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How to Earn 1 Million Dollars Using Currency Trading

How To Earn Million Dollars Using Currency Trading

What kind of investment gives you a return of 100% every month? It can’t be stocks and shares because Warren Buffet, the best investor in the world, only gets a 25% return on his investments at best. If you use leverage to trade warrants or options, the most you can earn each month is a 25% rate of return. But if you trade forex with 200:1 or 500:1 leverage, it’s not impossible to get a 100% return every month.

What is the Forex Market?

Forex is the biggest market for trading money, and it’s open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, moving from one foreign exchange market around the world to the next. It is known that more than 3.5 Trillion dollars are traded every day. When traders use leverage, they can trade and make up to 100% of their capital back in a few days.

A trade in dollars as an example

In a 500:1 leverage account, you start with $1000. If you play full 100k contract Forex trading, you will need $200 to hold on to every 1 lot you buy. Every pip will cost you $10, and if you make 100 pips per trade and lose 100 pips per trade, you will make $1000 every day if you trade 1 lot and make 100 pips per day. Each currency will change by anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand pips every week. If you can make 100 pips every month, your return on investment will be 100% every month. You can do this if you don’t give up.

Every month getting 100%

If you want to play forex trading but don’t want to take big risks, you can use a mini lot, which works out to $1 per pip, and you’ll need 1000 pip every month. There are lots of ways to make 200 pips on average every month. You just need to pick five good strategies and run them for a year to reach your goal of making $1 million. Always use 5 or more strategies so that you can still make money even if one of them doesn’t work that month.

1100 pips in profit and 1000 pips in loss.

If you make 1100 pips every month but lose 1000 pips in the same month, you will still make $1,000 every month with a 100K contract and 100 pips profit. This is 100% ROI. If you work hard for 12 months, you will make $1 million. This is because your drawdown doesn’t always mean you have to pay the margin call. Once you reach 100% ROI capital, your trading lot size goes up. (1k means 1lot, 2k means 2lot, 4k means 4lot, 8k means 8lot, and so on)

With the MT4 trading platform, it is now easy to trade in forex. This MT4 trading platform includes a programming language as well as a strategy tester, allowing you to code your winning strategy. Expert Advisor is the name for these codes, and there are many Expert Advisors out there that give you more than 100% ROI.

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