. Vital for managing risk/exposure.
  • Pivot Point Calculator – Computes daily pivot points for price action analysis and trading strategy.
  • Currency Correlation Tool – Displays correlation coefficients between currency pairs. Useful for diversification.
  • Currency Strength Heatmap – Visual heatmap showing strongest/weakest currencies based on recent price action. Helps identify trading opportunities.
  • Live Forex Charts – Streaming charts of popular currency pairs with 100+ technical indicators available. Allows for chart pattern analysis.

These trading tools help new traders apply concepts learned in the courses and develop analytical skills.

Other Resources

In addition to the courses, forums and tools, BabyPips offers several other helpful resources:

  • Forex Glossary – Reference guide with definitions for hundreds of forex terms, acronyms and jargon. Simplifies complex concepts.
  • Free Pipmagnet Newsletter – Weekly newsletter covering market analysis, trading tips and platform tutorials. Keeps traders engaged and learning.
  • Blog & News Section – Updated daily with original forex focused articles, market news, platform guides, economic calendars and more.
  • ‘Bookmap’ Visualization Tool – Displays real-time market depth and order flow visually. Enhances trading strategy development.

These additional resources provide supplemental education and actionable insights for traders.

How BabyPips Teaches New Traders

BabyPips School is designed to take new traders through a structured learning path:

Building a Foundation

The beginner and elementary courses focus on building a solid base of forex knowledge. Traders learn forex terminology, currency pairing conventions, order types, analysis methods and more.

Short quizzes reinforce key learnings after each lesson. Illustrations and examples make complex forex concepts easy to digest.

This foundation equips new traders with the mechanics required before making trades.

Developing Analytical Skills

The intermediate and advanced courses shift to honing analytical skills needed for trading.

Technical and fundamental analysis techniques are covered in-depth. Traders learn to read and interpret charts, utilize indicators, identify trends and patterns, analyze economic factors and events, and more.

Using the trading tools, new traders can practice applying analysis in real market conditions and make connections to course material.

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Creating a Trading Plan

A key focus of BabyPips School is developing an edge in the markets by creating a trading plan:

  • Identifying trading style and strategy
  • Developing a risk management strategy
  • Establishing trading rules and discipline
  • Tracking and analyzing trades in a journal
  • Continuously optimizing strategy

Lessons on trader psychology equip newbies to create plans aligned with personalities and risk tolerance.

Following a trading plan is emphasized throughout the curriculum as vital for long-term profitability.

Facilitating Community Discussion

BabyPips facilitates an active trader community through the forums. New traders can engage with experienced traders to gain insights, feedback and answers to questions.

Seeing how seasoned traders discuss markets and manage trades provides great perspective for newcomers. The forums also create a support network and motivation for new traders on their journey to profitability.

Overall the BabyPips curriculum focuses on transforming newbies step-by-step into confident, skilled traders with their own winning strategy. The community element helps accelerate the learning process.

Pros of Using BabyPips School

Here are some of the key benefits for new traders using BabyPips School:

Structured Curriculum

  • Comprehensive content – Covers all elements of forex trading in 123 illustrated lessons
  • Organized sequence – Builds knowledge in logical steps from beginner to advanced
  • Simplified concepts – Breaks down complex forex ideas into understandable lessons

Engaging Learning Resources

  • Multimedia formats – Articles, illustrated guides, videos, quizzes
  • Real examples – Uses graphs, charts and screenshots to demonstrate concepts
  • Interactive tools – Enables practicing skills in real market conditions

Customizable Learning Path

  • Self-paced – Trader controls speed and focus of learning
  • Assessments – Quizzes allow progress checks
  • Forum guidance – Getting advice on difficult concepts
  • Ongoing reference – Revisiting lessons later as a refresher

Community Support

  • Forum interaction – Ability to engage with experienced forex traders
  • Shared experiences – Learning from wins/losses of seasoned traders
  • Troubleshooting – Getting help or feedback when stuck
  • Motivation – Support network helps trader persistency

Free Accessibility

  • No tuition costs – Education is 100% free on BabyPips
  • Lifetime access – Can revisit old lessons later as needed
  • Mobile access – Courses and forums available on mobile app
  • Updated content – Team keeps lessons current and relevant

The well-rounded curriculum, interactive resources, flexibility, community element and free access provide an optimal learning environment for new forex traders.

Cons of Using BabyPips School

While BabyPips has many advantages, there are some potential drawbacks to consider:

  • No instructor guidance – Self-paced so no expert can personally identify and correct gaps in knowledge
  • General content – Lessons introduce concepts generally rather than crafting a custom trading plan
  • Limited trade examples – Few sample trades showing exactly how to enter and exit positions
  • Basic quizzes – Quizzes only gauge surface level comprehension
  • Unverified forum advice – Information from forums comes from random strangers, not necessarily experts
  • Ad-heavy – Site shows a lot of ads and pop-ups which can be distracting
  • Overwhelming scope – 123 lessons cover a vast amount of material that can be hard for newbies to absorb
  • No certification – Completing courses results in no degree or certificate of achievement

While these cons should be considered, most are common limitations of any self-paced online education platform. Overall BabyPips still offers tremendous value, especially given the free access.

BabyPips Free vs Paid Memberships

BabyPips School is 100% free without users needing to register for an account. However, BabyPips does offer some paid membership options that unlock additional benefits:

BabyPips School Free

  • Access to all courses, forums, tools, articles and news.
  • Can take quizzes and track progress.
  • Limited access to Bookmap visualization.

