Best Forex Trading Blogs To Follow

Forex trading has exploded in popularity over the last decade. With low barriers to entry and the potential for huge profits, it’s no wonder so many people are trying their hand at trading currencies. But getting started as a beginner can be daunting. That’s where Forex trading blogs come in.

The best Forex blogs provide invaluable insights, strategies, and lessons learned to help traders of all experience levels improve their skills. Whether you’re a novice looking to learn the basics or a seasoned pro seeking an edge, Forex blogs should be an essential part of your trading toolkit.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll highlight the top Forex trading blogs to follow in 2023. These blogs offer a wealth of knowledge to help you boost your trading performance. Let’s dive in!

Why Follow Forex Trading Blogs?

Here are some of the key benefits of following Forex trading blogs:

  • Learn from experienced traders – Top blogs are run by seasoned traders who generously share their knowledge, wins, losses and real examples. This lets you learn from their experience.
  • Get fresh trading ideas – Bloggers often discuss and analyze the latest trading strategies and currency market trends. This can give you new trade setups and approaches.
  • Stay up-to-date on news/events – Bloggers quickly cover major news, economic reports and political events that impact currency markets. This helps you react faster.
  • Gain new perspectives – Each blogger has their own style and areas of expertise. Following a diverse mix of blogs exposes you to new viewpoints and trading techniques.
  • Avoid mistakes – Blogs often highlight common pitfalls and mistakes in detail. Learning from other’s errors can help you avoid losing trades.
  • Build trading discipline – Consistently following trading blogs helps develop your own routine and improves trading discipline.

In short, Forex blogs enable you to tap into the knowledge of successful traders for free. Making them a regular part of your trading regimen is a savvy move.

Hi friends, Today, I am here to share with you the best forex trading blogs that should be followed by every trader to be a successful trader in the forex market. These blogs can be of greater help in your trading journey, and as such, they have helped us so far.

Investing is a well-known global financial portal and internet brand composed of 27 editions in 21 languages. The mobile apps for Android and iOS that provide news, analytics, streaming quotes, charts, technical data, and financial tools about the global financial markets

Daily FX

DailyFX is one of the world’s leading portals for forex trading news and analysis and is a research website of FXCM, which is one of the best forex trading blogs. It spares nothing and provides every tool you need to trade in the foreign exchange market. Every day, the analysts here report on the latest changes in the currency market. They do this by giving live currency quotes, technical analysis, and a close look at promising chart formations.

Forex Magnates

Finance Magnates was formerly known as Forex Magnates, which had its initial focus on the forex B2B sphere. It is the world’s only multi-asset online and electronic trading knowledge hub. Using a powerful triangle of news, research, and events, Finance Magnates literally caters to the needs of the entire global trading industry. It has a track record of sharing highly valuable trading industry content.

FX Street

FX Street is a leading source for real-time forex analysis, where you can find everything you need to make the best decisions in the currency markets. Anytime, 24/5. Based on unbiased, high-quality, and free information FX Street offers real-time exchange rates, charts, an economic calendar, market analysis, trading newsletters, customizable technical studies, and live webinars with the most renowned experts on the currency market.

Baby Pips

Baby Pips is a well-known and popular trading educational site and community. For the past 10 years, it has been the premier destination on the web for learning how to trade the Forex market. Now they offer daily articles on forex news, lessons and quizzes, an economic calendar, and a collection of forex tools. Everything a trader needs to get started with trading forex is right here. As a result, it is among the best forex trading blogs.
Website: forex trading blogs. Website:


Investopedia is one of the world’s leading sources of financial content on the web, with more than 20 million unique visitors and 60 million page views each month. It is the largest financial education website in the world. It is powered by a team of data scientists and financial experts who offer timely, trusted, and actionable financial information for every investor.

Forex Factory

Forex Factory is a leading website blog about forex where professional forex traders from around the world converge, making it one of the best forex trading blogs. The website provides high-quality information that traders can apply in their pursuit of happiness. It offers a productive environment that brings out the best in traders and allows them to progress by leaps and bounds.

