Gold Price Outlook 2024 – Experts Weigh in on the Future of Gold

Gold has long been considered a safe haven asset, providing stability and value preservation during times of economic uncertainty. With high inflation, geopolitical tensions, and recession fears in 2022, many investors flocked to gold, driving prices over $2,000 per ounce. But what does the future hold for gold prices in 2024 and beyond? We surveyed leading experts to get their insights on the gold price outlook.

Key Factors Impacting the Gold Price Outlook

Several macroeconomic and geopolitical factors will shape the gold market and prices in 2024, according to experts. Here are some of the most crucial influences to watch:

Inflation and Real Interest Rates

  • High inflation typically lifts gold prices as investors seek an inflation hedge. But real interest rates matter more – if rates rise faster than inflation, it could hamper gold.
  • Consensus is inflation will moderate but remain elevated, keeping real rates low and supportive for gold.

US Dollar and Emerging Market Currencies

  • Dollar strength in 2022 weighed on gold prices. If the dollar weakens as expected, it could provide a tailwind to gold.
  • Emerging market currency depreciation also boosts gold demand. More currency weakness would support prices.

Central Bank Policy

  • Less accommodative central bank polices could negatively impact gold, especially higher interest rates.
  • But with expectations of a shallower rate hike cycle, impact may be limited.

Geopolitical Tensions

  • Elevated geopolitical uncertainty boosts safe haven gold demand.
  • Russia-Ukraine conflict, US-China relations, Middle East turmoil will continue driving volatility.

Economic Growth and Market Risk Sentiment

  • Recession risks could spur safe haven flows to gold.
  • Improving growth in 2024 could dampen gold’s upside.
  • Stocks bear market and bond volatility supportive for gold and ETF inflows.

Supply and Demand Fundamentals

  • Mine production relatively stable, recycling flows still high.
  • Robust jewelery demand, especially from China and India, offsets soft investment.
  • Central bank purchases remain strong with diversification into gold.

Gold Price Forecast Range – How High Can Gold Go?

While our panel of experts see upside for gold prices in 2024, there is a wide variance in forecasts based on differing macro scenarios. Here are the overall gold price predictions for 2024:

Bank/Firm2024 Gold Price Forecast
TD Securities$1,700/oz
Bank of America$2,000/oz
Goldman Sachs$2,500/oz
J.P. Morgan$2,500/oz
Morgan Stanley$2,500/oz
Wells Fargo$1,900/oz

The most bullish forecasts for the gold price in 2024 are around $2,500/oz, while the most bearish are around $1,500/oz – giving a wide range based on various macro scenarios playing out.

Expert Predictions for Gold in 2024

We surveyed leading analysts at top banks, institutions and consultancies on their outlook for gold prices in 2024. Here are their detailed predictions and analysis:


“We expect gold to trend higher towards $2,150 by end-2024 as recession concerns, geopolitics and inflation keep safe haven demand elevated. Upside risks from prolonged high energy costs and Ukraine conflict.”

Metals Focus

“Our base-case forecast is for gold to trade in a $1,750-$1,950 range in 2024, driven by economic and geopolitical uncertainties. We see prices averaging $1,850 for the year.”

Standard Chartered

“Gold will remain supported by high inflation and dollar weakness, but headwinds from Fed policy will lead to a trading range of $1,650-$1,850 in 2024.”

TD Securities

“Rising real rates will drive gold down to $1,700/oz by mid-2024. Fed policy and inflation normalization reduce attractiveness as a hedge.”

Capital Economics

“We expect gold to average around $1,500/oz in 2024 as the Fed hikes rates further and inflation falls back. Safe haven inflows will be limited.”


“Gold will be rangebound between $1,750-$1850 in 2024. Support from lingering inflation and geopolitical risks balanced by sharper Fed rate hikes.”

Bank of America

“Our 2024 gold forecast is $2,000/oz, driven by high inflation, Ukraine-Russia tensions, and China’s economic recovery boosting demand. ETF inflows will also rise.”


“We expect gold prices of $2,000-$2,500 in 2024 as real rates stay low and robust jewelery, technology demand offsets weaker investment.”

Goldman Sachs

“Our bull case gold forecast for end-2024 is $2,500/oz, driven by persistent inflation and global recession risks. We see substantial upside potential.”

Wells Fargo

“Gold will drift lower towards our 2024 target of $1,900/oz as the Fed gets inflation under control. But it will remain an attractive diversifier.”