BabyPips School Elite

  • Price: $97/month or $347/year
  • All free access plus:
  • Unlimited Bookmap visualization
  • Dark mode charts
  • Elite forum badge
  • 1-on-1 coaching call

Bookmap Subscription

  • Price: $99/month
  • Standalone subscription just to Bookmap
  • Same as Elite access

The main perk of paid elite access is unlimited use of the Bookmap visualization. Bookmap provides order flow data that can significantly enhance analysis and strategy. Everything else educational is still free.

BabyPips vs Other Forex Education

How does BabyPips compare to other forex education options for new traders?

BabyPips vs Trading Educators

  • Format – BabyPips self-paced vs educator-led
  • Delivery – BabyPips online access vs in-person or live classes
  • Specialization – BabyPips comprehensive basics vs specialized strategy
  • Cost – BabyPips free vs paid programs costing hundreds to thousands

BabyPips vs Books/eBooks

  • Medium – BabyPips multimedia vs textbook learning
  • Instruction – BabyPips conversational vs formal writing
  • Assessment – BabyPips quizzes vs no comprehension checks
  • Community – BabyPips forums vs no ability to engage with others

BabyPips vs Trading Courses

  • Scope – BabyPips broader intro vs narrow focus
  • Certification – BabyPips no certificate vs course completion certificates
  • Ongoing learning – BabyPips forums vs course ends after lessons complete
  • Cost – BabyPips free vs course fees from hundreds to thousands
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Overall, BabyPips caters well to new traders seeking a structured, comprehensive, flexible, interactive and free education solution. The community element also differentiates it from most education options.

Is BabyPips Enough to Become a Profitable Trader?

Can new traders rely solely on BabyPips education to become profitable in forex? There are a few considerations:

  • BabyPips provides a very strong foundation in forex trading fundamentals. The curriculum establishes core competencies.
  • BabyPips focuses on theory more than practical trade execution. Trader still needs experience applying skills.
  • BabyPips is best for building basic skills. Trader may still need advanced or specialized training.
  • BabyPips community helps, but finding a mentor is ideal for faster success.
  • Ongoing practice and screen time is required to internalize BabyPips education.
  • Ultimately trader psychology and discipline determines profitability.

For most new traders, BabyPips offers the baseline education needed to get started trading forex. But additional screen time, mentorship and developing a disciplined mindset is still required to achieve consistent profits.

BabyPips combined with a demo account to practice executing trades, a community of traders, and strong self-analysis skills can provide a path to profitability for dedicated newbies. But persistence, resilience and ongoing education remains key.

Getting the Most from BabyPips School

Here are some tips to maximize the learning experience from BabyPips School:

  • Take notes – Actively take notes for each lesson to retain concepts better
  • Use a demo account – Practice applying skills in a risk-free environment
  • Revisit lessons – Refresh knowledge by periodically re-reading or re-watching lessons
  • Learn then apply – Finish a section of the course before practicing the skills live
  • Track your progress – Use quizzes results and a journal to monitor comprehension
  • Engage the forums – Ask questions and post analysis to get feedback
  • Find a community – Connect with other traders outside the forums for mentorship
  • Read the blogs/news – Supplement courses with updated perspectives
  • Don’t rush – Take time to properly digest each concept before moving to the next
  • Review key lessons – Revisit analysis methodologies often to become proficient

Following this approach ensures traders genuinely learn and retain the knowledge from BabyPips for the long-run.


For hopeful new forex traders, BabyPips School provides the ideal gateway into forex education. The structured, multimedia curriculum establishes core competencies, while the active forums facilitate an engaged community.

Given the free access, BabyPips is undoubtedly the best first step for beginners to launch a funded trading career long-term. While screen time and mentorship is still essential, BabyPips delivers the foundational education necessary to develop into a profitable retail trader.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BabyPips School really free to use?

Yes, BabyPips provides free access to all the beginner through advanced courses, quizzes, forums, trading tools, articles and news. Users don’t have to register or submit any payment information to access the training.

The only paid offerings are the Bookmap subscription and Elite membership which unlock additional features, but all the core education remains free.

Do I need trading experience before starting BabyPips School?

BabyPips School is designed specifically for beginners with no trading experience required. The beginner course starts from the absolute basics, so even total newbies can follow along.

Some intermediate or advanced topics may be more challenging without a foundation, so ideally you progress through BabyPips in sequence.

Does BabyPips provide a certificate upon course completion?

No, BabyPips does not offer any official certificates or qualifications upon completing the courses. The quizzes allow you to gauge comprehension, but there are no BabyPips certificates awarded.

The education focuses more on digesting concepts thoroughly rather than racing to the finish. The onboarding into the trader community is the ultimate goal, not certificates.

Can I realistically become a profitable trader using only BabyPips?

It’s possible but unlikely. BabyPips provides excellent foundational education but real-world trading experience is still crucial. Expect to put in screen time practicing with a demo account and additional training to complement BabyPips lessons.

Profitability ultimately requires developing your own strategy and discipline through practice over time, not just absorbing information. BabyPips accelerates the process but further effort is required.

Is there a particular order I should take the BabyPips courses in?

Yes, it’s highly recommended you take the BabyPips courses sequentially from beginner through advanced. The lessons build upon each other cumulatively.

Jumping into intermediate or advanced concepts without the prerequisite beginner knowledge is possible but not ideal. Progressing in order allows you to digest each lesson properly.

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