RoboForex Vs. Binance: Which FX Broker Should You Choose in 2024?

Foreign exchange (forex) trading has grown tremendously in popularity over the past decade. With low barriers to entry, 24/7 markets, and high liquidity, forex presents an attractive opportunity for traders of all experience levels.

When getting started in forex, one of the most important decisions is choosing the right broker. RoboForex and Binance are two of the top forex brokers to consider in 2024. This comprehensive review compares RoboForex vs Binance across key factors to help you determine which platform best fits your trading needs.


RoboForex and Binance have emerged as leading online brokers for forex and CFD trading. Though they share some similarities, there are key differences between these two brokers to weigh when deciding between them.

This in-depth side-by-side comparison reviews 10 major categories including regulation and safety, trading platforms, fees and commissions, account types, research and education, customer support, ease of use, mobile trading, additional features, and reputation.

By the end of this guide, you’ll have a clear understanding of RoboForex and Binance’s strengths and weaknesses so you can confidently choose the best forex broker for your needs in 2024 and beyond. Let’s dive in!

Regulation and Safety

The first priority when selecting a forex broker is ensuring your funds and data will be safe and secure. RoboForex and Binance take different approaches when it comes to regulation.

RoboForex Regulation

RoboForex is regulated by the Belize FSC license No. 000138/437.

RoboForex keeps client funds in segregated accounts at top-tier banks and submits to regular audits to verify compliance and financial stability. Overall, FSA regulation provides traders with confidence in the broker’s legitimacy.

Binance Regulation

Unlike RoboForex, Binance does not hold any formal regulatory licenses. They were previously headquartered in Malta but after stricter regulations were imposed, Binance left Malta and currently has no fixed official headquarters.

Instead of traditional regulations, Binance relies on its massive client base, trading volumes, and liquidity to build trust. They do have anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) measures in place.

So while Binance isn’t illegal or unsafe per se, the lack of oversight and transparency from licensing could be a concern for some traders. This makes RoboForex the safer choice from a regulatory perspective.

Trading Platforms

The trading platforms and software provided by a broker can greatly impact your day-to-day experience. Let’s see how RoboForex and Binance compare in this category.

RoboForex Trading Platforms

RoboForex offers its proprietary WebTrader and R Trader platforms. Key features include:

  • WebTrader – Browser-based WebTrader with full functionality requires no software downloads or installation. Suitable for all experience levels.
  • R Trader – Advanced desktop platform ideal for experienced traders. Fully customizable layouts and charting tools.
  • MT4 – RoboForex also supports the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform and its mobile apps. MT4 is an industry standard with advanced capabilities.
  • MT5 – Clients can also access the newer MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform with additional features like stocks, futures, and options trading.

RoboForex provides a good selection of proprietary and third-party platforms to suit all trading styles.

Binance Trading Platforms

The Binance trading platform was custom built with a focus on speed and reliability. Key features include:

  • Binance Web Platform – Sleek web-based platform with full functionality, ideal for newer traders.
  • Binance Desktop Platform – Downloadable desktop app also available, comparable to MT4/MT5 platforms. Advanced charting and order features.
  • Mobile Apps – iOS and Android mobile trading apps also fully featured.

The main advantage of Binance’s trading platforms is that they were designed specifically with the exchange in mind. This allows for a seamless, user-friendly experience. However, having MT4/MT5 access via RoboForex provides more choice.


  • RoboForex offers its own platforms plus MT4/MT5 access providing more options.
  • Binance platform is fast and reliable but proprietary with no MT4/MT5 support.
  • Overall RoboForex has a slight edge in trading platforms.

Fees and Commissions

The costs associated with trading are an important factor, let’s see how RoboForex and Binance stack up in this category.

RoboForex Fees

RoboForex offers two account options – ECN and Standard.

ECN Account

  • Commission per lot starting from $3 round turn
  • Tight spreads from 0 pips
  • Minimum deposit $100

Standard Account

They also offer swap-free Islamic accounts and broadcast service fees for certain platforms. Overall costs are very competitive.

Binance Fees

Binance uses a maker-taker fee model:

Maker Fees

  • 0.1% per trade

Taker Fees

  • 0.1% per trade

Fees can be reduced based on 30-day trading volume and owning Binance Coin (BNB).

Binance does not charge commissions but instead generates revenue from the spread between the bid and ask prices. Spreads are variable.

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  • RoboForex has a choice of commission or spread-based pricing.
  • Binance uses a spread-based maker-taker model.
  • Both are competitive on pricing but RoboForex offers more flexibility.

