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Free Expert Advisor


The Expert Advisor has been developed for EURJPY H1. It is based on Bollinger Bands and pending orders.

The product was backtested for more than 7 years on tick data with 99% quality modulation. The Monte Carlo analysis robustness test with 200 simulations is displayed on the screenshot.

A broker with small spread and slippage is recommended.

There is no need to set up any parameters. The settings are optimized.



  • Only pending orders are used.
  • Each deal is protected by stop orders (Stop Loss and Take Profit).
  • Position trailing stop is used.
  • Both a fixed lot and a free margin percentage are used.
  • No martingale.
  • Does not consume too much CPU resources.


  • Use Money Management = false – enable/disable auto money management.
  • Lots Decimals = 2 – broker must support trading in micro lots.
  • Risk In Percent = 2.0 – risk in percent per one trade from account balance.
  • Maximum Lots = 0.5 – maximum allowed lots for trading.
  • Use Fixed Money = false – enable/disable auto money management.
  • Risk In Money = 100.0 – risk per one trade in account currency.

Download “EURJPY Free MT4 EA” EURJPY-EA.rar – Downloaded 131 times – 54 KB

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