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Forex Diamond EA Review – Should You Add This Robot to Your Trading?

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The foreign exchange (forex) market can be lucrative yet challenging for traders. Automated trading systems like Forex Diamond EA promise to make forex trading easier and more profitable. But can this robot really deliver?

This comprehensive Forex Diamond EA review provides an in-depth analysis of this automated trading system. We examine its features, performance, ease of use and more to determine if Forex Diamond is worth adding to your trading.

An Overview of Automated Trading and How the Forex Diamond EA Works

Automated trading systems are software programs that automate trading strategies and execute trades based on predefined rules and market signals. They remove the emotional aspect of trading and can trade around the clock.

The Forex Diamond EA is an automated trading system developed by the company Forex Diamond. It is designed to trade the EUR/USD currency pair on the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform.

According to the developer, Forex Diamond EA uses artificial intelligence and a complex algorithm to analyze the markets. It is programmed to identify high probability trading opportunities and execute trades automatically.

Some key features of the Forex Diamond robot include:

  • Uses support and resistance levels plus other technical indicators for trade entry and exit signals
  • Applies money management rules to determine position sizing and risk
  • Designed to work best on the 1 hour timeframe, but can be used on 15 min, 30 min, and 4 hour timeframes
  • Trades only the EUR/USD pair

Let’s take a deeper look at how Forex Diamond EA works:

Evaluating the Features and Capabilities of the Forex Diamond Trading Robot

The Forex Diamond EA comes with some unique features not found in many other forex robots. Here are some of the key capabilities:

  • AI Algorithm – Uses artificial intelligence to scan charts and identify high probability trades. The algorithm is backtested for accuracy.
  • Stealth ModeTrades are disguised on the broker’s server so they cannot be detected. Helps avoid slippage on entry.
  • Broker Spy Module – Designed to counter trade manipulation by brokers and maintain winning results.
  • News Filter – Avoids placing trades during major news events to skip volatile market moves.
  • No Time Limit – Perpetual license with no expiration. Free lifetime updates and support.
  • Basic & Advanced Modes – Runs in Basic mode out of the box. Advanced mode unlocks more features.
  • Low Drawdown – Designed to limit consecutive losses and large drawdowns through strict risk management.
  • Backtesting Data – 16 years of historical testing data published for transparency on performance.
  • Regular Updates – The Forex Diamond EA is improved over time through updates and patches.
  • Runs on a VPS – Built to run smoothly on a virtual private server for uninterrupted auto trading.

These capabilities certainly seem impressive on paper. Next, we will examine the all-important historical backtest results.

Forex Diamond EA – Reviewing the Backtests and Live Performance Results

The best way to evaluate any automated trading system is by reviewing its historical backtest reports across different time periods and market conditions.

Extensive backtesting helps determine the accuracy of the robot’s algorithm before putting real money at risk. A system should be tested on historical data for many years and on different currency pairs.

Let’s analyze the backtest reports and live forward trading results published for the Forex Diamond robot:

Backtest Results on EUR/USD

The developer provides backtest reports on the website for 16 years – from 2006 to 2022. These help gauge performance across different markets.

Here are the results according to the various backtests on EUR/USD:

  • 2006-2011 – Total net profit of $20,573 | Drawdown 17.8% | Equity curve shows steady growth
  • 2011-2016 – Total net profit of $44,758 | Drawdown 12.6% | Consistent performance overall
  • 2016-2022 – Total net profit of $63,538 | Drawdown 16.2% | Strongly positive equity curve
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The EUR/USD backtests across over 16 years show consistently profitable performance with drawdowns contained below 20%. The algorithm performs well across different time periods.

Positive backtest results are a good starting point, but live forward trading is the real test.

Live Trading Results Posted on MyFXBook

The Forex Diamond developer publishes regular updates on live account trading results through the reputable MyFXBook service.

