How to Get Started with a RoboForex Cent Account with Just $10 Capital

Opening a RoboForex Cent account with just $10 capital may seem daunting for beginner forex traders. However, with the right strategies, tools and discipline, it is possible to grow a small $10 account into a funded trading account. This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know to get started trading forex successfully with a micro Cent account from RoboForex.


RoboForex offers Cent accounts that allow you to start trading with just $10 minimum deposit. This makes forex accessible even for beginners with limited starting capital. However, trading with such a small account balance requires careful risk and money management. The key is to use leverage wisely and avoid overtrading. With the right strategies, it’s possible to steadily grow the account. This guide covers how to open a Cent account, deposit funds, use leverage safely, implement risk management, find a trading strategy that works, use copy trading effectively, and withdraw profits. Follow these steps and you can gain valuable experience trading forex with minimal risk.

Step-by-Step Guide to Trading with a RoboForex Cent Account

Choosing the Right Account Type

RoboForex offers several account types including Pro Cent, Cent, and ECN. The Cent account is best for beginning traders with minimum capital. It has variable spreads from 1 pip, minimum deposit of $10, and maximum leverage of 1:2000. You can upgrade as your account grows.

Opening a Live Cent Account

Opening a live Cent account is quick and easy on the RoboForex website or MetaTrader platforms. Click the “Open Account” button and follow the step-by-step instructions. Be sure to enable two-factor authentication for account security.

Funding Your Cent Account

Once your account is open, navigate to the cashier section to make a deposit. RoboForex offers several deposit options including bank wire, e-wallets like Skrill, and debit/credit cards. The minimum is just $10 to start live trading.

Using Leverage Wisely

With a Cent account, you get access to high leverage up to 1:2000. This allows you to control larger positions with your limited capital. However, leverage is a double-edged sword and can lead to large losses if used recklessly. It’s critical to use very low leverage such as 1:50 when starting out.

Choosing a Currency Pair to Trade

The major currency pairs like EUR/USD, USD/JPY, and GBP/USD are recommended for beginners. They tend to be less volatile with tighter spreads. Exotic pairs have wider spreads and unpredictable swings. Avoid those when starting out with a small Cent account balance.

Understanding Lot Sizes

Standard forex lot sizes are 100,000 units of the base currency. However, Cent accounts let you trade in micro lots as small as 0.01 lots (=1,000 units of base currency). This allows you to place trades using just a small fraction of your account balance as margin.

Using a Demo Account to Practice

RoboForex offers demo accounts with virtual funds so you can practice risk-free. Use the demo to test out strategies and get familiar with order types, lot sizes, spreads, etc. Only start live trading once you achieve consistency on the demo.

Developing a Trading Plan

A solid trading plan is crucial when trading a Cent account to manage your limited funds. Set conservative goals for account growth per month. Define your risk-reward ratios and expected win rates. Stick to your plan consistently to grow your account slowly.

Implementing Effective Risk Management

Never risk more than 1-2% of your account per trade. Calculate proper position sizing based on this risk threshold. Use a stop loss on every trade to control losses. Avoiding overtrading and revenge trading are also key to protecting your capital.

Finding a Profitable Trading Strategy

Simple strategies like breakouts, reversals, trend following work well for new Cent account traders. Focus on high probability setups. Give your trades time to work by avoiding premature exits. Let your winners run to maximize profits.

Using Automated Copy Trading

RoboForex offers copy trading which lets you automatically copy expert traders. This takes the emotion out of trading. Carefully vet trader statistics before copying them. Stop copying traders who become unprofitable.

Practicing Good Money Management

Withdraw profits regularly from your Cent account to avoid giving back gains. Reinvest no more than 25-50% of profits to increase your account balance steadily. Never add funds to recover losses – stick to your trading plan.

Monitoring Trades Actively

Actively monitor open trades and stick to your trading plan’s rules on when to take profits or cut losses. Don’t stray from your strategy based on emotions. Tracking trading stats helps identify strengths and weaknesses.

Avoiding the Overtrading Trap

Trading too frequently is a common mistake for beginners. It leads to more transaction costs and interference with your strategy. Be patient – less is more when growing a small account. Wait for your best setups to avoid overtrading.

Managing Your Forex Trading Mindset

Cultivate a calm, disciplined mindset when trading real funds. Don’t fall prey to fear or greed. Detach yourself emotionally and make reasoned decisions aligned with your trading plan.