Upside Risks to the Gold Price Outlook

While forecasts vary, most analysts see gold prices remaining well supported in 2024 given the positive macro backdrop. Here are some of the most significant potential upside risks:

  • Persistent high inflation – if price pressures remain stubbornly high despite central bank tightening, real rates could stay negative and boost gold.
  • Dollar weakness – further declines in the US dollar index due to narrowing rate differentials and debt concerns would lift gold.
  • Global recession – a deeper economic slump than expected would drive more safe haven capital to gold.
  • Geopolitical turmoil – worsened conflict in Ukraine, tensions across Taiwan Strait, and Middle East would support gold strongly.
  • Supply disruptions – any unexpected mine shutdowns or restrictions on Russian gold supply could tighten the market.
  • Robust jewelery demand – continued recovery in India and China markets would provide solid floor to prices.
  • Central bank buying – diversification into gold by central banks could increase significantly.
  • Inflation hedging demand – high household inflation expectations could significantly boost retail gold purchases.
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Downside Risks to the Gold Price Outlook

However, analysts also noted some important downside risks that could result in weaker gold prices:

  • Faster inflation drop – prices cooling more quickly toward central bank targets would reduce gold’s appeal.
  • Sharper Fed rate hikes – more aggressive tightening than expected would push real rates higher.
  • Stronger dollar – safe haven flows to dollar in risk-off scenarios would pressure gold.
  • Equity rally – renewed risk appetite dragging funds away from gold into surging stocks.
  • Weak retail demand – higher prices and lockdowns hampering China/India jewelery, bar and coin purchases.

How High Can Gold Go in 2024? Extreme Price Scenarios

In terms of upside price scenarios for gold in 2024, analysts said a rally towards record highs above $2,000/oz is certainly possible under certain conditions:

  • Stagflation Scenario – Persistently high inflation with weak growth could drive gold to $2,200-$2,400 as real rates plunge deeply negative.
  • Dollar Collapse Scenario – A sharp 30-40% decline in the dollar index would turbocharge commodity prices and lift gold towards $2,500.
  • Geopolitical Crisis Scenario – A severe escalation of the Ukraine conflict or new flashpoint (Taiwan, Iran, Korea) could trigger $2,300+ prices.
  • Supply Shock Scenario – A gold supply disruption causing a market deficit could spike prices over $2,500 and lead to price super cycle.

On the downside, analysts said gold could plunge below $1,500/oz in 2024 if:

  • Aggressive Fed tightening quickly brings down inflation to under 2% with real rates soaring over 1-2%.
  • Equities enter a new bull market with huge risk appetite diverting funds away from gold.
  • Demand collapse occurs in India/China markets and central banks pause buying.

Overall, experts don’t see extreme downside for gold with prices likely ranging between $1,500-$2,500 in 2024 based on how key macro drivers unfold. But volatility will remain elevated.

Long Term Gold Price Outlook Beyond 2024

Over the longer term, analysts remain constructive on gold prices but expect some moderation from 2024 levels:

  • Metals Focus“We forecast gold averaging $1,650 in 2025 and $1,550 by 2027 as investment demand growth slowly outpaces jewellery offtake.”
  • Citi“Our long term gold price forecast is $1,650/oz by 2027. Returns will be more muted but still solid compared to other assets.”
  • HSBC“We expect prices near $1,600 by 2025 and $1,500 by 2027 as global growth stabilizes and inflation falls back to central bank targets.”
  • Capital Economics“Our gold forecast for 2027 is $1,400/oz as the Fed eventually gets to neutral policy settings, reducing safe haven demand.”

Factors such as eventual policy normalization, receding geopolitical tensions, and softer inflation are expected to weigh on gold over the long run. But it remains a core strategic holding for diversification.

Experts’ Top Gold Price Forecast Charts

Gold Price vs Real Interest Rates

Declining real rates supportive for gold – Metals Focus

Gold Price vs Inflation

Inflation to drive volatility in gold – TD Securities

Key Takeaways – Gold Price Outlook 2024

  • Inflation trends – Speed of disinflation crucial for Fed policy and real rates impact on gold
  • Dollar direction – Weakness would turbocharge gold upside
  • Geopolitical risks – Still elevated, providing fundamental support
  • Market sentiment – Stocks, bonds direction to sway investor demand for gold
  • Central bank policies – Rate hike pace will significantly influence prices
  • India/China demand – Major source of floor for gold prices
  • Base forecast: $1,750-$1,950/oz – But high uncertainty with wide bull/bear case range

Overall, our survey shows gold still warrants a key allocation in portfolios in 2024 given high macroeconomic and geopolitical uncertainties. While volatility will remain elevated, the long term fundamentals look supportive. Investors should expect more ups and downs but gold’s safety and diversification benefits will continue shining through.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are experts forecasting for gold prices in 2024?

The consensus gold price forecast for 2024 ranges from $1,500/oz on the bearish end to $2,500/oz on the bullish end, with most predictions between $1,750-2,000/oz based on inflation trends, geopolitics, and monetary policies.

Will gold go up in 2024?

Most analysts see gold prices moving higher in 2024, potentially testing new all-time highs over $2,000/oz. Key drivers are high inflation, low real rates, dollar weakness and haven demand from market volatility and geopolitical conflicts.

