Forex Factory – Can It Still Help You Succeed as a Forex Trader in 2024?

Forex Factory has been a staple in the forex trading community for over 15 years. As one of the largest and most active forex forums, Forex Factory has provided invaluable insights, strategies, and tools for traders of all experience levels.

However, as the forex landscape continues to evolve in 2024, some traders are questioning if Forex Factory still has the juice to help them succeed. This comprehensive review takes an in-depth look at Forex Factory to determine if it’s still a viable resource for forex traders in 2024.


Forex Factory is an online forex trading community and forum that launched in 2006. Founded by software developers with prior experience trading forex, the goal was to create an open platform where forex traders could freely share ideas, strategies, trading tools, and market analysis.

Over the years, Forex Factory has grown into one of the most popular online hubs for forex traders with over 525,000 forum members and millions of monthly visitors. Traders from all over the world actively use Forex Factory to discuss anything and everything related to trading forex.

But with the rapid evolution of trading technology, broker offerings, and market dynamics in recent years, some traders wonder if a forum that was started in the mid-2000s is still a valuable trading resource.

This in-depth review will objectively assess all aspects of Forex Factory in 2024 to determine if it’s still helpful for achieving trading success or if traders need to look elsewhere. We’ll examine the key features of Forex Factory, pros and cons, user sentiment, and alternatives to provide a comprehensive perspective.

Key Features of Forex Factory

Forex Factory provides a combination of forums, news, tools, and resources for forex traders. Here is an overview of the key features:


The centerpiece of Forex Factory is the extremely active forums. There are separate forums for forex discussions, broker talk, trading systems, trading journals, commercial systems and services, newbie island for beginners, and more.

Within the forums, members can start new discussion threads or comment on existing threads. There is a “Popular Threads” section highlighting current hot topics. Users can easily search threads by keyword or conduct advanced searches with filters.

News and Calendar

Forex Factory has an economic news feed that is updated in real-time. A calendar shows upcoming events and market impact forecasts. Users can add events to their personal calendar. There are also commentary streams with analyst opinions on economic reports.

Trading Tools

A variety of trading tools are offered including a pivot point calculator, Pip value calculator, margin calculator, correlation tracker, and position size calculator. Users can also access free trading indicators and Expert Advisors (EAs) for MT4/MT5.

Sentiment Tools

Unique sentiment tools show trader positioning and bias data. The Forex Factory Sentiment tool scans the forums to gauge overall bullish vs. bearish bias. The Position Ratios tool shows trader positions across multiple brokers.

Rankings and Data

Member profiles have performance stats and rankings. Members can opt to make their trading journal public, allowing others to see trades, stats, and equity curve. There is also a “Traders Hall of Fame” showcasing top-ranked members.

Pros of Using Forex Factory in 2024

Extremely Active Forums

The most valuable aspect of Forex Factory is the large, active community. No matter your trading strategy, you can likely find a forum thread discussing it with 10+ pages of insightful posts. For fundamental traders, the News and Fundamentals forum has endless debates on economic data, central bank policy, and macro themes. Technical traders frequent the Price Action and Automated Trading forums.

Having access to diverse perspectives within a passionate community can greatly benefit your trading. You can get feedback on your strategy, discover new ideas, and be exposed to information that improves decision-making.

Trusted Broker Reviews

The Forex Broker Discussion forum is an invaluable resource for researching brokers. With over 18,000 threads, traders provide detailed, unfiltered reviews of dealing desk execution, withdrawals, customer support and other aspects for all brokers. Getting real user feedback reduces risk of selecting a poor broker.

Sentiment Tools

The unique sentiment tools are extremely helpful for gauging overall market bias and positioning. The Forex Factory Sentiment tool scans forum posts to calculate a percentage bullish/bearish reading. Seeing 65% of traders are bullish provides an early warning signal of excess optimism. The Position Ratios tool reveals the long/short exposure of traders across multiple brokers for deeper perspective.

Abundant Trading Tools

The variety of free calculators and trading tools can assist with analyzing the markets and managing your trades. As an example, the Correlation Tracker shows real-time correlations between currency pairs. You can identify pairs moving in tandem and avoid correlated positions. For active traders, these tools enhance efficiency.

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Transparent Performance Stats

Unlike many online trading communities, Forex Factory profiles display detailed performance stats and equity curves from Myfxbook or FX Blue. Viewing a trader’s long-term stats provides greater confidence when assessing profile opinions or following a journal. It also incentivizes truthful conversations instead of unrealistic claims.

Free Indicators and EAs

The indicators and Expert Advisors created and shared by Forex Factory members provide an enormous selection of free tools for traders using MT4/MT5. These systems are designed by active traders facing real-world market challenges, giving them added practical value. Most commercial trading systems cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Cons of Using Forex Factory in 2024

While Forex Factory delivers significant benefits, traders should also be aware of the potential drawbacks:

Outdated Platform Design

Forex Factory has maintained nearly the exact same web design since its launch in 2006. While content remains strong, the outdated look and feel detract from the user experience. Many forums now offer modern, elegant designs and easy-to-use interfaces that improve site navigation and readability.