Account Types

RoboForex and Binance take differing approaches when it comes to account offerings.

RoboForex Account Types

RoboForex provides traders a choice of three main accounts:

Cent Account – Micro-lots available starting at 0.01 lots. Ideal for newer traders with a small account balance.

Standard Account – Full-size lot trading with minimum contract size of 0.1 lots. Well-suited for professional traders.

PRO Account – Active trader account with lower spreads plus access to VPS hosting, priority support and more premium features.

They also offer swap-free Islamic accounts, demo accounts, and auto trading via their R Trader platform. The multiple account options allow traders to select the right fit.

Binance Account Types

Binance currently only offers one standard real money account. All users trade under the same account terms regarding fees, platforms, and functionality.

They do also provide demo accounts for practice trading. But the lack of alternate account types and features leaves much to be desired compared to RoboForex.


  • RoboForex provides multiple account types tailored to different trader needs.
  • Binance has a one-size-fits all real account with limited options.
  • RoboForex is the clear winner for its account diversity and flexibility.

Research and Education

The quality of research tools and educational resources brokers offer clients is a value-add. So how do RoboForex and Binance stack up here?

RoboForex Research and Education

RoboForex aims to support clients through every stage of their trading journey. They provide:

  • Trading Analytics – Built-in analysis tools and live market news feeds on their platforms.
  • Market Insights – Regular news and analysis from in-house experts.
  • Trading Resources – Ebooks, tutorials, videos, webinars, and more. caters to all experience levels.
  • Trading Academy – Structured online educational courses for beginner through advanced traders. Earn certificates.
  • Demo Contests – Regular demo trading competitions with cash prizes up to $10,000.

RoboForex has clearly invested heavily into trader education and insights.

Binance Research and Education

Binance offers few educational resources or market analysis of its own. The emphasis is mainly on their trading products and services.

Resources include basic trading tutorials, limited video content, glossary, and tradable market insights from their Binance Research division. But overall research and education is not a strong suit.


  • RoboForex provides extensive trading analysis, education, and resources for clients.
  • Binance has a limited set of basic educational materials.
  • RoboForex is far better for market research and trader education.

Customer Support

No brokerage can operate successfully without providing quality customer support. Here is how RoboForex and Binance compare when it comes to assisting clients.

RoboForex Customer Support

RoboForex clients can access support through multiple channels:

  • 24/5 Live Chat – Get answers quickly via live chat.
  • Email Support – Send inquiries by email for non-urgent requests.
  • Telephone Support – Call their support line 24/5. Toll-free numbers available internationally.
  • Social Media – Active customer service presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram.
  • Multilingual Support – Assistance provided in English, Spanish, Indonesian, Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese.

RoboForex heavily focuses on timely, quality support services for clients globally.

Binance Customer Support

Binance also provides customer support, though not to the same degree as RoboForex:

  • Support Center – FAQ knowledge base and community forum for self-help.
  • Ticket System – Submit support tickets to their team. Responses can be slow at times.
  • Limited Live Chat – Live chat accessible but only during limited hours.
  • Telegram – Active admin presence on Telegram for assistance.
  • Limited Languages – Support only available in English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese.

As a global leader, there is room for Binance to improve support for non-native languages. Response times can also vary.


  • RoboForex provides multi-channel 24/5 support with extensive language options.
  • Binance has limited live chat, slower tickets, and fewer language choices.
  • RoboForex support is superior especially for non-English speakers.

Ease of Use

An easy-to-use trading platform and intuitive overall user experience is key for new traders. How user-friendly are RoboForex and Binance?

RoboForex Ease of Use

RoboForex makes accessing their platforms and services simple:

  • Quick Account Opening – Open a live account completely online in minutes.
  • Web Platform – Full-featured trading via any modern web browser. No installation needed.
  • Desktop Platforms – MT4/MT5 platforms offer one-click trading directly from charts.
  • Mobile Apps – iOS and Android allow easy trading on the go. Watchlist and alerts synced across devices.
  • Payment Options – Numerous deposit and withdrawal methods supported.

RoboForex focuses heavily on platform usability and quick account opening for a smooth overall experience.

