How to Convert Euro to US Dollar: The Complete Guide for 2023

The euro (EUR) and US dollar (USD) are two of the most commonly traded currencies in the world. As an international traveler or businessperson, you may need to frequently convert between euros and dollars. This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know about converting EUR to USD in 2023.


The eurozone currently consists of 19 member states of the European Union that have adopted the euro as their official currency. The euro was launched in 1999 and has become the second most traded currency globally after the US dollar.

The USD remains the world’s primary reserve currency and the most dominant currency in international transactions. Many countries peg their currencies to the dollar or use it as an intervention tool.

Understanding the relationship between EUR and USD is essential, whether you’re a tourist looking to exchange money or a business owner importing/exporting goods abroad. This guide will cover:

  • Current EUR to USD exchange rate
  • Factors that influence the exchange rate
  • 5 simple ways to convert Euros to Dollars
  • Pros and cons of each conversion method
  • Frequently asked questions

Follow along as we examine how to convert euros to dollars in various situations.

Current EUR to USD Exchange Rate

The exchange rate between EUR and USD is constantly fluctuating based on forex market forces of supply and demand. At the time of writing, the current exchange rate is:

1 EUR = 1.02 USD

This means one euro can be exchanged for 1.02 US dollars. The EUR/USD rate can change rapidly day-to-day or even minute by minute during trading hours.

Major market events, economic conditions, interest rate changes, and geopolitical forces can all impact the exchange rate valuation between the two currencies.

What Influences the EUR to USD Exchange Rate?

Many complex macroeconomic factors determine the relative value of the euro and US dollar. Here are some of the key drivers:

  • Relative Economic Performance: When the EU economy is growing faster than the US, demand for euros increases, boosting its exchange rate value against the dollar. Conversely, stronger US economic growth strengthens the dollar against the euro.
  • Interest Rates: Higher interest rates in one currency make it more attractive to investors compared to another currency with lower rates. If the US Federal Reserve raises US interest rates, it normally causes the dollar to appreciate against the euro.
  • Inflation: Higher inflation typically causes a currency’s value to depreciate. If inflation rises faster in the Eurozone than the US, the EUR will weaken compared to the USD.
  • Political Events: Political uncertainty, elections, debt crises, and geopolitics in the EU or US can impact currency volatility. For example, the election of a Eurosceptic party may weaken the euro.
  • Trade Flows: When the EU runs a trade deficit by importing more goods than it exports, greater USD demand weakens the EUR. The opposite occurs when the Eurozone exports more than it imports.
  • Market Psychology: Speculation, herd behavior, risk appetite, and investor emotions can all trigger massive currency swings. If investors flee to safe haven assets during a crisis, the dollar may rise compared to the euro.

Understanding these macro drivers provides helpful context on daily exchange rate moves between EUR and USD. Now let’s examine practical ways to convert money.

5 Simple Ways to Convert Euros to Dollars

Need to change some euros into American dollars? Here are five easy methods for converting EUR to USD:

1. Use a Bank or Currency Exchange

One of the most straightforward ways to convert euros to dollars is to visit your local bank or currency exchange kiosk.

Banks will apply their daily exchange rate and convert your euros to dollars with a simple currency trade. There may be commissions or service fees. Cash withdrawals limit the amount you can exchange.

Independent currency exchanges may offer better rates than banks. However, review their fees carefully and compare exchange rates beforehand.


  • Simple, fast, over-the-counter exchange
  • No need for a bank account; cash-based


  • Less favorable exchange rates/higher fees
  • Daily limits on exchange amounts

2. Use a Credit Card Abroad

Instead of exchanging euros for dollars, consider using a credit card abroad when you need to pay for goods/services in Europe. This allows you to pay directly in euros, and your credit card provider will handle the currency conversion on the back-end.

The conversion will be processed at the daily exchange rate (called the “interbank rate”) with a small foreign transaction fee (around 3%). Review your card benefits to understand the exact fee.


  • There is no need to carry foreign cash
  • Fair exchange rates
  • Some cards have no foreign transaction fees


  • Cash advances are expensive (fees and interest charges)
  • Some vendors may not accept cards
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3. Use a Travel Money Card

Travel money cards (sometimes called prepaid travel cards) allow you to load multiple currencies, like euros and dollars onto a single card. You can use the card abroad and instantly pay in local currency. The conversion from EUR to USD happens behind-the-scenes.

Shop around to compare exchange rates and fees across travel card providers. Some cards offer free ATM withdrawals overseas. This can help access cash in US dollars converted from euros.


