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Real Price Action Free MT4 EA

Real Price Action Free MT4 EA

The Robot “Real Price Action Professional” is the improved version of  “Real Price Action”. New features allow users to input a trade volume in percent of risk. It also provides a parameter for setting the total profit target in account currency. These features provides a more convenient money management in terms of deposit and withdrawal.

The Robot is designed for use on small time-frames with highly volatile currency pairs. It can trade in any direction and wait for price to move back and take profit. Normally, currency pairs always move up or move down. If the volatility is larger than its spread and there is a gap to make profit, we increase the number of orders by using two trade modules inside the Robot.

Robot has 2 trade modules:

  • signal module and
  • break module

All orders are sent with the take-profit level. The small profit is locked and the EA waits for next orders.

Signal module:

The Robot uses the H1 time-frame as a market trend calculation, a smaller time-frame is used as a signal calculation for opening orders.

Break module:

The Robot uses the Zig-Zag Indicator on the current time-frame to calculate the resistance/support level. The Robot enters a buy or sell order when the price breaks the resistance/support level.

The Robot has no stop loss:

The Robot does not use any stop-loss so trader can face some draw-down during a holding period. This draw-down is limited by controlling the trade volume and maximum order holding time. The suitable account equity and the percent of risk is a key to successful results.

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Two orders mechanism:

The Robot has a built-in “Two Orders Mechanism”. This mechanism will provide a 2nd order to raise profit or a 2nd order to limit losses. The 2nd order acts as position increase during strong trend or as a hedge order during trend change.

Product is easy to setup:

You only need to specify the lot and profit level to suit the currency pair volatility. For this purpose you need to test the Expert Advisor in the strategy tester.


The Robot “Real Price Action Pro” has improved inputs as following

  • Risk_In_Percent=20.00 — the risk to trade in percent.
  • Expect_Total_Profit_In_Percent — profit of a portfolio in percent.
  • Order_Target_In_PIP=400 — OrderTakeProfit of each order.

Download “Real Price Action Free MT4 EA” Real-Price-Action.rar – Downloaded 16 times – 27 KB

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