How to Withdraw Profits from a RoboForex Cent Account

Growing your Cent account is only the first step. You also need to withdraw your profits regularly to avoid giving back your hard earned gains. Here are some tips:

  • Withdraw at least 25-50% of net profits monthly or bi-monthly.
  • Process withdrawals via the secure Cashier section of your account.
  • Stick to payment methods you used for deposits for fastest processing.
  • There are no fees for withdrawals above $10.
  • Withdrawals below $10 incur a $1 fee.
  • Verify your withdrawal request via email to process it.
  • Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours on weekdays.
  • Careful money management is key – don’t just reinvest all profits.

Pros of Starting With a RoboForex Cent Account

There are many benefits to opening a Cent account if you’re a new trader including:

Low minimum deposit – You can start live trading with just $10 minimum deposit. Other brokers require hundreds to get started.

Gain experience risking small amounts – Trading micro lots allows you gain experience while risking a smaller portion of your account.

Use high leverage wisely – Leverage up to 1:2000 allows you to open decent sized positions with minimal capital.

Learn with a demo account – Practicing risk-free on the demo account helps develop skills without losses.

Trade on MetaTrader 4 & 5RoboForex offers the popular MetaTrader platforms for convenient Cent account trading.

Focus on money management – Trading micro lots makes money management easier as you calculate proper risk per trade.

Take profits frequently – With micro lots, you can close trades often and withdraw profits while your account balance is still low.

Available funding methodsRoboForex offers multiple deposit and withdrawal options for convenience.

Trade anytime – Cent accounts allow you to trade during all market hours with flexible leverage.

Upgrade account as you grow – You can upgrade to an ECN or Pro account seamlessly as your balance increases.

Cons/Challenges of Trading a Cent Account

While Cent accounts have many advantages, traders should also be aware of some of the challenges including:

Need for tighter stops – With small balances, you have to use tighter stops, increasing chances of being stopped out.

Requires strict discipline – Sticking to your trading plan and money management rules is crucial. Overleveraging can wipe out accounts.

Variable spreads – Spreads on Cent accounts can widen during volatile periods, increasing costs.

Unable to trade exotic pairs – Smaller accounts don’t allow trading ultra volatile exotic currency pairs.

Difficult to implement some strategiesStrategies like grid and martingale are high risk on small accounts.

Requires avoiding overtrading – Trading too frequently creates more costs and interference for small accounts.

Growth can be slow – Steady compounding takes time. Patience is required to build up the balance.

Can’t use automated trading – Small account balances make using EAs risky due to margin requirements.

Limited profit potential per trade – With micro lots, profits on winning trades is small in absolute terms.

FAQs About RoboForex Cent Accounts

What is the maximum leverage available on RoboForex Cent accounts?

The maximum leverage offered on Cent accounts is 1:2000. This allows you to control $2,000 worth of currency for every $1 in your account. Use leverage conservatively as a beginner.

How do I open a Cent account with just $10 deposit?

Open an account on the RoboForex website, deposit $10 minimum via your chosen funding method, verify your account, and you can start trading with real funds.

What is the minimum trade size for Cent accounts?

The minimum trade size is 0.01 lots which equals 1,000 units of base currency. This micro lot trading allows managing risk easier with small accounts.

Can I trade gold, oil, indexes, cfd on my Cent account?

Unfortunately Cent accounts only allow trading forex currency pairs. Other assets like commodities, indexes, stocks, and cfd require larger minimum balances to trade.

Is a Cent account good for beginners?

Yes, Cent accounts are ideal for beginners to get started with live trading while minimizing risk. You can open an account with just $10 and gain experience trading with real money using micro lot sizes.

What are the trading costs on Cent accounts?

Cent accounts have variable spreads that average 1-3 pips for major pairs. There are no commissions. Swap fees apply for keeping trades open overnight.

How long does it take to withdraw money from a Cent account?

RoboForex processes withdrawals within 24 hours on weekdays. It may take an additional 1-3 days for funds to reach your chosen withdrawal method.

Can I upgrade to an ECN account later?

Yes, you can easily upgrade from a Cent to an ECN account seamlessly once your account balance reaches the $100 minimum required for ECN.

Is copy trading available on Cent accounts?

Yes, RoboForex offers copy trading on Cent accounts so you can automatically copy successful traders. Start copying with just $10 minimum balance.


Trading forex successfully starts with managing risk and protecting your capital. RoboForex’s Cent accounts allow you to gain live trading experience with a small $10 account balance. Use proper money and risk management with micro lots and modest leverage. Practice on demo first and follow a structured trading plan. Cent accounts provide an ideal risk-controlled stepping stone towards eventually trading larger balances and upgrading your account type. With the right diligence and discipline, growing a Cent account from $10 to a fully funded account is achievable.

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