Overwhelming for Beginners

With so much content, extensive forums, proprietary lingo, and inside jokes, Forex Factory can feel overwhelming for newcomers. The site lacks a structured learning path or course guiding beginners step-by-step. Expect a slow, steady learning curve before you can extract full value.

Repeated Topics

Given the forums’ long history, common questions by new traders tend to get repeated. This can be frustrating for experienced users encountering the same topics. Search is critical to avoid repeating discussions and find relevant insights.

Mixed Reliability of Opinions

The open nature of the forums means trader skill level, knowledge, and reliability vary substantially. While many contributors add huge value, others share flawed opinions or direct misinformation. Assessing credibility can be challenging. Beware of following advice without closer vetting.

Conflicting Opinions

With a diversity of opinions comes significant disagreement and conflicting perspectives between traders. From debating economic data to arguing technical indicators, the constant opposing commentary makes it tough determining the “right” view.

Over-Reliance on Indicators

A portion of Forex Factory discussions and tools focuses heavily on trading indicators like Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, and Stochastics. With traders often seeking the “best” indicator combo, this draws attention away from core skills like reading price action that lead to consistency.

Sentiment Toward Forex Factory in 2024

Despite some drawbacks, the general sentiment toward Forex Factory in 2024 remains positive:

  • Many traders state Forex Factory played a pivotal role early in their education and career. The learnings, advice, and community helped them gain an edge.
  • Experienced traders continue actively participating in the forums to “give back” to newbies and engage in challenging market debates. The site has enduring value to them.
  • While not perfect, Forex Factory still provides some of the most insightful trader discussions and voices on the web in one place. The knowledge density remains extremely high.
  • New traders just discovering Forex Factory typically find the wealth of free resources, tools, and community enriching if they manage expectations and filter noise.
  • Critics wishing Forex Factory provided more education for beginners, transparency on credibility, or a modernized platform still use the site for select aspects like news, sentiment tools, and specific forums. They recognize the unique value despite desired changes.

Overall, while traders note clear room for improvement, Forex Factory remains one of the most valued online trading hubs. The extensive peer experiences, transparency, and sense of community create lasting, differentiated value that elevates skills.

Forex Factory Alternatives Worth Considering

Though Forex Factory retains advantages, reviewing alternative communities helps provide wider perspective. Here are a few worth considering:


BabyPips focuses on beginner education with a structured, step-by-step school. Ideal for newbies but less value for experienced traders. Active forums and tools available.


Beyond charts and technical analysis, TradingView has an intelligent social community. Get feedback on charts, discover trading ideas, and find strategies vetted by top performers.

Reddit Forex

Reddit has many forex trader subreddits. Browse popular threads, ask questions, and analyze collective sentiment on markets. Anonymous nature raises credibility concerns.

Myfxbook Community

Connect with thousands of traders worldwide through Myfxbook’s forums and blogs. Sharing verified performance stats adds credibility. Smaller user base than competitors.

A popular forex signals service with free community features. Discuss signals, market conditions, and brokerages with verified traders. Focus is heavily on signals over education.

Verdict: Forex Factory Remains One of the Best Trading Communities

In conclusion, while Forex Factory has some areas for improvement, it remains one of the most valuable online hubs for forex traders of any experience level as of 2024. The combination of transparency, active discussion, free resources, sentiment tools, and sense of community create a forum unmatched despite its age.

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For new traders, diving head first into Forex Factory may prove overwhelming. Consider starting with more structured education sites to build foundational knowledge before actively participating in the forums.

Veteran traders frustrated by rehashed topics or outdated design can supplement Forex Factory with additional communities like TradingView without completely neglecting its ongoing benefits.

Overall, Forex Factory should be a staple site for all forex traders regardless of whether you’ve been trading for 15 years or 15 minutes. Just be wise in applying its wealth of insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Forex Factory outdated compared to newer forex forums?

While the web design looks dated compared to newer communities, the core content and discussions on Forex Factory remains highly relevant and insightful for forex traders. Longevity has allowed extremely thorough discussions and analysis over years of changing markets.

Is Forex Factory a good place for beginners to learn trading?

For absolute beginners, structured education sites like BabyPips are better starting points. Forex Factory’s forums can be overwhelming. Once beginners have a foundation, Forex Factory provides endless lessons and perspectives to build on that knowledge base.

Can you trust the information and opinions shared on Forex Factory?

Opinions vary in accuracy. Yet performance stats and rankings help assess credibility. Checking multiple threads on a topic shows consensus views. Overall, the collective wisdom is excellent but maintain skepticism of any single view.

Does Forex Factory have an app version?

Forex Factory does not currently offer an official mobile app. However, the website is mobile responsive. Community members have also created unofficial Forex Factory apps that aggregate forum posts which can be helpful for accessing discussions on the go.

What are the best Forex Factory forums or sections for technical traders?

Recommended forums for technical traders include Price Action, Automated Trading Systems, Indicators and Signals, Trading Journals, and The Charts Room. Also browse the Trading Systems section to find specific strategies.


While no online trading community is perfect, Forex Factory stands out for its longevity, wealth of user perspectives, sense of community, and unique sentiment tools. Despite its dated design and need for more structured education, Forex Factory remains a top forum for forex traders to enhance their skills and knowledge.

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