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Forex God EA Review – Divine Intervention or Total Scam?

Forex Ea Review

The world of forex trading is filled with promises of easy profits and worry-free trading through automated trading systems known as Expert Advisors (EAs). The latest to join this crowded space is Forex God EA which claims to be a “divine intervention” for forex traders.

But are the lofty claims true or is Forex God EA a total scam? This comprehensive review will uncover everything you need to know about this automated trading system.

Overview of Forex God EA

Forex God EA is marketed as a set-and-forget automated trading system that can make you massive profits on complete autopilot. It claims to be able to generate 300-800 pips in profits per month with very low drawdown using a novel “Divine Intervention” technology.

The EA is designed to trade on the 1 hour timeframe on the EURUSD currency pair. It uses a hybrid scalping and trend following system that adapts to market conditions.

Forex God EA is sold through the website and is priced at $399 for the basic package. Several upgrade options are also available:

  • Diamond Package – $599
  • 1 Year Support – $199
  • Lifetime Support – $499


  • Fully automated trading system
  • Trades EURUSD on 1 hour timeframe
  • Unique “Divine Intervention” technology
  • Claims 300-800 pips per month
  • Multiple pricing options

On paper, Forex God EA appears like a promising automated trading system. But does it deliver in live trading conditions? Let’s analyze in detail.

Who Created Forex God EA?

Forex God EA was created by a person who goes by the pseudonym “Charles”. There is very little verifiable information available about the identity and background of the developer.

The Forex God EA website does not provide any concrete details about the developer. There are also no credentials specified in terms of trading experience or track record.

This lack of transparency about the developer’s identity and qualifications raises the first red flag. Legitimate and successful trading systems are typically created by qualified experts who publicly share their background and credentials. The anonymity of the Forex God EA developer should make potential buyers wary.

Analysis of Forex God EA Trading Strategy

According to the developer, Forex God EA uses a hybrid scalping and trend following system optimized for trading the EURUSD currency pair on the 1 hour timeframe.

Some of the details revealed about the trading strategy include:

  • Proprietary indicators that identify trend strength and reversals
  • Adaptive algorithms that modify trading behavior based on market volatility
  • Advanced stop loss and take profit algorithms
  • Incorporates both scalping and swing trading based on indicators
  • Closes all trades before major news events

While these details seem impressive at first glance, the developer provides no concrete information about the logic or rules behind the indicators and algorithms. There is no clarity on how the system adapts to changing market conditions.

The lack of trading strategy transparency makes it impossible to independently evaluate the viability of the system. All traders are relying on is the word of an anonymous developer. This is extremely risky.

Backtested Results

The developer claims that Forex God EA was backtested from 2015 to 2020 on historical EURUSD data. The results allegedly show an average monthly profit of 498 pips with a 63% winning rate. The largest drawdown is said to be 127 pips.

However, absolutely no verifiable backtest reports are provided to validate these claims. There are no backtest statements showing specific trades taken with details ofProfit Factor, Expectancy, Average Trade etc.

Without concrete backtest data, there is no way to be certain that the claimed results are true.

The lack of transparency around backtesting raises suspicion. It is not possible to take the developer’s claims at face value without proof.

Live Trading Results

Similar to backtests, the developer makes impressive claims about Forex God EA’s live trading performance. As per the sales page, it can produce 300-800 pips in monthly profit with a max drawdown of 127 pips.

But again, no proof is provided in the form of account statements from live trading. There are no concrete details of the live trading accounts used for testing such as account balance, broker used, settings etc.

The only “evidence” are a few screenshots of supposed winning trades. But these cannot be taken as solid proof.

Without verified account statements, there is absolutely no way to be sure if Forex God EA can really deliver the claimed profits in live trading.

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This lack of transparency around live performance testing suggests that buyers should not simply believe the promises. Specific proof is required.

Demo Version and Support

Most legitimate EAs come with a working demo version so traders can test the system themselves before paying. However, Forex God EA does not offer any free demo.

The only way to get it is by paying for the full package upfront without testing. This requires trusting the vendor’s claims completely which is risky given the lack of transparency.

In terms of support, 1 year and lifetime options are available at additional cost. But since there is no free trial, it is unclear if the support will be of any use. The quality and response time cannot be verified.

