How to Use TradingView for SPY Analysis and Day Trading

Trading the S&P 500 ETF (SPY) using technical analysis can be an effective way to trade the broader market. With the right tools like TradingView, traders can analyze SPY charts to identify opportunities and execute day trades. This comprehensive guide will walk you through how to use TradingView for SPY analysis, charting, and executing trades.

Introduction to Trading SPY Using TradingView

The SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY) is an exchange-traded fund that tracks the S&P 500 index. It gives traders exposure to the broad U.S. stock market. With high daily volume and tight spreads, SPY offers excellent liquidity for active trading.

TradingView is a powerful charting and analysis software suitable for trading SPY. It has customizable charts, advanced technical analysis tools, and the ability to analyze multiple timeframes. Traders can also execute trades directly from TradingView using connected brokers.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

Whether you’re a day trader looking to ride SPY’s intraday swings or a swing trader aiming to profit from multi-day trends, TradingView has the charting and analysis you’ll need to trade SPY effectively.

Why Day Trade SPY? Benefits for Active Traders

As the most actively traded ETF, SPY offers unique benefits for active traders:

Excellent Liquidity – With tight bid/ask spreads and high daily volume, SPY offers seamless execution for both entries and exits.

Exposure to Broad Markets – Since it tracks the S&P 500 index, trading SPY allows you to trade broad market movements.

Active Options Market – There is very high open interest and volume in SPY options for additional trading opportunities.

Hedges Available – As a broad market ETF, SPY options can be used to hedge long stock portfolios.

Trades Like Stock – You can trade SPY just like a stock using basic buy and sell orders. No need to learn futures or forex.

Risk Management – The high liquidity and S&P 500 exposure lends itself well to active risk management. Stop losses are easily executed.

For active intraday traders, SPY offers an efficient vehicle to capitalize on short-term market swings. The high liquidity facilitates entering and exiting positions with ease.

Key TradingView Features for SPY Charting & Analysis

TradingView has all the charting tools, technical indicators, and customization options an active trader needs for SPY analysis:

  • Robust Charting – Flexible price charts with overlays, indicators, comparisons, templates, and more. View multiple timeframes.
  • Custom Indicators – Apply built-in indicators like moving averages or create your own to suit your strategy.
  • Drawing Tools – Draw trendlines, fibonnaci retracements, and use other annotations on your SPY charts.
  • Multiple Analysis Methods – Use candlestick patterns, ichimoku cloud, elliiot wave, and more to analyze price action.
  • Trading from Charts – Connect your brokerage account to execute SPY trades directly from your charts.
  • Community Indicators & Scripts – Browse thousands of custom indicators and strategies developed by other traders.
  • Real-time News & Data – View news, earnings, SEC filings, and economic events related to SPY holdings.

Let’s explore the key indicators and chart setups to utilize when analyzing SPY for day trades.

When day trading SPY, it’s important to utilize indicators that can identify opportunities on short timeframes. Here are some of the most useful indicators to implement in TradingView for SPY analysis:

Moving Averages (MA) – Plot MAs like the 20, 50, and 200 to identify dynamic support and resistance levels, plus trend direction. Use crossovers for entry and exit signals.

MACD – The Moving Average Convergence Divergence indicator identifies momentum shifts that can signal trade entries. Look for crossovers and histogram bars.

RSI – The Relative Strength Index helps identify overbought and oversold conditions for intraday reversion setups. Look for readings above 70 and below 30.

Bollinger Bands (BB) – BB bands based on standard deviation act as dynamic support/resistance. Time entries when price tags the upper/lower bands.

VWAP – The volume weighted average price shows the typical intraday price level. Look for bounces off VWAP for mean reversion plays.

On-Balance Volume (OBV) – OBV measures buying and selling pressure. Divergences with price can signal potential reversals.

Stochastics – Stochastic oscillators like %K and %D can spot overbought/oversold momentum for intraday trades.

Utilizing a combination of these indicators along with candlestick patterns and other analysis techniques will help you gain an edge day trading SPY.