Binance Ease of Use

Binance also makes getting started relatively easy:

  • Fast Account Creation – Open a Binance account instantly. Verification for deposits can take 1-2 days.
  • Intuitive Interface – Binance web and mobile apps offer simple point-and-click trading. Charts, order entry, wallet all easily accessible.
  • Many Coins/Tokens – Support for 600+ cryptocurrencies allows users to get started quickly.
  • Limited Payment Methods – Cryptocurrency deposits/withdrawals only. No support for debit/credit cards or bank transfers.
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Binance’s crypto-only nature limits funding options but the trading experience itself is straightforward.


  • Both brokers allow fast account opening with user-friendly platforms.
  • RoboForex supports more payment methods while Binance is crypto-only.
  • For non-crypto traders, RoboForex has superior ease of use overall.

Mobile Trading

Mobile compatibility is essential for on-the-go traders. How do the RoboForex and Binance mobile experiences compare?

RoboForex Mobile Trading

RoboForex offers mobile trading apps for iOS and Android:

  • R Trader – Full-featured mobile app for the R Trader platform. Advanced trading tools.
  • MT4/MT5 – Also provides iOS and Android apps for the popular MetaTrader platforms.
  • Watchlists and Alerts – Syncs open positions, pending orders, and alerts across mobile and desktop.
  • Usability – Simple interface, one-click execution, multiple order types supported. All essentials covered.

RoboForex apps provide traders with the necessary mobile tools to complement the desktop experience.

Binance Mobile Trading

The Binance mobile apps closely mirror the web experience:

  • iOS & Android – Native apps for both operating systems.
  • Market Data – Real-time quotes and interactive charts.
  • Trading Features – Fast order entry includes limit, market, stop limit orders plus margin trading.
  • Wallet Management – Deposits, withdrawals, staking, and wallet monitoring on the go.

The Binance mobile experience is adequate for basic trading, wallet management, and crypto monitoring.


  • Both brokers provide iOS and Android mobile trading apps.
  • RoboForex adds advanced charting and order management.
  • RoboForex has a slight edge, but both meet essential mobile needs.

Additional Features

Beyond core trading functionality, additional features and value-added services should also be considered.

RoboForex Additional Features

RoboForex provides clients with an array of additional features including:

  • Copy Trading – Automated copy trading connects you with top-performing traders. Optional PAMM accounts also available.
  • VPS Hosting – Free virtual private server hosting for expert advisors and automated strategies.
  • Trading Signals – Subscribe to trading signals delivered via SMS or the platforms.
  • Webmaster Tools – Free turnkey webmaster program to earn commissions.
  • Auto Trading – Use automated strategies without programming on the R Trader platform.

RoboForex offers an extensive suite of supportive trading features.

Binance Additional Features

Being crypto-focused, some of Binance’s features include:

  • Margin Trading – Leverage up to 5x on certain crypto pairs.
  • Binance Earn – Earn interest on idle crypto assets through lending and staking programs.
  • Binance Card – Crypto debit card to convert assets to fiat for real world spending.
  • Launchpad – Raise capital for new crypto projects via Binance’s token launch platform.

The features are tailored specifically to crypto investors, traders, and projects. Less relevant for forex.


  • RoboForex provides advanced trading features like copy trading, VPS, and auto trading.
  • Binance offers crypto-specific capabilities that may appeal to token traders.
  • For forex trading, RoboForex has more applicable additional features.


When evaluating brokers, the general reputation amongst traders can also influence decisions.

RoboForex Reputation

RoboForex has built up a largely positive reputation since launching in 2009:

  • Client Base – Over 800,000 clients across 170+ countries. Significant global presence.
  • Awards – Won numerous industry awards from IFX EXPO, International Finance Magazine, Global Brands Magazine, and more.
  • Regulation – CySEC regulation inspires confidence in the brand.
  • Longevity – 13+ years in business with steady growth. Favorable online reviews.

RoboForex’s lengthy track record and satisfied client base give them a trustworthy reputation.

Binance Reputation

As the world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance enjoys an overall positive reputation:

  • Market Share – Consistently ranks as the top exchange by trading volume with millions of users.
  • Innovation – Quickly grew by continually adding new crypto products and services.
  • Security – Has not suffered any major security breaches or loss of client funds.
  • Controversies – Has faced criticism for lack of regulation, high withdrawal fees, and customer support complaints.

While some controversies exist, Binance’s scale and innovation has made it a top player in crypto.


  • Both brokers have good reputations. RoboForex for experience and regulation. Binance for crypto innovation.
  • For forex specifically, RoboForex may inspire more trust from regulators.