Best MT4 EA

Best MT4 EA is a well-known website that provides visitors with tools and information to become successful Forex traders. They explain the basics of forex trading and give you free e-books and articles that help you learn more about trading. They also offer online calculators, downloadable indicators, and free expert advisors. You can also view an honest broker rating system based on trader reviews.

How to Get the Most from Forex Trading Blogs

Here are some tips to maximize what you gain from Forex blogs as a trader:

  • Read actively – Don’t just skim articles. Absorb key lessons and take notes for future reference.
  • Learn then apply – Put newly gained knowledge into practice right away through a demo account.
  • Follow regularly – Check your favorite blogs consistently to form a learning habit.
  • Find your focus – Follow blogs that align with your learning style, experience level and interests.
  • Ask questions – Engage with bloggers by commenting on posts and asking questions.
  • Learn from mistakes – Study trading mistakes and losses highlighted on blogs to avoid repeating them.
  • Mix it up – Read a diverse selection of blogs to get well-rounded education and perspectives.
  • Take action – Use blog lessons as motivation to improve your trading skills through practice and study.

By actively applying what you learn from Forex blogs, you’ll accelerate your trading learning curve while avoiding costly errors that most newbies make.

Frequently Asked Questions About Forex Trading Blogs

Should beginners follow Forex trading blogs?

Yes, Forex blogs provide an excellent starting point for new traders to learn the essentials while avoiding information overload. BabyPips, Trading Strategy Guides and Forex Analytix are top choices for beginners.

What makes a good Forex trading blog?

The best blogs offer practical, actionable content presented by credible authors with proven trading experience. Look for regular updates, engaging writing, transparent wins/losses and high community engagement.

Are Forex blogs better than books?

Blogs tend to provide more current and flexible content than books. Following a mix of blogs and books lets traders benefit from the unique advantages of each format.

Can I make money just by following Forex blogs?

While blogs provide tremendous value, simply reading them won’t make you money. You have to actively apply the knowledge by practicing trading with a demo account and refining your real money strategy.

Should I follow one Forex blog or many?

Following multiple blogs exposes you to more ideas and advice. But pick just a handful of favorites so you can invest time consuming content more in depth.

What beginner mistakes do Forex blogs help avoid?

By learning from experienced traders, newbies can avoid mistakes like:

  • Trading without a strategy
  • Using excessive leverage
  • Overtrading due to lack of discipline
  • Not using proper risk management
  • Trading against the trend
  • Letting emotions impact decisions

Should I comment on Forex blogs and community forums?

Yes, commenting allows you to connect with other traders, get feedback, have questions answered and gain new insights. Actively participating accelerates your learning.

Can bloggers provide individualized trading advice?

Most bloggers offer general education, not personalized recommendations. Beware any blogger making specific promises about profits. You should adapt blog lessons to your own strategy.

How much time should I devote to reading Forex blogs?

Aim for at least 2 hours per week reading top blogs. More time is required as a beginner. Be sure to balance reading with demo trading, tracking markets and managing your portfolio.

What topics should experienced traders focus on in blogs?

Veteran traders may get more out of in-depth trading strategy breakdowns, market psychology and technical analysis. Mindset, discipline and risk management posts are useful for traders of all skill levels.

Get on the Path to Forex Trading Success

I hope this guide has provided you with an extensive overview of the top Forex trading blogs to follow in 2024! absorb key lessons and take notes for future reference. By regularly reading the best blogs, you’ll speed up your learning curve while avoiding many pitfalls. Just be sure to apply the knowledge to refine your own proven trading strategy.

The blogs listed above are a great starting point. Find a mix that fits your experience level, interests and learning style. Stay active in each blog community for maximum benefit.

Happy trading! Consistently following quality Forex blogs will help you become a knowledgeable, disciplined trader. Be sure to practice what you learn – the real profits will follow.

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