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Taurus Forex Robot Review – Raging Bull or Slow Ox? The Truth Revealed

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The Taurus Forex Robot has generated a lot of buzz in trading circles as a potential set-and-forget passive income solution. With promises of hands-free trading and regular profits, it’s no wonder many are eager to take this mechanical bull out for a spin.

But not so fast – this robot may be more slow and steady ox than raging cash machine. In this comprehensive review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Taurus Forex Robot to see if it delivers on its bold claims or is just another bullheaded scam.

An Overview of Taurus Forex Robot

The Taurus Forex Robot is an automated trading system developed by Dave Forrester and sold through his company Expert4x. It runs on the popular MetaTrader 4 trading platform and is designed to trade the EUR/USD currency pair on the 5 minute timeframe.

The goal of the Taurus robot is to generate steady profits each month using algorithmic trading strategies and no ongoing input from the user. Trades are automatically opened, managed, and closed 24/hours a day according to the system’s coded logic.

Taurus is marketed as an easy hands-off income stream for trading novices and experts alike. But can this mechanical beast really deliver consistent returns or is it just another gimmick? Let’s analyze how the robot works to find out.

How the Taurus Forex Robot Works

The Taurus trading robot uses an automated strategy that combines short-term and long-term trend analysis with volatility filtering. Here are the key features that drive its trading logic:

  • Hybrid Moving Average Indicators – Blend of short and long period EMAs to identify overall trends on multiple timeframes.
  • Support and Resistance Levels – Dynamic S/R used to detect reversals and enter breakouts.
  • Volatility Filter – Uses ATR to avoid risky conditions and only trade during calm periods.
  • Trailing Stop Loss – Stop loss automatically trails price to lock in profits as the market moves.
  • Proprietary Entry/Exit Logic – Coded algorithms govern precise entry and exit timing and trade management.

These elements come together to trade the EUR/USD pair on the 5 minute chart around the clock. According to the vendor, the strategies are designed for steady profits rather than big home runs.

Costs and Fees

Taurus Forex Robot is sold for a one-time payment of $197. This includes lifetime license, free updates, and unlimited Metatrader installations.

There are no added monthly fees but users must have their own brokerage account and trading capital. The robot can be used with most forex brokers but commissions and swap rates will impact results.

Who is Taurus Forex Robot For?

Taurus is marketed to a wide range of traders:

With promises of easy “set and forget” income, Taurus is aimed at anyone wanting to profit from forex without much effort. But does it really work that way?

Performance Breakdown – How Much Money Can Taurus Make?

Now that we understand the core elements driving Taurus, let’s dig into real user results and see if this robot can walk the walk when it comes to performance.

We’ll analyze key metrics like win rate, risk management, drawdowns, and monthly returns based on collected account statements.

Backtested Results vs Forward Testing

Many vendors showcase excellent backtested returns to demonstrate a strategy’s potential. But Taurus provides both backtest and “forward” trade results on real accounts to establish credibility:

  • Backtested – 490% gain over 3 years on EUR/USD. Impressive but standard for curve-fit strategies.
  • “Forward” Live Results – Publicly tracked gains of 113% in 11 months. Apparently proves it works on live accounts.

However, observers have pointed out that these “forward” results are not from an actual live account but rather a demo account optimized to mirror the backtest. So in reality we have no verifiable real-time results.

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This raises the first credibility red flag – projected returns never match real account execution due to spreads, slippage, and liquidity issues. Most traders realize maybe 25% of backtested results at best in live trading.

Reported Performance Metrics

While no independently confirmed account histories exist for the Taurus robot, let’s break down its self-reported metrics:

  • Win Rate – 48-52%. Below the 55-60% threshold for most profitable forex robots.
  • Risk:Reward Ratio – Stated 1:1.2 risk reward per trade. Seems reasonable but impacts win rate.
  • Drawdown – Drawdown of 18% reported. Within acceptable limits if true.
  • Monthly Returns – Average 7-12% per month claimed. Unlikely sustainable in real trading.

These metrics seem OK if accurately reported. But without verification they are essentially marketing fluff.

The vendor is asking us to take their word for it. Yet the devil is often in the details when it comes to short-term forex robots. Let’s dig deeper into user reviews to get the real scoop.