Final Recommendation

In summary, while Binance wins for crypto trading access, RoboForex is the superior choice overall for forex trading based on:

  • Strong CySEC regulation for security.
  • More account types and funding options.
  • Advanced trading platforms including MT4/MT5.
  • Competitive pricing models and transparent fee structure.
  • Superior trader education resources and multi-language support.

The combination of tight spreads, 24/5 support, and an extensive feature set make RoboForex our top broker recommendation for forex and CFD traders looking for a well-regulated, reputable broker in 2024.

Open a risk-free demo account today to experience RoboForex’s platforms and services firsthand.


Q: Does RoboForex accept US clients?

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A: No, unfortunately RoboForex does not currently accept clients from the United States based on their regulation requirements. Binance, however, does allow US traders which gives them wider access. Though for non-US traders, RoboForex has the edge.

Q: What deposit and withdrawal methods are available?

A: RoboForex supports many payment methods including credit/debit cards, bank wire transfer, e-wallets like Neteller, and crypto. Binance only allows cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals. The variety of funding options gives RoboForex better flexibility.

Q: Which trading platforms can I use with each broker?

A: RoboForex provides access to MT4, MT5, and its own proprietary WebTrader and R Trader. Binance has desktop, web-based, and mobile versions of its custom trading platform but no MT4/MT5 integration. Overall RoboForex gives traders more choices.

Q: Which broker has better crypto trading capabilities?

A: For cryptocurrency trading, Binance is the clear winner. With 600+ coin pairs available and features tailored to crypto traders, Binance has a full product range beyond forex and CFDs. RoboForex does offer some CFDs but its crypto offerings are limited compared to Binance. Crypto traders are better off choosing Binance.


When it comes to choosing between RoboForex and Binance for forex trading in 2024, RoboForex is the safer and more established option for most traders.

RoboForex is regulated by FSC Belize, giving it trustworthy oversight. Binance however remains unregulated which presents certain risks.

For trading conditions, RoboForex offers ultra tight spreads from 0 pips and fast order execution. Binance is more suited for crypto trading than forex, with average spreads.

RoboForex provides the popular MetaTrader platforms, desktop and mobile apps. Binance focuses on its own exchange platform geared for crypto.

For account security, RoboForex leverages segregated accounts, negative balance protection, and an investor compensation fund. Binance does secure funds through cold storage but lacks account protections.

With over 15 years of operating history and multiple awards, RoboForex is a veteran broker optimized for forex and CFDs. Binance has emerged as the top crypto exchange but is still building its reputation in broader trading.

For forex-focused traders, RoboForex provides better regulation, conditions, platforms, and safety. Binance however leads for those primarily interested in crypto assets and decentralized finance.

Overall in 2024, RoboForex remains the go-to choice for seamlessly trading forex, metals, indices, commodities, and shares from a single account under reliable regulatory oversight.

Best and Most Trusted Forex Brokers

Based on regulation, award recognition, mainstream credibility, and overwhelmingly positive client feedback, these six brokers stand out for their sterling reputations:

NoBrokerRegulationMin. DepositPlatformsAccount TypesOfferOpen New Account
1.RoboForexFSC Belize$10MT4, MT5, RTraderStandard, Cent, Zero SpreadWelcome Bonus $30Open RoboForex Account
2.AvaTradeASIC, FSCA$100MT4, MT5Standard, Cent, Zero SpreadTop Forex BrokerOpen AvaTrade Account
3.ExnessFCA, CySEC$1MT4, MT5Standard, Cent, Zero SpreadFree VPSOpen Exness Account
4.XMASIC, CySEC, FCA$5MT4, MT5Standard, Micro, Zero Spread20% Deposit BonusOpen XM Account
5.ICMarketsSeychelles FSA$200MT4, MT5, CTraderStandard, Zero SpreadBest Paypal BrokerOpen ICMarkets Account
6.XBTFXASIC, CySEC, FCA$10MT4, MT5Standard, Zero SpreadBest USA BrokerOpen XBTFX Account
7.VantageASIC, CySEC, FCA$50MT4, MT5Standard, Cent, Zero Spread20% Deposit BonusOpen Vantage Account
8.FXTMFSC Mauritius$10MT4, MT5Standard, Micro, Zero SpreadWelcome Bonus $50Open FXTM Account
9.FBSASIC, CySEC, FCA$5MT4, MT5Standard, Cent, Zero Spread100% Deposit BonusOpen FBS Account
10.BinanceDASP$10Binance PlatformsN/ABest Crypto BrokerOpen Binance Account
11.TradingViewUnregulatedFreeTradingViewN/ABest Trading PlatformOpen TradingView Account

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