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The foreign exchange market, or forex for short, thrives on trends. But not all trends are created equal. Discerning strong trends from fleeting whims is crucial for maximizing profits and minimizing losses. This is where the Trend Intensity Index (TII) indicator steps into the trading arena, empowering MT4/MT5 users with a unique perspective on trend strength.

This comprehensive guide delves deep into the TII indicator, exploring its inner workings, strategic applications, and potential pitfalls. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a curious newcomer, this exploration will equip you to harness the TII’s power and elevate your trading decisions.

Decoding the TII: Unveiling the Indicator’s Core

The TII, developed by technical analyst M.H. Pee, transcends the realm of mere trend direction identification. It ventures further, offering valuable insights into:

  • Trend Strength: Quantifying the force behind a trend allows for informed decisions on entry, exit, and position sizing.
  • Ideal Holding Times: Understanding the trend’s staying power facilitates the determination of optimal trade durations.
  • Strategic Entry Points: The TII’s signals can guide traders towards entry points aligned with the prevailing trend direction.

At its core, the TII calculates the ratio between positive and negative deviations from a moving average. This ratio translates into a numerical value, typically displayed as a line oscillating between 0 and 100.

Here’s a table summarizing the key aspects of the TII:

Feature Description
Indicator Type Trend Strength
Platforms Supported MT4, MT5
Calculation Method Ratio of positive & negative deviations from a moving average
Displayed Value 0-100 (higher values indicate stronger trends)

Setting the Stage: Configuration Options for the TII

The default TII configuration in MT4/MT5 utilizes a 60-period simple moving average (SMA) and a 30-period window for calculating deviations. However, these parameters are customizable to suit your trading style and preferred timeframe.

Key Configuration Options:

  • Moving Average Period (Default: 60): This value dictates the timeframe over which the trend is assessed. A shorter period emphasizes recent price action, while a longer period offers a broader trend perspective.
  • Deviation Period (Default: 30): This parameter defines the window used to calculate deviations from the moving average. A shorter period focuses on immediate price fluctuations, while a longer period smooths out noise.

Experimenting with these settings allows you to tailor the TII to your specific trading needs. Consider your preferred timeframe, risk tolerance, and trading approach when customizing the indicator.

Interpreting the TII: A Roadmap to Informed Decisions

The TII’s value provides valuable insights into trend strength. Here’s a breakdown of the general interpretations:

  • Values Above 70: Indicate a strong trend, potentially suggesting favorable opportunities for trend-following strategies.
  • Values Between 50-70: Signal a moderate trend, where cautious entry and risk management become crucial.
  • Values Below 30: Suggest a weak trend or potential trend reversal, urging a shift to consolidation or range trading strategies.

Remember, the TII is just one piece of the puzzle. Combining it with other technical analysis tools like price action confirmation or volume analysis strengthens your trading decisions.

Leveraging the TII: Practical Strategies for MT4/MT5 Users

Now that you understand the TII’s core functionalities, let’s explore practical applications:

1. Trend Confirmation:

The TII can act as a confirmation tool for existing trends identified through price action analysis. A rising TII alongside an uptrend on the price chart bolsters confidence in a potential long trade. Conversely, a declining TII during a downtrend signifies weakening momentum and potential reversal.

2. Entry Point Identification:

The TII’s fluctuations can provide clues for entry points. Look for a rise in the TII coinciding with a price pullback within an established uptrend. This pullback might represent a buying opportunity. Conversely, a falling TII during a downtrend with a price rally could signal a potential shorting opportunity.

3. Stop-Loss Placement:

Utilize the TII to refine stop-loss placement. In a strong uptrend with a high TII value, a wider stop-loss might be acceptable due to the trend’s presumed strength. Conversely, a weak trend with a low TII value suggests a tighter stop-loss to mitigate risk.

Beyond the Basics: Advanced TII Techniques

While the fundamental interpretations are valuable, advanced TII techniques can further enhance your analysis:

1. Divergences:

  • Bullish Divergence: This occurs when the price creates a lower low while the TII forms a higher low. It suggests a potential weakening of the downtrend and a possible trend reversal.
  • Bearish Divergence: Here, the price makes a higher high while the TII forms a lower high. This hints at a potential exhaustion of the uptrend and a possible reversal to the downside.

2. Trend Channel:

Construct a channel using the TII’s historical highs and lows. Price movements within the channel suggest a continuation of the trend. Breakouts above the channel might signal trend acceleration, while breakouts below could indicate a trend reversal.

3. Multiple Timeframe Analysis:

Analyze the TII on different timeframes (e.g., daily, hourly) to gain a broader perspective. Consistency in the TII’s direction across timeframes strengthens the trend’s validity.

Remember, these advanced techniques require practice and experience for accurate interpretation. Backtesting with historical data can help you refine your TII analysis skills.

Advantages and Limitations: Weighing the TII’s Impact


  • Trend Strength Quantification: Provides a numerical value for trend strength, facilitating informed trading decisions.
  • Improved Entry and Exit Points: Guides entry and exit points aligned with the prevailing trend direction.
  • Customizable Parameters: Adaptable to various trading styles and timeframes through configurable moving average and deviation periods.


  • Lagging Indicator: The TII reacts to past price movements, potentially leading to delayed signals.
  • False Signals: Market noise and volatility can generate misleading TII signals.
  • Confirmation Tool: Works best when combined with other technical analysis methods for stronger trade validation.

By understanding both the strengths and weaknesses of the TII, you can effectively integrate it into your trading strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are the default settings for the TII in MT4/MT5?

The default settings are a 60-period simple moving average (SMA) and a 30-period deviation window.

2. Can I change the TII’s settings?

Absolutely! Experiment with different moving average periods and deviation windows to tailor the TII to your trading style and preferred timeframe.

3. Is the TII a perfect trading tool?

No indicator is foolproof. The TII can generate false signals due to market volatility. Combine it with other technical analysis methods and practice risk management for optimal results.

4. How can I improve my TII analysis skills?

Backtest the TII with historical data to understand its behavior under different market conditions. This allows you to refine your interpretation of the indicator’s signals.

5. What are some good trading strategies to use with the TII?

The TII excels in trend-following strategies. It can be used for trend confirmation, entry point identification, and stop-loss placement within established trends.

6. Where can I learn more about the TII?

Several online resources discuss the TII in detail. Search for articles or videos explaining the indicator’s calculation, interpretation, and trading applications.

Remember, successful trading hinges on a combination of knowledge, experience, and sound risk management. The TII serves as a valuable tool within your technical analysis toolbox, empowering you to make informed decisions in the ever-evolving forex market.


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