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Forex Cyborg Review – Half Bot, Half Human – All Profit?

Cyborg Ea Forex Robot

Forex trading can be an intimidating and risky endeavor for beginners. However, innovative trading solutions like Forex Cyborg promise to make forex trading easy and profitable – even for complete novices.

Forex Cyborg markets itself as a “half bot, half human” forex trading system. It combines AI automation with human oversight to deliver consistent profits on autopilot.

But does Forex Cyborg really live up to its claims? Can a partially automated system deliver steady passive income streams to inexperienced traders?

This comprehensive Forex Cyborg review will uncover everything you need to know about this unique trading platform. You’ll learn how Forex Cyborg works, its core features and benefits, membership pricing, and most importantly – whether it’s worth your money.

An Overview of Forex Cyborg

Forex Cyborg is a web-based forex trading application designed and offered by Forex Cyborg LTD – a company founded in 2016.

It runs fully automated algorithms to identify and execute high-probability forex trades. However, every trade is validated by experienced human analysts before execution.

This combination of AI automation and human oversight sets Forex Cyborg apart from fully automated trading systems or manual trading. The goal is to deliver newbie traders consistent profits with minimal effort or forex trading knowledge.

Here are some of the key benefits touted by Forex Cyborg:

  • Fully automated forex trading 24/7
  • Trades executed on your connected broker account
  • Consistent profits regardless of market conditions
  • Low risk with stop losses on every trade
  • Easy set up and hands-free operation
  • Suitable even for complete beginners
  • Oversight by human analysts for accuracy
  • No forex trading experience required

With bold claims like these, Forex Cyborg seems like an ideal passive income solution for rookie forex traders. But can it deliver on its promises? Let’s analyze how Forex Cyborg works.

How Does Forex Cyborg Work?

Forex Cyborg relies on a combination of AI algorithms and human analysts. Here are the step-by-step details on how trades happen:

Step 1: AI Scans Markets 24/7

Sophisticated algorithms use technical indicators to continuously scan for profitable forex trading opportunities across 33 currency pairs. When potential setups are identified, the algorithm opens demo trades automatically.

Step 2: Human Experts Analyze and Validate

These demo trades are passed to a team of human analysts with years of trading experience. The experts analyze the trades in real market conditions and validate only those with the highest profit potential.

Step 3: Executed on Your Live Account

Once validated, the trades are mirrored and executed on your live forex trading account connected to Forex Cyborg.

This system allows Forex Cyborg to leverage the scalability of AI with human insight. The goal is to deliver you a steady stream of profitable, low-risk trades on complete autopilot.

Core Features and Tools of Forex Cyborg

Forex Cyborg comes packed with features to automate forex trading and simplify life for beginners. Here are some standout tools:

Automated Trading

The AI algorithm opens and closes all trades automatically based on technical indicators. You don’t need any trading experience.

Stop Loss Protection

Every trade has a stop loss set automatically to limit potential downside. This keeps risk in check.

Take Profit Limits

Profit targets or take profits are defined for each trade to lock in gains. This helps grow your account steadily.

No Emotional Trading

Forex Cyborg’s emotionless AI and human experts make decisions rationally. No greed or fear-based errors.

Hedging and Scalping

Forex Cyborg uses hedging and scalping techniques to extract small but consistent profits regardless of market conditions.

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Risk Management

Inbuilt risk management strategies control position sizing, leverage, and minimize risk per trade.

Built-in Notifications

Get notifications on opened trades, closed trades, stop loss triggers, and margin calls directly on your phone.

Seamless Broker Account Integration

Forex Cyborg supports seamless integration with most forex brokers via API or bridge connection.

Detailed Reporting

Monitor your account progress with extensive statistics on profitability, balance growth, pips gained, risk vs reward ratios and more.

With these features, Forex Cyborg aims to automate forex trading and deliver steady profits to anyone – including first-time traders. Next, let’s look at the membership plans and pricing.

Forex Cyborg Pricing and Membership Plans

Forex Cyborg offers three membership plans based on the trading capital you want to allocate.

Here’s an overview of the pricing:

PlanMinimum DepositCost
Starter$250$99 per month
Advanced$500$149 per month
Pro$1000$199 per month
  • The monthly fee is billed to your connected credit card or PayPal account
  • There are no long-term contracts. Plans can be canceled anytime.
  • You can switch between plans as your trading capital grows

The higher plans offer more features, higher trade volumes, and access to VIP groups. But the core automated trading functionality is the same across all plans.