The lack of demo raises questions. Traders are expected to pay hefty fees upfront while still not being able to fully validate the claims. This seems suspicious.

Vendor Trustworthiness

As mentioned earlier, the complete anonymity of the Forex God EA developer raises concerns. There is no way to verify identity, qualifications or track record.

Digging deeper reveals several red flags:

  • No public information – Absolutely no details available about the developer. Anonymous vendors cannot be trusted.
  • No social proof – No verifiable chat logs, user testimonials or reviews from real traders available.
  • Cookie cutter sales page – Many stretched claims but zero concrete proof on the sales page. Very typical of low quality EAs.
  • Hyperbolic claims – Claims of “divinely ordained success” seem exaggerated and unreasonable. Makes objective analysis impossible.
  • No free demo – Forcing buyers to pay upfront before testing the product shows signs of a shady vendor.

Overall, there seems to be very little reason to trust the anonymous developer of Forex God EA based on multiple transparency and ethical issues. The lack of free demo option only adds to the distrust.


Forex God EA is available at three pricing tiers:

  • Basic – $399
  • Diamond – $599
  • 1 Year Support – $199
  • Lifetime Support – $499

The basic package allows use on one live trading account only. The Diamond package lets you install it on up to three accounts. Support packages provide email and messenger support for 1 year or lifetime.

These prices are at the upper end of the scale for EAs. Even the most reputable EAs with long track records and hundreds of user reviews are priced below $500 usually.

Charging higher fees despite no substantial proof of trading performance seems ethically questionable for Forex God EA. There is no reasonable justification provided for the high pricing.

Overall, Forex God EA seems significantly overpriced given the lack of transparency and unverified claims made by the anonymous developer. More reputable EAs are available for lower cost.

Is Forex God EA Worth the Risk?

Based on all the information presented in this detailed review, here is an objective assessment of whether Forex God EA is worth the risk:


  • Creator claims 10+ years of trading experience
  • Hybrid scalping and trend following strategy could have potential


  • Anonymous creator raises trust issues
  • Absolutely no concrete proof of backtest or live results provided
  • No free demo version available
  • No refunds offered on purchases
  • High pricing despite unverified claims and transparency issues

Considering all the multiple red flags, Forex God EA is an extremely risky investment at the current price point. There are far too many unanswered questions and ethical issues to justify spending $399 or more.

The complete lack of transparency and verifiable information makes this product speculative at best and an outright scam at worst. The risk of losing a large amount of money is very high.

The wise decision is to avoid Forex God EA until the developer provides concrete proof of their qualifications, backtests, live trading results. A free demo for testing is also essential. There are more trustworthy alternatives available for automated trading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who created Forex God EA?

A: Forex God EA was created anonymously by a person going by the pseudonym “Charles”. Absolutely no verifiable background information is available about the real identity or qualifications of the developer.

Q: What trading strategy does it use?

A: The developer claims it uses a hybrid scalping and trend following system optimized for EURUSD. However, no concrete details are provided on the actual trading logic, indicators, or algorithms.

Q: Does it come with verified backtest and live results?

A: No, there are no verifiable backtest reports or account statements from live trading accounts. All results claims are based solely on the developer’s word without proof.

Q: Can I get a free demo to test it first?

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A: Unfortunately no demo version is available. You have to pay the full fee first before being able to use Forex God EA.

Q: What are some alternatives to Forex God EA?

A: Some of the top alternative EAs based on user reviews are Forex Flex EA, FXStabilizer, Forex Cyborg, and Forex Steam. These have longer track records and more transparency.

Q: Is Forex God EA a scam?

A: While not an outright scam, Forex God EA displays multiple red flags in terms of lack of transparency, unverifiable claims, and ethical issues. Until proof is provided, it remains a high-risk speculative product.

The Final Verdict – Avoid It For Now

Forex God EA makes bold claims of delivering “divinely guided” trading success. However, a deeper look reveals multiple troubling transparency issues and complete lack of proof for its claims.

Considering the serious ethical concerns and total absence of verified performance data, Forex God EA cannot be recommended in its current form. The risks are far too high compared to the potential rewards.

The developer needs to first establish trust by revealing their identity, qualifications, detailed trading logic and providing concrete backtests and live account statements.

Until then, Forex God EA remains a speculative and high-risk product that is best avoided. Traders are better off choosing more transparent EAs with long track records.


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