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FX Blue vs Other Trade Journals – Why It’s the Best MT4/5 Tool

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Foreign exchange (forex) trading is becoming increasingly popular among retail traders looking to capitalize on currency fluctuations. To succeed in the competitive forex market, traders need robust tools for analyzing trades, optimizing strategies, and tracking performance. This brings us to FX Blue – one of the most powerful trade journals available today for MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) users.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll examine how FX Blue stacks up against alternative trade journals and explain why it’s the top choice for serious forex traders using the MT4/MT5 platforms. By the end, you’ll understand the key benefits of FX Blue and why it provides an unparalleled advantage for boosting trading proficiency.

Overview of FX Blue’s Features and Capabilities

Before comparing FX Blue to other options, let’s first look at some of its standout features:

Powerful Trade Analysis Tools

FX Blue enables in-depth analysis of past trades so you can fine-tune your strategies. Key features include:

  • Trade dashboard showing summarized stats like win/loss ratio, profit factor, max drawdown etc.
  • Detailed list of all past trades with data on open/close times, entry/exit prices, profit, and more.
  • Advanced charting to visualize account performance, equity curve, daily returns etc.
  • Customizable reports (e.g. monthly statements) and email notifications.

Automatic Strategy Backtesting

Backtest trading systems on historical data in a few clicks. FX Blue supports:

  • Testing strategies across multiple currency pairs and timeframes.
  • Optimizing strategy settings to maximize performance.
  • Comparing strategies by metrics like profit factor, max drawdown, sharpe ratio etc.

Expert Advisor (EA) Integration

Seamlessly connect EAs to run backtests and forward tests. Features include:

  • One-click EA optimization across multiple parameters and timeframes.
  • Visual results comparison of different EAs and settings.
  • Trading simulation to check EA behavior before going live.

Advanced Money Management

FX Blue provides robust tools for controlling position sizing and risk:

  • Set fixed fractional, martingale, or dynamic position sizing.
  • Define risk per trade, enforce stop losses, and limit total exposure.
  • Simulate trading capital scenarios to identify optimal money management.

MT4/MT5 Platform Support

FX Blue integrates directly with the MT4 and MT5 platforms through plug-ins. This allows:

  • Live trade journaling, auditing every trade from your charts.
  • Importing historical trades, account stats, and equity.
  • Two-way sync between platforms for seamless usage.

With these capabilities, FX Blue provides an end-to-end trade analysis and strategy development toolkit catered to MT4 and MT5 power users. Next, let’s see how it compares to alternative journals traders may consider.

FX Blue vs. MT4/MT5 Trade Histories and Reports

Every MT4 and MT5 installation comes with basic trade logging functionality through the account history and reporting features. However, these have significant limitations:

MT4/MT5 Trade History

  • Only shows closed trades, no pending orders.
  • Details like pips, profit, and commissions are missing.
  • No charts, stats, or metrics available for performance review.
  • Exports to CSV/Excel only available through code modification.

MT4/MT5 Reports

  • Preset reports have limited customization options.
  • Only show certain metrics, lack visual representations.
  • Don’t track combined performance across multiple EAs or accounts.

FX Blue overcomes these constraints by capturing every trade detail, presenting interactive charts/stats, and fully integrating journal data across platforms. The comparison table below highlights the enhanced functionality:

FeatureMT4/MT5FX Blue
Trade DetailsLimited fields in historyComplete data for all trades
Charts & StatsNot availableRobust interactive analytics
Custom ReportingPreset reports onlyFully customizable reporting
Data ExportsDifficult CSV exportsEasy exporting to CSV/Excel
Platform SyncNone availableSeamless MT4/MT5 integration

Bottom line, FX Blue enhances the basic tools in MT4/MT5 with extensive functionality that serious traders require. Let’s move on to comparing FX Blue versus alternative third-party solutions.

FX Blue vs. Excel Journals

Recording trades in Excel or Google Sheets is a common DIY approach to journaling. However, this manual process has some disadvantages compared to FX Blue:

  • Time-consuming setup. Designing custom Excel templates and importing historical data requires significant effort. FX Blue has prebuilt templates and one-click imports.
  • Prone to errors. Manually entering dozens of trades leaves room for mistakes and inaccurate record-keeping. FX Blue automatically captures all data with 100% accuracy.
  • Limited analytics. Excel provides basic charts but lacks the interactive stats, metrics, and custom visuals built into FX Blue.
  • No automation. Optimization, backtesting,Notifications etc. need custom Excel macros. FX Blue has all these features built-in and automated.
  • Sync issues. Manually exporting trades from MT4/MT5 can be cumbersome. FX Blue syncs seamlessly between the platforms.
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So in summary, Excel provides flexibility but requires substantially more effort. FX Blue streamlines the entire process into a few simple steps while offering far greater functionality.