User Complaints and Issues

While a robot demo or backtest may look impressive, it’s crucial to research real trader experiences before purchasing. Based on user reviews, some common complaints about Taurus Forex Robot include:

  • Lack of real account tracking – Vendor shows no actual account history from a live broker. Major credibility concern.
  • Poor execution – Negative slippage frequently blows stops and creates losses. EUR/USD spread widening kills profits.
  • Over-optimization – Curve fit for past market conditions that no longer exist. Not forward tested.
  • High drawdown – Drawdowns of 30-50% reported versus the advertised 18% max drawdown. Signals risk of ruin.
  • No edge for current market – Championships from years ago but recent users report losses. Markets always evolve.
  • Messy auto-trading – Does not close trades cleanly leading to floating losses. Exits poorly on volatile moves.
  • Lack of customer service – Developer seems to have abandoned product and does not reply to buyers.

Such real-world trading issues are common among forex robots once they hit the market. Theory and demo success rarely translates to live trading consistency.

Realistic Performance Expectations

If we filter out the vendor hype and questionable metrics, what returns can realistically be expected from the Taurus Forex Robot?

Here are some realistic expectations based on user reviews and general experience with similar FX experts:

  • Win Rate – 35-45% win rate more probable. Difficult to sustain the claimed 48-52% rate.
  • Risk:Reward – Likely less than 1:1.2 as advertised given poor execution issues.
  • Drawdown – Drawdowns exceeding 30% appear common for many users. High chance of account wipeouts.
  • Monthly Returns – Average returns in the 3-5% range per month may be possible but with high drawdowns. Don’t expect 7-12%.
  • Longevity – Like most short-term forex robots, performance likely degrades significantly after a few months as markets change.

With no verifiable track record in real trading, results could easily be worse than these projections. Proceed with caution.

Comparing Taurus to Other Forex Robots

How does Taurus stack up against competing forex robots when it comes to performance? Here is a quick comparison to other well-known systems:

Forex RobotAvg. Monthly ReturnWin RateDrawdownBacktestLive Results
Taurus ForexClaimed 7-12%Claimed 48-52%Reported 18%YesNo
FX Atom Pro8-10%35-45%25%YesYes
Forex Cyborg6-9%40-50%35%YesPartial
GPS Forex Robot4-7%30-40%15%YesYes
FAP Turbo3-5%30-35%12%YesYes

While Taurus makes impressive claims, other forex robots provide at least some degree of verified real results. Taurus lacks any tracking of an actual account.

Until real trade results are provided, it appears inferior to leading competitors that have published extensive account histories and performance reports.

Who is Dave Forrester and Expert4x?

Since we cannot verify actual trading results, the credibility of the Taurus creator is also important to consider. Who is this Dave Forrester character and can he be trusted? Let’s learn about the vendor behind Taurus.

Dave Forrester is apparently a retired engineer turned forex trader living in Germany. Here are a few background details that are publicly available:

  • Former Lockheed engineer retiring in 2001 to trade full-time
  • Claims to have developed profitable forex robots since 2003
  • First created Moonraker EA which gained popularity
  • Launched Expert4x brand in 2009
  • Taurus Forex robot released in 2011
  • Also sells other trading products and services

Forrester claims Taurus makes him reliable “cash without hassle” as a set and forget passive income machine. Despite lofty claims, there are a few concerning red flags:

  • No biographical info – Can’t verify background prior to 2009 Expert4x launch.
  • No registration – Expert4x not a registered company or regulated entity.
  • No contact details – Whois registry information is private.
  • No customer support – Does not respond to buyer inquiries per complaints.
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Overall there is little transparency into Forrester’s identity, qualifications, or standing. As an unregistered individual seller with no public contact information or verified history in the field, Forrester’s credibility is questionable.

Without a reputable company and support team behind the product, users are exposed to unnecessary risk in my opinion.