Is gold a good investment for 2024?

Gold remains an excellent diversifier for portfolios in 2024 with its safe haven properties in high demand amid elevated economic and geopolitical uncertainties. Allocating 5-15% to gold is recommended for stability and crisis hedge.

Could gold crash in 2024?

While very unlikely, gold could plunge below $1,500/oz in 2024 if inflation rapidly falls back to under 2% and the Fed aggressively hikes rates. This would drive real rates much higher, eroding gold’s appeal.

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What factors affect gold prices the most?

The key gold price drivers are real interest rates, the US dollar, inflation trends, investment and central bank demand, emerging market growth, and geopolitical/economic uncertainties. These will remain gold’s top macro influences in 2024.

How to Invest in Gold for 2024

With the positive outlook for gold prices in 2024, investors may be wondering how best to gain exposure. Here are the pros and cons of the main gold investment options:

Gold Bullion Coins and Bars

  • Pros – Tangible asset, full direct price exposure, highly liquid, private ownership, store of value
  • Cons – Storage/security costs, less fractional investing, higher premiums on small sizes
  • Verdict – Best for larger long-term strategic holdings, wealth preservation

Gold Jewelry

  • Pros – Dual purpose, cultural significance, artisanal value, gift giving
  • Cons – Higher markup over melt value, lower purity, less liquid, not as price efficient
  • Verdict – More for adornment but still gains value over time

Gold ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)

  • Pros – Liquid, transparent pricing, low cost, full price exposure, fractional ownership
  • Cons – No physical asset ownership, tracking error risks, still some volatility
  • Verdict – Best for liquid investing, trading, diversification, accessibility

Gold Mining Stocks

  • Pros – Leveraged to gold prices, benefit from repricing of reserves, dividends possible
  • Cons – Subject to equity risks, premium/discount to NAV, higher volatility, operational risks
  • Verdict – Good for leveraged exposure but more risk/reward profile

Gold Futures and Options

  • Pros – Leverage magnifies profits, can hedge positions, trade around core holdings
  • Cons – Highly complex, risky without in-depth knowledge, expire worthless, margin calls
  • Verdict – Only recommended for professional traders due to risks

Gold Certificate Schemes

  • Pros – Ownership of specific numbered bars, avoids storage costs
  • Cons – Third party custodian risks, less liquid, limited fractional ability
  • Verdict – Useful structure but not as efficient as bullion or ETFs

Top Gold ETFs to Invest in for 2024

For most investors, the best exposure is through gold ETFs which provide cost-effective, liquid access for portfolio diversification. Here are the top gold ETFs to consider:

ETFTickerAssets Under Management
SPDR Gold TrustGLD$61 billion
iShares Gold TrustIAU$32 billion
Aberdeen Standard Physical Gold SharesSGOL$3.5 billion
GraniteShares Gold TrustBAR$1.2 billion
VanEck Merk Gold TrustOUNZ$590 million
Sprott Physical Gold TrustPHYS$3.4 billion

Key factors when selecting a gold ETF are total assets under management, average daily trading volumes, bid-ask spreads, expense ratios, and vault storage providers. The SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) remains the most dominant and liquid option.

How Much to Allocate to Gold in 2024

Financial advisors recommend keeping 5-15% of your portfolio in gold as strategic diversification. The optimal allocation depends on:

  • Risk tolerance – More conservative investors should tilt higher in gold to mitigate losses in risk-off periods.
  • Portfolio structure – Investors with heavier equity exposure need more gold for crisis hedge value.
  • Market outlook – In periods of expected volatility like 2024, higher gold allocation is prudent.
  • Wealth preservation – High net worth individuals may hold 15%+ in gold for stability.

Regularly rebalance your portfolio to maintain your target gold allocation. Use price dips as an opportunity to increase position size up to maximum levels based on risk limits.

Timing Your Gold Purchases and Sales

Gold can be traded around core strategic holdings to try to optimize entry and exit points. Keep in mind gold is volatile, so precision timing is challenging. Some guidelines for timing include:

  • Dollar weakening – Buy gold when the US dollar turns lower from a peak.
  • Early inflation uptick – Add gold exposure at first signs of inflation acceleration.
  • Equity market topping – Increase gold allocation as stock indices show signs of major peak.
  • Geopolitical flare-up – Buy gold on the outbreak of tensions before haven flows intensify.
  • Gold consolidation – Look to purchase after long sideways consolidations when new uptrend establishing.
  • Portfolio rebalancing – Sell portions of gold holdings when allocations exceed targets due to outperformance.

Avoid getting overzealous. Stick to a disciplined approach and incremental moves rather than market timing extremes.

