Does RoboForex Really Offer Free VPS Hosting? What’s the Catch?

RoboForex, an international brokerage firm, offers traders free VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting to qualifying accounts. This perk provides valuable benefits like faster trade execution, uninterrupted automated trading, and more server resources. However, free services often come with limitations.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll uncover the nuts and bolts of RoboForex’s free VPS hosting offer. You’ll learn the advantages and potential drawbacks, eligibility requirements, key features, and hidden gotchas to watch for. With all the facts and fine print examined, you can determine if their free VPS hosting is right for your needs.

Overview of RoboForex’s Free VPS Hosting Offer

RoboForex provides a branded free VPS service called R Trader VPS. It gives traders a virtual private server to install trading software, run bots, and manage accounts. R Trader VPS aims to offer improved trading performance over typical home computers.

Traders that meet monthly volume requirements can enable VPS hosting directly through their RoboForex account. The VPS size scales based on your prior month’s trading volume.

RoboForex covers all hosting costs and promises resources are not shared with other accounts. Traders have full admin access to install software as needed.

Key Benefits of Free VPS Hosting for Traders

Why should traders care about free VPS hosting? What exactly are the benefits over trading from your own computer?

Several key advantages make VPS hosting valuable:

  • Faster trade executionVPS servers are located in close proximity to liquidity providers and brokers for reduced latency. This allows faster trade execution.
  • More uptime – With servers in data centers, VPS services offer enhanced reliability over typical home internet connections. Less downtime means fewer interrupted trades.
  • Better security – Data centers provide industrial-grade security, protecting trading infrastructure better than consumer-grade protection.
  • Additional resources – VPS plans include more RAM, processing power, and storage versus local machines for running more demanding programs.
  • Automated trading – VPS services allow constant operation of trading bots, even when local computers are powered off. This facilitates extensive algorithmic trading.
  • Platform mobility – Trade execution and account management can be controlled remotely when traveling or away from home workstations.

For active traders that value speed, uptime, and automation, VPS hosting is very appealing. The ability to get these services free makes the offer even more enticing. But how does the free VPS from RoboForex stack up? Let’s dive into the details.

Eligibility Requirements for RoboForex’s Free VPS

RoboForex does not grant free VPS access to all customers automatically. Traders must satisfy monthly minimum trading volumes to unlock and maintain free hosting privileges. There are two sets of volume requirements depending on your account type.

Eligibility for Standard Accounts

To enable free VPS hosting on a standard RoboForex account, you must meet these monthly trading volume minimums:

  • Forex – 500 standard lots
  • CFDs – 350 standard lots
  • Metals – 3,500 standard lots
  • Oil & Gas – 350 standard lots

After enabling, you must continue meeting these requirements monthly. If your 30-day trading volume dips below the minimums, VPS access may be disabled until the next month when requirements are satisfied again.

Eligibility for ECN Accounts

ECN accounts have higher thresholds to qualify for free VPS hosting:

  • Forex ECN – 750 standard lots
  • CFD ECN – 650 standard lots
  • Metals ECN – 6,000 standard lots
  • Oil & Gas ECN – 650 standard lots

The ECN requirements are more demanding, but the same continuous eligibility rules apply each month.

What Happens If You Lose Eligibility?

RoboForex grants and revokes VPS access on a monthly basis as traders meet or fail volume requirements. Here is the typical sequence:

  1. Gain VPS access by exceeding monthly minimums.
  2. Enjoy free hosting until month’s end as long as you maintain an open account.
  3. At the end of the month, trading volumes are checked against requirements.
  4. If you continue meeting minimums, VPS access is automatically renewed for the next month.
  5. If you fail to satisfy requirements for the month, VPS is disabled and data deleted.
  6. To reactivate VPS, you must exceed minimums again in the new month.

In summary, eligibility can fluctuate month to month based on your actual trading activity compared to stipulated levels.

Are There Any Exceptions to the Volume Requirements?

RoboForex does not publicly indicate exceptions to the minimum trading volume policy. Requirements seem to be strictly enforced each month without flexibility.

Some traders have speculated workarounds like meeting quotas on demo accounts. However, RoboForex has not confirmed exploiting loopholes like this will work. Your actual trading volumes dictate VPS eligibility reliably.

VPS Plan Specifications at Each Volume Tier

Assuming you meet minimums to access free VPS hosting, what level of resources can you expect? RoboForex adjusts VPS configurations based on the prior month’s trading activity. Higher volumes unlock additional server resources.