How to Setup TradingView Charts for Day Trading SPY

TradingView’s flexible charting makes it easy to create a chart setup optimized for your strategy and analysis preferences. Here are some tips:

  • Use 1 minute, 5 minute, and 15 minute timeframes for intraday analysis. Add daily, weekly and monthly for context.
  • Add your key technical indicators below each chart using the Indicators panel.
  • View common indicators like VWAP, RSI, MACD histograms, and Bollinger Bands on intraday charts.
  • Add moving averages like the 20 SMA, 50 SMA, and 200 SMA to identify dynamic support and resistance.
  • Use Annotations or the Drawing toolbar to mark chart patterns, trends, support/resistance.
  • Customize the chart’s appearance in Chart Settings (candles, fonts, colors etc).
  • Set price alerts to receive notifications when SPY hits key technical levels.
  • Organize your workspace into Panels – like one for charts, indicators, news, your watchlist etc.
  • Use Templates to save and load your customized chart setups.
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Setting up effective charts is crucial to your analysis process. The more efficiently you can analyze price action, the quicker you can identify trades with TradingView.

Executing Trades and Day Trading SPY on TradingView

TradingView allows you to analyze, identify, and execute trades directly from your charts. Here is a step-by-step process:

1. Analyze the Charts – Perform technical and trend analysis using indicators and patterns to identify potential trading opportunities.

2. Draw Key Levels – Mark support, resistance, trendlines using TradingView’s drawing tools and annotations.

3. Set Price Alerts – Use alerts to receive notification when the price reaches your entries and exits.

4. Determine Trade Details – Size appropriately based on account size and risk. Calculate stops based on chart levels.

5. Execute the Trade – Enter buy/sell market orders, stops, and limits directly from the TradingView charts to your connected brokerage.

6. Actively Manage – Monitor the trade in real-time using TradingView and stick to your risk management plan.

TradingView makes it easy to flow seamlessly through the process of analysis to execution when trading SPY intraday.

Tips for Successfully Day Trading SPY

Here are some additional tips for getting the most out of TradingView for SPY day trading:

  • Use stop losses on every trade to automatically exit for a small loss if price moves against you.
  • Size positions appropriately according to your account size and risk tolerance. Never risk more than 1-2% of capital per trade.
  • Avoid overtrading by being patient and waiting for quality setups to materialize. Overtrading leads to added commissions and slippage.
  • Trade with the dominant trend using higher timeframes. Use pullbacks on lower timeframes to enter.
  • Review losing trades to improve – don’t repeat mistakes. Analyze the charts to see what you missed.
  • Follow a trade plan with entry/exit rules determined beforehand. Trading discretionary leads to overtrading and poor results.

With the right foundation of knowledge, risk management, and screen time, TradingView can be used to successfully trade SPY on an intraday timeframe. Maximize its tools to enhance your analysis and trade execution.

Common Questions About Day Trading SPY Using TradingView

What timeframes are best for trading SPY intraday?

The best charts for SPY day trades are the 1 minute, 5 minute, and 15 minute timeframes. Use the 1 minute chart for entries and exits, with 5 and 15 minute charts to define the trend and identify consolidation periods.

Should I trade SPY options or the regular ETF for day trading?

The regular SPY ETF generally provides the best vehicle for day trading due to the extremely high intraday liquidity. SPY options can be used, but ensure volume and spreads are suitable for short-term trades.

Is TradingView sufficient for analysis or do I need additional software?

TradingView has a full suite of tools for charting, scanning, backtesting, and analyzing SPY. Additional software may be helpful for news, fundamentals, or automated trading strategies, but isn’t required.

Can I trade SPY automatically using TradingView’s pine scripts?

Yes, tradingView supports creating automated trading strategies and bots using Pine Script. You can code strategies to trade SPY algorithmically. However, use caution when automating real trades.

Does TradingView offer historical SPY data for backtesting?

TradingView has historical EOD and intraday data for SPY. You can backtest SPY strategies by replaying history tick-by-tick or with custom timeframes. Pay for more data or connect brokers to unlock additional history.

What order types does TradingView support for trading SPY?

TradingView supports basic market, limit, and stop orders. Some broker integrations also allow advanced orders like OCO brackets, stop limit, trailing stops, iceberg, twap, and more. Check broker documentation for details.


TradingView provides a robust, feature-packed platform for analyzing and trading SPY for short-term profits. Take advantage of its charting capabilities, indicators, and trade execution functions to identify high-probability setups. Use smart risk management to maximize profits on winning trades.

With its flexible layouts and customization options, TradingView can be tailored specifically to enhance your SPY day trading process and strategy. Follow the guidance in this guide to get your TradingView charts set up properly, begin analyzing SPY price action, and execute precision intraday trades. The platform provides all the functionality a trader needs to succeed in trading the SPY ETF on smaller timeframes.

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