  • Lock in exchange rates by pre-loading currencies
  • Avoid bank withdrawal fees abroad
  • Chip/pin and ATM access
  • Safer than carrying cash


  • Loading fees may apply
  • Lost/stolen card risks
  • Check ATM network compatibility

4. Use a Foreign Exchange Broker

For converting larger amounts, consider using a foreign exchange broker. Brokerages provide direct access to the forex markets, allowing you to exchange euros for dollars at institutional rates.

You can wire euros to broker accounts, trade electronically, and wire dollars back. Some brokers have online platforms for smaller trades. But fees, minimums, and wire transfer costs apply.


  • Access institutional forex rates
  • No daily exchange limits
  • Hedge against rate moves
  • Advanced trading options


  • Learning curve with trading platforms
  • Account minimums and fees
  • Funding delays with wire transfers

5. Use a Peer-to-Peer Exchange

Peer-to-peer currency exchange networks like TransferWise allow you to trade euros for dollars with other users abroad. You input how much you want to convert, make payment, and the recipient gets the funds in the desired currency.

Rates are based on live market rates. Fees are often lower than those of traditional banks and brokers. However, you must trust the strangers you are trading with.


  • Lower fees than mainstream methods
  • Fast, online money transfers
  • Live exchange rates
  • Convenient for payments


  • Counterparty risks with strangers
  • May require significant trust
  • Smaller networks have limited liquidity
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Choosing the Best Method to Convert Euros to Dollars

How do you choose the optimal way to exchange EUR to USD? Here are some key considerations when selecting a conversion method:

  • Amount to Convert: Smaller amounts favor cards, cash, ATMs, and online services. Larger sums warrant brokers or bank wires.
  • Speed of Transfer: Assess if you need the converted dollars instantly or can wait days for wire transfers or broker funding.
  • Transaction Costs: Compare fees across providers carefully. Avoid excessive commissions, loads, or wire fees.
  • Convenience: Determine if you need in-person exchanges or can conduct conversions fully online.
  • Counterparty Risks: Using brokers and peer-to-peer networks involves default risks to weigh.
  • Exchange Rate: Shop providers and calculate estimated rates after all fees. Better rates can save significant money.
  • Security: Mitigate the fraud or theft risks associated with carrying cash or sharing account details.

By balancing these factors, you can zero in on the optimal EUR to USD conversion approach for your specific situation.

EUR to USD Conversion FAQs

Let’s review some frequently asked questions about exchanging euros for US dollars:

1. Is it better to exchange euros for dollars before or after arriving in the US?

It’s generally better to convert EUR to USD beforehand to lock in exchange rates and avoid unfavorable rates from airport kiosks. Compare rates online from your home country first. Having some USD cash upon arrival can also be helpful.

2. Where can I find the best EUR to USD exchange rates?

Brokerages, financial service providers like TransferWise, and some banks may offer better rates than airport exchanges. Shop around online to compare real-time rates across multiple platforms.

3. What are the benefits of a travel money card to convert euros?

Travel cards allow you to pre-load various currency balances in one place. You can convert EUR to USD at competitive rates and use the card directly for purchases abroad with minimal fees. ATM access provides converted cash.

4. How much do banks typically charge to exchange euros for dollars?

Banks normally charge a transaction fee ranging from 1% to 3% to exchange euros for dollars in addition to applying their exchange rate spread. Larger amounts can warrant lower fees—discuss options with your bank.

5. Can I trade euros directly for dollars with a brokerage account?

Yes, opening a forex trading account allows you to exchange EUR and USD directly. You can wire euros, trade electronically, and withdraw dollars. Minimum balances, trading knowledge, and wire fees apply.

6. Is a peer-to-peer exchange network safe for Euro to Dollar trades?

Peer networks can offer good rates but involve counterparty risks. Perform due diligence on trading partners. Start small to build trust. Seek platforms with transparent reviews and dispute resolution to minimize risks.


Whether you need to convert euros to dollars for an upcoming US trip or to make an international payment, this guide has outlined the key options at your disposal. We’ve covered everything from leveraging banks, cards, and cash to using brokerages, prepaid travel cards, and peer-to-peer platforms.

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Each method has unique pros, cons and considerations based on your situation. Optimizing transaction costs, risks, speed, convenience, and exchange rates will ensure you get the best euro to dollar conversion value.

Employing hedging techniques where you exchange smaller amounts over time can help smooth out currency volatility. With the resources in this guide, you are well equipped to exchange euros for dollars effectively.

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