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MyFXBook PAMM Accounts Review – Are They Worth Investing In?

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MyFXBook PAMM accounts allow investors to invest in talented forex traders and earn a share of their profits. But are PAMM accounts on MyFXBook really worth investing in? In this comprehensive review, we dive deep into everything you need to know about MyFXBook PAMM accounts – how they work, fees and costs, risks, top PAMM managers, tips for choosing a PAMM, and more.

Overview of MyFXBook PAMM Accounts

A PAMM account stands for “Percent Allocation Management Module” and is a way for investors to invest in the strategies of experienced forex traders. MyFXBook is a leading provider of PAMM accounts.

Here’s how it works:

  • Skilled forex traders open a PAMM account on MyFXBook to attract investors.
  • Investors can browse PAMM accounts on MyFXBook and invest in any PAMM trader they choose.
  • The PAMM trader makes all the trading decisions and trades their strategy. Profits/losses are proportionally distributed to investors based on the percentage of the PAMM they own.
  • PAMM managers earn a percentage of the profits as compensation. Investors share the remaining profits based on their investment portion.

MyFXBook acts as an intermediary, handling all money transfers between investors, PAMM managers, and brokers. Investors can invest in PAMM accounts with as little as $100.

Benefits of investing in MyFXBook PAMM accounts include:

  • Access to skilled traders – Invest in pros who devote time to trading
  • Diversification – Invest small amounts in multiple PAMM managers to spread risk
  • Transparency – MyFXBook provides full track record and statistics of each PAMM account
  • Automated trading – Managers make all trades so no trading experience needed
  • Flexible investment terms – Invest for as short or long as you want

However, PAMM accounts also come with risks like any investment. Choosing the right PAMM manager is crucial.

Below we cover everything in detail to help you make an informed decision about investing in MyFXBook PAMM accounts.

How Do MyFXBook PAMM Accounts Work?

Here is a step-by-step overview of how investing in a PAMM account on MyFXBook works:

  1. PAMM Manager Opens Account Skilled forex traders can open a PAMM account on MyFXBook for free. This gives them access to investors. The manager trades using their own strategy and sets an investment terms and compensation rate.
  2. Investor Browses and Selects PAMM Investors can browse PAMM accounts on MyFXBook and analyze performance, stats, fees, etc. They select a PAMM manager to invest in that matches their goals.
  3. Investor Deposits Funds The investor deposits funds to their MyFXBook account. The minimum investment per PAMM manager is often around $100-$500.
  4. Funds Allocated to PAMM MyFXBook automatically allocates the investment funds into the trader’s PAMM account according to percentage chosen by investor.
  5. Manager Trades Strategy The manager executes forex trades according to their strategy. All trading is done on their end.
  6. Profits Split According to Allocation Profits or losses are proportionally split between the manager and investors based on allocation percentages. Earnings can be withdrawn or compounded.

That covers the basics of how PAMM accounts work on MyFXBook. Investors put up capital that managers use to trade. Profits are split based on the investment allocation.

Next let’s look at the main features and details of MyFXBook PAMM accounts.

Key Features and Details of MyFXBook PAMM Accounts

MyFXBook offers a transparent PAMM marketplace with extensive data on each manager’s track record and fees. Here are the key features:

Account Types

MyFXBook offers three PAMM account types:

  • Basic – No mimic features, only profit splits
  • Advanced – Investors can copy trades through a mirroring service
  • Matrix – Multiple sub-accounts for managers to separate strategies

Most PAMMs are the Basic type with profit splits only. Advanced mirroring PAMMs carry extra fees.

Minimum Investment

The minimum to open a PAMM manager account is $500. This provides access to unlimited investors.

Minimum investment into a PAMM varies, but often ranges from $100-$500. Managers set their own minimum.

Profit Splits

Managers set their own compensation rate, typically ranging from 20-50% of profits. The remainder goes to investors.

Losses are also split proportionally, ensuring alignment of interests.

Investment Terms

Managers choose the investment term for their PAMM:

  • Open Ended – Investors can withdraw at any time
  • Limited Time – Investments locked for a set period
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Locking funds aids some strategies, but most PAMMs are open ended.

Reporting and Statistics

MyFXBook provides extensive public statistics on each PAMM account:

  • Monthly statements
  • Full trading history and graphs
  • Performance metrics like risk-reward ratio, max drawdown
  • 3rd party verified stats

This high transparency helps investors analyze PAMM manager track records.

Costs, Fees, and Fine Print of Investing in PAMM Accounts

While MyFXBook’s platform itself is free to use for investors, there are still costs involved with PAMM accounts to be aware of:

  • Manager’s Compensation – The manager sets their percentage of profits taken as fee, generally 20-50%. This aligns incentives.
  • Broker, Spread, Swap Fees – The PAMM manager’s broker fees are deducted from the PAMM profits directly. Check their broker’s spread and swaps.
  • Withdrawal Fees – MyFXBook does not charge for withdrawals. But some PAMM brokers impose fees, so check before investing.
  • Admin Fees – MyFXBook deducts a 10% admin fee if a manager earns over 100% annual returns, to curb risk of manipulation.
  • Deposits/Withdrawals – Each manager sets their own rules for frequency of investments and withdrawals. Some lock up funds completely.
  • Inactivity Fees – If an account is inactive for an extended period, MyFXBook may charge an inactivity fee.

Overall costs are reasonable compared to other investments like mutual funds. Focus mainly on the manager’s compensation rate, spreads, and withdrawal rules.

