Silicon Falcon Expert Advisor

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Silicon Falcon Expert Advisor is a Powerful Forex Auto Trading EA Robot optimized for up to 20% Monthly Profit. Order Now to get 90% Discount.



Silicon Falcon Expert Advisor

Intelligent algorithms continuously adapt to the ever-changing market. Silicon Falcon Expert Advisor is a Powerful Forex Auto Trading EA Robot optimized for up to 20% Monthly Profit. Order Now to get 90% Discount.

To back-test: Choose EURUSD 1 hour time-frame using current spread. Run test.

EA Settings

Silicon Falcon Expert Advisor -[Cost $1199]- For FREE
Silicon Falcon Expert Advisor -[Cost $1199]- For FREE
  • Use Money Management – If true automatic lot sizing is employed
  • MM Risk Setting – Risk Setting to be used if money management is employed
  • Lot Size – Fixed Lot size if money management isn’t used
  • Period for S/R Algo
  • Algo Alpha- First Channel Size Start in Bars
  • Algo Beta – Broad Sweep Bars
  • Max Pending Orders – As Stated
  • Min Trade Spacing – As Stated
  • Front Run (Pips) – Always Front Run Entries in real world
  • Exit Choice – Broker or Hidden Exits
  • Target Profit – Target Profit Pips
  • Stop Loss – Stop Loss Pips
  • Trailing Stop – Trailing Stop Pips
  • Trail Step – Trail Step Pips
  • Break-Even Activation Pips – Price must be this far into profit for breakeven activation
  • Pips to Lock In – Pips to lock in with breakeven activation
  • Use Partial Close – Set to faithful close positions at multiple exit targets.
  • Position Percentage to shut – Percentage of the first position to shut at each target
  • Min Profit Pips – Minimum amount of pip before the first exit
  • Pips Between Closings – Number of pips into profit between closings
  • Use Trading Hours – Set faithful use trading hours
  • hour to start out out Trading – Hour to start trading (Use broker time)
  • hour to prevent Trading – Hour to prevent trading (Use broker time)
  • Friday Exit Hour – Hour to prevent trading on Friday and exit trades. (Use broker hour)
  • Trade NFP Friday – T/F
  • Trade Thursday Before NFP – T/F
  • Trade Christmas Break – T/F
  • Day to start Break – 15 (15th of December as an example)
  • Trade New Year Holiday – T/F
  • Day To Return After Break – 3 (3rd of January as an example)
  • Trade Comment – Comment to be sent with trades
  • Use Avg Spread as Max Spread – Uses Average Spread (counted from filled orders) for Max Spread Calculation
  • Min Trades Filled Before Spread Calculation Will Occur (max spread value utilized in meantime)
  • Amount to Pad Avg Spread (Pips) – Add This Number to Avg Spread to urge Max Spread Calculation
  • Max Spread – Used Before Enough Filled Trades and Also When Avg Spread isn’t Used
  • Max Spread – Max Average Spread (Last 20 ticks) allowed before pending orders are going to be placed within the market
  • Spread outing – Until (Next Bar as Example)
  • Max 1 Min Spike Size – Set Pips for Max Spike Size Allowed on 1 Min Time-Frame
  • FIFO Friendly – Enable for FIFO Brokers
  • Use Striker – Secret Algo for More Trades
  • Magic Number – Use a singular number for every strategy on any additional instance of Apex running on an equivalent account and currency pair.


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