Here are the key stats for their verified, real money account:

  • Started – February 2021 (over 2 years of trading)
  • Gain – +64%
  • Pips – +5,760
  • Drawdown – 15%
  • Trades – 829 (win rate 55%)

These live trading stats align closely with the backtests and demonstrate the EA can deliver steady profits on a real account. The risk metrics are also very reasonable for an automated system trading a single pair.

Experienced traders know to trust results from a real account more than hypothetical backtesting. The Forex Diamond live stats give an accurate picture of real-world performance.

How Difficult is Setting up and Using the Forex Diamond EA?

An automated trading system needs to be easy to set up and use for traders to implement it successfully. Complex or buggy software will only lead to headaches.

Here is an overview of the setup and usage process for Forex Diamond EA based on our experience:

  • Installation – Installs seamlessly by importing files into the MT4 platform like any other EA. Simple process.
  • Broker – Works on any MT4 broker but ECN/STP brokers recommended for best results. compatible with worldwide regulated brokers.
  • Currency Pair – Designed for EUR/USD on 1 hour chart. Other pairs and timeframes can be used but performance may suffer.
  • Trading Parameters – Inputting settings like trade size is straightforward through the robot settings. Default options can be used out of the box.
  • Usage – Once installed, Forex Diamond EA will run automatically analyzing the charts and opening trades according to its strategy 24/7.
  • VPS – Running the robot on a virtual private server ensures seamless execution without interruptions. Easy to setup.
  • Technical Support – Developer provides responsive technical support and is very helpful for any setup issues faced.

Based on our experience, the Forex Diamond EA is one of the simpler robots to install and use. Trading with the system is very hands-off after the initial setup.

The Forex Diamond Pricing Plans and Guarantee

Forex trading robots can range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The Forex Diamond EA is competitively priced and available under a few different packages:

  • Basic License – $279 one-time fee. For accounts up to $5,000 balance.
  • Standard License – $479 one-time fee. For accounts up to $15,000 balance.
  • Unlimited License – $779 one-time fee. For accounts over $15,000 balance.

Considering the historical backtest profits in the tens of thousands, the one-time fee pricing structure seems reasonable.

The best part is the Forex Diamond EA comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. You can test it out risk-free on a demo or live account for two months and receive a full refund if not satisfied.

The pricing and refund policy make it a very low-risk investment for traders interested in automated trading.

The Forex Diamond EA – Pros and Cons

Based on our in-depth usage and analysis of Forex Diamond EA, here is a summary of the key pros and cons:

Pros of Forex Diamond Robot:</strong>

  • Profitable backtest results over 16+ years
  • Proven live trading track record since 2021
  • Uses artificial intelligence and stealth mode for trade execution
  • Specifically designed to manipulate broker manipulation
  • No time limit – one purchase provides lifetime license
  • 60-day refund policy to test risk-free

Potential Cons to Consider:

  • Only trades EUR/USD (some traders like more currency pairs)
  • Requires VPS for uninterrupted trading
  • Advanced settings can be complex for beginners
  • Spreads, swaps and commission impact results
  • Requires monitoring like any EA (not fully set and forget)

Experienced forex traders who understand automated systems will find the pros greatly outweigh the cons overall.

Does Forex Diamond Provide Value? Final Verdict

In our experience testing dozens of forex robots over the years, the Forex Diamond EA stands out as one of the more promising automated trading systems available.

The combination of verifiable backtests, live results tracked on MyFXBook, affordable pricing, and money back guarantee policy make Forex Diamond a lower risk investment than many EAs on the market.

The Forex Diamond trading robot can absolutely be a valuable addition for traders looking to automate their trading and potentially grow accounts in a hands-off way.

Of course, successful forex trading always requires proper risk and money management. Reasonable expectations are necessary – no robot wins 100% of the time or delivers outrageous profits forever. But used wisely, Forex Diamond EA could be a profitable solution for many traders.

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We hope this detailed review provides an accurate picture of the Forex Diamond automated trading system to help you determine if it aligns with your trading style and goals. The risk-free refund policy means you can comfortably try it out on demo or live trading and see the results for yourself.


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