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VPS Plans for Standard Accounts

Monthly VolumeRAMStorageCPU CoresCPU FrequencyBandwidth
Up to 1,000 lots1 GB20 GB SSD12.4 GHz1 TB
1,001 to 2,500 lots2 GB30 GB SSD12.6 GHz2 TB
2,501 to 5,000 lots3 GB40 GB SSD22.8 GHz3 TB
Over 5,000 lots4 GB50 GB SSD23.0 GHz4 TB

VPS Plans for ECN Accounts

Monthly VolumeRAMStorageCPU CoresCPU FrequencyBandwidth
Up to 1,500 lots2 GB40 GB SSD22.4 GHz1 TB
1,501 to 3,000 lots3 GB50 GB SSD22.6 GHz2 TB
3,001 to 7,500 lots4 GB60 GB SSD32.8 GHz3 TB
Over 7,500 lots5 GB70 GB SSD33.0 GHz4 TB

The VPS resources scale up automatically each month based on your trading volume without any action needed.

Standard VPS Features from RoboForex

What can you do with the free VPS from RoboForex? Here are the standard features:

  • Windows or Linux operating system
  • Terminal access with full administrator rights
  • Pre-installed platforms like MetaTrader 4/5, cTrader, R Trader, etc.
  • Suite of installed programming languages and tools
  • Auto-scaling resources based on monthly volume
  • High availability data center infrastructure
  • DDoS protection and dedicated firewall
  • Native OS optimizations for trading software
  • Access through desktop or mobile apps
  • Email and live chat support

The free VPS aims to provide a turnkey environment ready to support automated trading, bots, and other activities. Traders have the freedom to customize as needed by installing additional software.

Limitations and Downsides of RoboForex’s Free VPS

While the complimentary VPS offer seems attractive, certain limitations exist:

  • Monthly eligibility requirements – Minimum trading volumes must be sustained to maintain access. Inconsistent traders may frequently lose then requalify.
  • Lower-tier hardware – Entry-level VPS plans have limited resources that may impact performance. Power users need larger accounts.
  • Limited support – VPS assistance is not a priority. Complex issues may have slow resolution.
  • Potential lack of root access – Full server administrator rights are not guaranteed or clearly documented.
  • No mobile app – Remote management relies on desktop client or web access. Mobile users have no native app.
  • Mass-provisioned servers – Individualized tuning is unavailable since resources are standardized across users.
  • Vendor lock-in – Migrating away may be difficult since RoboForex provides the full stack.

While these limitations exist, for most traders the free service still provides a major upgrade over working from home devices. You have to decide if the drawbacks are reasonable trade-offs.

6 Key Questions About RoboForex’s Free VPS Hosting

1. Does RoboForex control the VPS hosting infrastructure?

No, RoboForex partners with a third-party vendor to provide the actual VPS hosting services and data centers. Traders interface through RoboForex systems, but the back-end is hosted by an unnamed vendor.

2. Can you access VPS servers outside trading hours?

Yes, the free VPS enjoys 24/7 uptime since it is hosted in a data center facility. You can connect anytime to manage your server. Resources remain allocated even when markets are closed.

3. Is it truly free with no hidden fees?

RoboForex does not charge any recurring fees for the VPS service. But you must maintain an open trading account meeting the monthly minimums. If you close your account, the VPS access is terminated.

4. Can you install any software like MT4 EAs?

Yes, VPS plans grant full admin access to install and run any required trading software, indicators, scripts, or EAs supported by the platform. No special permissions are needed.

5. What languages are VPS servers available in?

RoboForex offers VPS hosting with English and Chinese language options. This covers interfaces, documentation, and live support for those languages.

6. Can you access VPS via mobile apps?

Unfortunately, RoboForex does not provide mobile apps for VPS administration. You need to use a desktop client or web browser for management and usage.

Final Verdict: Is RoboForex’s Free VPS Worth It for You?

RoboForex undoubtedly provides valuable free VPS hosting to eligible traders. For accounts conducting routine high-volume trading, the service is an excellent bonus. Automated bots and latency-sensitive strategies can benefit tremendously.

However, traders should understand the limitations before relying extensively on the complimentary VPS solutions. Be prepared for resource restrictions and support delays at lower tiers. Have backup contingency plans in case you lose monthly eligibility. And ensure you can meet recurring volume minimums consistently.

Overall, RoboForex’s free VPS hosting is a legitimate offering that gives traders meaningful benefits. While not a scam, you should approach with clear expectations. For the right type of trader, the free service can be a major perk elevating your capabilities considerably.

Just ensure you walk in with eyes wide open, not imagining free VPS hosting is somehow unlimited or unrestricted. When leveraged prudently as part of a comprehensive trading infrastructure, RoboForex’s VPS can take your performance to the next level.

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