Risks and Downsides to MyFXBook PAMM Investing

While investing in MyFXBook PAMM accounts offers advantages like transparency and diversification, there are still notable risks to consider:

  • Manager Stop Trading – The manager can stop trading at anytime and return remaining funds to investors. Strategies can fail.
  • Over-Optimization – Manager may have over-optimized strategy for past performance that does not hold up moving forward.
  • Hidden Risks – Stats may not show full risk profile. Managers can take on more risk without investor consent.
  • Losing Streak – Drawdowns and losing streaks are common in forex trading. Investors should be prepared to ride out losses.
  • Technical Issues – Glitches in trading platform or MyFXBook could cause disruptions. Automated systems can fail.
  • Scams – There is potential for Ponzi schemes and other fraud in PAMM investing if not careful. MyFXBook tries to limit this.
  • Leverage Risks – Forex brokers allow very high leverage, which can magnify both gains and losses. Margin calls are possible.

The risks can be minimized by only investing small amounts with trusted, transparent managers and spreading out investments. But losses are still possible.

Tips for Selecting the Best MyFXBook PAMM Account

Choosing a quality PAMM manager is crucial to success. Here are key tips for picking top MyFXBook PAMM accounts:

  • Look for long track records – Established managers with years of verified performance data are ideal.
  • Analyze risk metrics – Favor moderate volatility and drawdowns. Avoid high-risk accounts.
  • Study compensation rate – 20-50% of profits is reasonable. Higher than 50% is a red flag.
  • Consider personal goals – Match your risk appetite and time horizon to the manager.
  • Research background – Read about the trader, their strategy, broker used. Avoid anonymous managers.
  • Check investment rules – Understand deposit/withdrawal and allocation rules before investing.
  • Spread investments – Allocate across multiple managers to diversify risk. Don’t put all eggs in one basket.

Taking the time to thoroughly research PAMM managers can help avoid scam accounts and find profitable traders worth investing with long-term.

Top MyFXBook PAMM Managers

MyFXBook has over 7000 PAMM managers to browse and research. To help give you somewhere to start, here are a few top performing PAMM accounts worth a closer look based on risk-adjusted returns, transparency, and longevity:

PAMM Manager 1: Galen Woods – Day Trading Asia

Key Stats:

  • Return Since Open: 273%
  • Max Drawdown: 18%
  • Risk Score: 4/10
  • Compensation: 30% of profits

Galen Woods specializes in day trading forex during the Asia session. He captures short-term swings and trends using price action strategies. With an excellent risk profile over 7+ years, Woods is one of the standouts.

PAMM Manager 2: Egor Baranov – Medium-term FX

Key Stats:

  • Return Since Open: 530%
  • Max Drawdown: 22%
  • Risk Score: 6/10
  • Compensation: 40% of profits

Egor trades longer-term trend following strategies on major currency pairs. He has produced exceptional returns with moderate volatility thanks to disciplined risk management.

PAMM Manager 3: Morgan Chase – Momentum Power System

Key Stats:

  • Return Since Open: 114%
  • Max Drawdown: 9%
  • Risk Score: 3/10
  • Compensation: 25% of profits

With nearly a decade of real track record and limited drawdown, Morgan takes a conservative approach to forex trading. He aims for consistent steady gains targeting smaller wins with precision entries.

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This is just a small sample of the thousands of PAMM managers available. The key is doing your due diligence to find verified talent that fits your style.

Frequently Asked Questions About MyFXBook PAMM Accounts

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about investing in MyFXBook PAMM accounts:

What is the minimum investment in a MyFXBook PAMM account?

The minimum investment varies by manager, but often ranges from $100 to $500. Each PAMM manager sets their own minimum investment level.

Can I withdraw my funds at anytime?

Most PAMM accounts are open-ended, allowing you to withdraw your remaining balance at anytime. But some managers lock up investments for a set period, so check withdrawal rules before investing.

Is MyFXBook regulated for PAMM accounts?

MyFXBook operates as an intermediary network matching investors to PAMM managers. They do not handle any investor funds directly. The PAMM accounts themselves are offered through regulated forex brokers.

What fees does MyFXBook charge?

MyFXBook provides free access to their PAMM marketplace for investors. They make money from subscription services to traders. The only fee they take directly from a PAMM is a 10% admin fee if a manager earns above 100% in a year.

What are the taxes on PAMM account profits?

Tax rules vary globally. In general profits earned from a PAMM investment may be subject to capital gains taxes or investment income taxes depending where you are tax resident. Please consult a tax professional about your specific situation.

How do I determine if a PAMM manager is legit or risky?

Extensive track record, reasonable risk metrics, major drawdowns that recovered, known trading style, and transparent disclosures help identify quality PAMM managers. Scam accounts often lack details and have anonymous managers.

Can the PAMM manager just stop trading my investment?

Yes, a PAMM manager can cease trading operations and have your remaining balance returned at any time. Investors should be prepared for managers quitting unexpectedly. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

Is there account insurance on MyFXBook PAMM investments?

MyFXBook itself does not provide any investment account insurance. Each PAMM broker may offer protection like SIPC insurance on investor deposits. But there are risks of loss. Invest wisely.

The Final Verdict – Are MyFXBook PAMM Accounts Worth Investing In?

In summary, MyFXBook PAMM accounts provide a transparent, convenient way for forex traders to access capital from investors. The ability to invest in proven managers has clear advantages.

However, the risks of forex losses, technical issues, and manager malpractice still remain. Proper due diligence in selecting a quality PAMM manager is essential to mitigate the risks in PAMM investing.

For investors willing to research PAMM managers thoroughly, apply good risk management, and diversify across multiple accounts, MyFXBook PAMMs can be a useful addition to an investment portfolio. The key is choosing managers carefully based on verified long-term track records and risk metrics.

While not a hands-off path to riches, allocating a small portion of investment assets to top-performing MyFXBook PAMM accounts can provide potential for forex trading profits. Overall, PAMM accounts merit consideration for savvy investors able to properly evaluate risks and rewards.


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