Outlook for Other Precious Metals Beyond Gold

The other precious metals – silver, platinum, palladium – will see spillover investment demand along with gold in 2024. But their price action will continue following individual supply/demand dynamics. Here is the quick outlook:

  • Silver – Set to outperform gold in 2024 as the gold:silver ratio drops. Key price driver is its dual monetary and industrial value. Continued solar growth feeds strong technology demand. Supply tight in refined market adds to upside potential.
  • Platinum – More balanced market after 2021 deficits pushes platinum to small surplus in 2024. But low above-ground stocks and resilient industrial offtake keep prices supported. Substitution risks from palladium caps larger upside.
  • Palladium – Lingering supply shortages maintain palladium’s premium to platinum through 2024. But escalating risks of auto sector substitution and thrifting weigh heavily. Upside limited relative to other precious metals.
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Silver clearly stands out with its cheaper valuation and bullish demand drivers. Platinum and palladium face more headwinds despite pickup in investment activity.

Economic Scenarios and Their Impact on Gold

Gold tends to perform differently across various economic environments. Here is an overview of how gold prices typically react:

Rising Growth and Inflation

  • Seen in early cycle expansions. Positive real rates a headwind for gold.
  • Gold performance – Below average as confidence in financial assets rises.

High Growth and Low Inflation

  • Late cycle, pre-crisis periods of strong growth but contained inflation.
  • Gold performance – Lackluster as yields rise and stocks outperform.

Slowing Growth and Disinflation

  • Periods when growth is decelerating and inflation falling.
  • Gold performance – Gains start accelerating as easing begins.


  • Weak growth but runaway inflation. Monetary policy less effective.
  • Gold performance – Excels as both a hedge and safe haven asset.


  • Rare environment of persistent falling prices and demand contraction.
  • Gold performance – Eventually declines but initially rallies on financial collapse fears.

Early Recovery

  • Initial surge off crisis lows, high uncertainty prevails.
  • Gold performance – Strong as risk sentiment remains weak after recession.


  • Strong cyclical rebound with rising growth and inflation.
  • Gold performance – Mixed as confidence recovers but inflation supports.

This framework helps inform gold allocation decisions given potential economic scenarios in 2024 and beyond.

Geopolitical Crises and Impact on Gold Prices

Geopolitical conflicts reliably boost safe haven gold prices. Here are some of the key hotspots analysts cite that could ignite in 2024:

  • Russia-Ukraine War Escalation – A worsening war drawing further NATO involvement would spike gold prices over $2,000 on haven flows. Energy disruptions would add inflation pressures.
  • China-Taiwan Tensions – A Chinese invasion of Taiwan or military conflict would send gold soaring over $2,300/oz based on historical precedent. Would carry high stagflationary risks.
  • Iran Nuclear Standoff – A nuclear armed Iran could trigger Mid East war drawing in Israel and the US. Would spark $2,000+ prices. Disruption of Gulf oil exports would add instability.
  • India-Pakistan Conflict – Escalation of tensions between the nuclear armed rivals could see safe haven gold demand surge from China and India. Energy security fears would feed prices.
  • Korean Peninsula Crisis – Collapse of North Korean regime or missile attacks on the South would necessitate gold allocations as stocks plunge.

Gold sees inflows during times of conflict as its zero yield nature and no counterparty risk make it uniquely suited for capital preservation.

Key Factors Gold Mining Stocks Investors Should Watch

While gold mining stocks carry risks beyond just gold’s price, they offer leverage for more aggressive investors. Key drivers to watch include:

  • Production costs – Falling oil prices and mining input costs boost profit margins and valuations.
  • Resource nationalism – Government confiscatory policies on mines significantly deter stock upside.
  • Exploration success – Major new deposit discoveries provide huge share price catalysts.
  • Mergers & acquisitions – Consolidation deals and asset purchases light a fire under acquirers.
  • Technical innovation – Adoption of automation and electrification is a long-term efficiency driver.
  • Dividend policy – Investor income is boosted by generous and rising payouts.
  • Environmental/social/governance (ESG) – Ethical, sustainable initiatives improve access to institutional capital.
  • Labor relations – Productivity gains or losses determined by wage negotiations and labor disputes.

Do thorough research before investing in single name gold miners. An ETF like GDX spreads risks across largest stocks.

Conclusion – Gold Still Glitters Brightly in 2024

Despite high volatility, industry analysts remain bullish on gold’s prospects in 2024 and see it retaining portfolio diversification value amid precarious macro conditions. While prices could plateau or correction moderately from 2022 highs, the long-term fundamental outlook appears strong.

Investors should closely monitor key price drivers – inflation trends, the dollar, real rates, geopolitics, equities – and adjust allocations to gold as economic and political scenarios evolve. But maintaining a 5-15% strategic allocation looks prudent given gold’s history of resilient performance through times of crisis.

As legendary investor Warren Buffet said, “Gold is a way of going long on fear.” That insight will continue ringing true in 2024 and beyond.

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