Next, let’s look at the major pros and cons of choosing Forex Cyborg.

Forex Cyborg Pros and Cons

Here are some key advantages of Forex Cyborg:

Requires No Forex Trading Experience

The automated algorithms and human oversight do all the heavy lifting. No prior trading experience needed.

Fully Automated Passive Income

Forex Cyborg trades your account automatically. Set it and forget it. No manual intervention needed.

Low Risk With Defined Stop Losses

Every trade has a pre-defined stop loss. This prevents runaway losing trades.

Small Account Friendly

You can start with just $250. Ideal even for newbie forex traders.

Consistent Profits in Any Market Conditions

Proprietary algorithms exploit scalping and hedging strategies profitably in bull, bear, and sideways markets.

Detailed Performance Tracking

Monitor your account’s progress easily with detailed metrics. Identify strengths and weaknesses.

Some potential downsides to consider:

Monthly Fee

You have to pay a monthly fee to use Forex Cyborg proportional to your trading capital. No free plans.

Mixed Reviews From Users

While some users report steady profits, others claim inconsistent results. Individual experience varies.

Questions on Transparency of Operations

It’s unclear which human analysts validate trades and their qualifications. Lack of transparency.

High Risk With Higher Leverage

Default settings use high leverage. This magnifies both profits and losses substantially. Risk management is critical.

Overall, Forex Cyborg seems to offer an easy way to tap into forex trading – even for complete beginners. However, exercise caution, start small, and use risk management.

Next, let’s look at some frequently asked questions about Forex Cyborg.

FAQs About Forex Cyborg

Does Forex Cyborg really work?

Based on user reviews, Forex Cyborg seems capable of delivering consistent profits – but results can vary. Much depends on your account settings and risk management. It’s best to start with micro lots and lower leverage. Have reasonable profit expectations.

Is Forex Cyborg trustworthy?

The company seems legitimate but lacks transparency in some operations – like human vetting of trades. Trustpilot reviews are mixed. Tread carefully and start small.

What results can I expect from Forex Cyborg?

Marketing material claims 5-10% monthly returns or 60-120% annually. However, expect more realistically 1-3% per month depending on your account size and settings.

Does Forex Cyborg work on a demo account?

No, Forex Cyborg requires a live trading account connected via API for automated trading to work. But you can start with a mini account and micro lots.

What brokerages work with Forex Cyborg?

Forex Cyborg integrates directly with popular forex brokers like FXChoice, FXOpen, and Binance via API connection. If your broker is not supported, you can connect via a bridge.

Can I trust Forex Cyborg with my trading account?

Use caution and start with small amounts you can afford to lose. Forex trading has inherent risks. Enable notifications and monitor performance closely. Withdraw profits regularly.

How much does Forex Cyborg cost?

Forex Cyborg has monthly plans starting from $99 up to $199 based on your account size. There are no long-term contracts. Cancel anytime.

Is Forex Cyborg fully automated?

Yes, Forex Cyborg automates every aspect of trading including analysis, execution, risk management and more. You only need to fund your account.

How quickly can Forex Cyborg grow my account?

Marketing claims 60-120% yearly gains. But realistically aim for 10-20% through compounding with disciplined risk management. Results vary.

The Final Verdict – Is Forex Cyborg Worth It?

Forex Cyborg offers newbie traders an intriguing opportunity to profit from forex markets without any prior experience. Its hybrid automation combines the best of AI algorithms and human insight – in theory.

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However, there are lingering concerns around transparency of operations. And mixed user experiences reveal inconsistent results based on account settings and risk appetite. Marketing claims of easy 5-10% monthly gains are questionable.

Overall, here are my conclusions on Forex Cyborg:

  • Worth trying for complete beginners who want hands-free forex trading. But start with a mini account and micro lots.
  • Expect a maximum of 1-3% monthly returns with the right settings and discipline.Aim for steady compound growth.
  • Monitor performance daily and have proper risk management in place. Withdraw profits regularly.
  • Lack of transparency around human vetting of trades raises some red flags. Tread carefully.
  • Not a passive income panacea. You still need trading capital and reasonable profit expectations.

Forex Cyborg can be a stepping stone to forex trading profits – if used prudently. But like any AI trading solution, it’s not foolproof. Do your due diligence, start small, and keep risk under control.

What do you think? Have you tried automating your trading with solutions like Forex Cyborg? Share your thoughts and experiences below!


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