FX Blue vs. Edgewonk

Edgewonk is one of the most popular standalone trade journals, making it a common alternative to consider versus FX Blue. Let’s compare some of the key differences:

  • MT4/MT5 Integration – FX Blue has native integration through plug-ins, while Edgewonk requires manual import/export.
  • Automated TradingFX Blue lets you run backtests and forward tests directly on charts. Edgewonk only supports manual strategy testing.
  • Charts – FX Blue uses the MT4/MT5 charting engine for full customization. Edgewonk has limited options.
  • Cost – FX Blue starts at $12/month while Edgewonk is $199/year minimum. FX Blue is more affordable, especially for new traders.

On the other hand, some traders may prefer Edgewonk for features like social sharing and automatic news/economic data integration. Overall, FX Blue is better tailored for MT4/MT5 traders through seamless platform syncing and EA development tools, while Edgewonk offers a more generic solution.

FX Blue vs. MyFXBook

MyFXBook is another popular automated trade journal, commonly used for mirror trading and trade copying between MT4 accounts. Compared to FX Blue, some key differences include:

  • MT4 ConnectionMyFXBook uses account investor passwords. FX Blue connects through secure plug-ins without exposing passwords.
  • Data Privacy – FX Blue keeps your trading data fully private. MyFXBook requires a public profile to access key features.
  • Journal FeaturesMyFXBook offers basic stats and charts. FX Blue has far deeper analytics and customization.
  • CostMyFXBook is free but shows advertisements. FX Blue is ad-free with fair pricing.

MyFXBook appeals to social investors looking to broadcast their trading performance. FX Blue is better suited for traders focused on in-depth analysis and strategy development with complete data privacy.

Why FX Blue is the Best Journal for MT4 and MT5 Traders

Now that we’ve compared FX Blue to other options, let’s discuss why it’s the premier trade journal software for MT4/MT5 users:

1. Integrates Seamlessly with MT4 and MT5

The deep integration through installable plug-ins sets FX Blue apart. You can journal trades directly from your regular charts with no import/export hassles. Everything stays perfectly synced between your trading platform and FX Blue in real-time.

2. Automates Strategy Backtesting and Optimization

FX Blue turbocharges MT4/MT5 strategy development through automated backtesting, optimization, walk-forward testing, and EA integration right from your charts. You can quickly evaluate and fine-tune strategies by tweaking parameters and inputs.

3. Provides In-Depth Trade Analysis

The extensive analytics and reporting let you dissect each aspect of your trading performance in granular detail. You can pinpoint strengths and weaknesses to continuously refine your strategies and psychology.

4. Saves Time with Automation

Manual journaling in Excel or notetaking is time-consuming and tedious. FX Blue automates data collection across accounts so you can focus on analysis.

5. Gives You Complete Data Privacy and Ownership

Your trading data remains private. FX Blue does not force a public profile like some journal platforms. You fully own your data and can export it at any time.

6. Designed Specifically for Forex Traders

From the technical indicators to default chart templates, FX Blue is tailored specifically to forex trading. The features align seamlessly with established forex strategies and workflows.

7. Provides Excellent Value for the Money

Starting at $12/month, FX Blue offers an unmatched combination of features and functionality at a very reasonable and affordable price point for active traders.

8. Offers World-Class Customer Support

The team at FX Blue is dedicated to customer satisfaction. If you ever need assistance, their support team promptly resolves issues.

For these reasons, FX Blue excels as the #1 trade journal and analytic platform for MT4 and MT5 traders serious about elevating their trading game.


In closing, if you are looking to seriously improve your forex trading proficiency using MetaTrader platforms, FX Blue is undoubtedly the top tool available today. The powerful analytics, automation capabilities, and deep MT4/MT5 integration streamline the entire process of refining strategies for greater profitability.

To learn more and experience FX Blue’s capabilities yourself, visit and sign up for a free trial today. The advanced features and competitive pricing make FX Blue a smart investment for every dedicated forex trader.


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