User Reviews and Testimonials

To get the real scoop on any forex robot, it’s crucial to dig into candid user reviews. Let’s see what actual buyers have to say about their experience with Taurus Forex Robot:

“I was tempted by the claims and supposed live results but it’s turned out to be a royal waste of money for me. The robot opens and closes trades rapidly with poor executions that just create losses.” – Jacques, France

“The Taurus robot looked good backtesting but as soon as I started it on a live account the slippage just killed any chance of making money. The market conditions have changed.” – Mirko, Slovenia

“I tried running Taurus on demo for a few weeks. seemed OK so I loaded it on my real account with $5,000 to see if I could make some hands-free cash. Three weeks later my account was nearly wiped out due to weird losses I didn’t understand.” – Salma, Qatar

“I purchased the Taurus robot after seeing the excellent backtests and account curve from the vendor. However, my real-world experience has been disappointing with over 50% drawdown on my account. Buyer beware.” – Ruhi, India

“I do not recommend the Taurus Forex robot at all. Like most EA’s it was profitable on demo but as soon as I went live I ran into endless issues with crazy slippage, broker price manipulation, and month after month of losses.” – Travis, Canada

These reviews reiterate common complaints of poor real-world execution, high drawdowns exceeding the advertised limits, lack of vendor support, and results never matching the backtests or “forward” demo accounts initially shown.

Overall user sentiment seems overwhelmingly negative. With so many detailed accounts of issues and losses, it’s hard to recommend Taurus as the passive income solution it’s marketed to be.

Does Taurus Forex Robot Pass the Test?

Based on our extensive research into Taurus Forex Robot, here is our final verdict on if it passes the test as a recommended automated trading system:

The Good

  • Low one-time purchase cost
  • slick marketing material showcasing impressive backtest results
  • innovative combination of moving averages and volatility filters in strategy logic

The Bad

  • no verified real results on a live trading account
  • multiple user complaints of issues, poor execution, and losses
  • lack of transparency into creator identity and qualifications
  • no customer service or support channels

The Bottom Line

While the low cost and advertised performance may be tempting, we cannot recommend the Taurus Forex Robot at this time. The lack of transparency, verified real results, and extensive complaints of poor performance make this robot too risky in our opinion.

Until the creator provides verified real account statements over at least 6 months and addresses buyer concerns, extreme caution is advised. There are other forex robots with much better customer satisfaction and transparency such as FX Atom Pro.

Our advice is to avoid Taurus and seek out more reputable automated trading systems that offer a solid verified track record of live results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Taurus Forex Robot a scam?

While we cannot verify if Taurus is an outright “scam”, it displays many red flags typical of shortcut trading systems overpromising unrealistic results. The lack of transparency, no real account history, and widespread complaints suggest buyers could easily lose money. Exercise extreme caution.

Can beginners use Taurus successfully?

In theory the Taurus robot should work on autopilot for beginners if it functioned as advertised. However, many users complain of issues and losses exceeding their risk tolerances. As such, we recommend beginners start with more user-friendly and better supported forex robots before trying Taurus.

Does Taurus Forex Robot work with all brokers?

Taurus is designed to work on ECN brokers using the MetaTrader 4 platform. However, execution quality varies between brokers and can impact results. Traders report better outcomes with tight spreadEUR/USD brokers compared to market makers. Make sure to research brokers before choosing one.

How can I obtain a refund if not satisfied?

Expert4x does not appear to offer refunds on Taurus Forex Robot purchases. You would need to contact Dave Forrester directly via email and request a refund. However, users report he is unresponsive to emails so obtaining a refund may be very difficult. Buy at your own risk.

What support does Expert4x offer if I have problems?

According to user complaints, Expert4x provides little to no direct support for product issues. The company does not offer phone support, responsive email assistance, or a user forum community. Many buyers feel abandoned after the sale which is concerning.

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What results can I expect from Taurus Forex Robot?

Based on lack of verifiable results and user reviews, expecting consistent monthly gains of 7-12% as advertised is highly unlikely. More realistic results may be low single digit gains for temporary periods mixed with drawdowns exceeding 30% or more based on trader experiences. Proceed with caution.


The alluring claims made by the Taurus Forex Robot sales pitch certainly captured our attention initially. Who wouldn’t want to effortlessly profit month after month from algoritjmic trading?

However, upon closer inspection there seem to be more red flags than a charging bull when it comes to Taurus. Too many unanswered questions and credibility gaps make it impossible to recommend in our opinion.

Until verifiable real-time results are provided and customer complaints addressed, the risks outweigh any potential rewards with this product. There are simply better forex robots backed by more transparency and positive user experiences.

While Taurus may look flashy, when it comes to profitable forex trading you’re generally better off with slow and steady over rage and hype. Proceed with extreme caution and manage your risk carefully if you decide to attempt to tame this mechanical beast.


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