The Best Free MT4 Indicators and Strategies for Scalping in 2024

Scalping is a trading strategy that aims to gain small profits from minor price movements in a short timeframe. Scalpers open and close positions within minutes looking to profit from buying low and selling high.

With the right combination of indicators and strategies, scalping on the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform can be an effective way to trade the markets. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top free MT4 indicators and strategies best suited for scalping in 2024.

Overview of Scalping Trading Strategy

Scalping seeks to capture profits by exploiting minor price moves. Scalpers open a position with the intention of gaining just a few pips before promptly closing the trade.

Key Characteristics of Scalping:

  • Very short-term trades – positions held for minutes or even seconds
  • Numerous small wins to accumulate profits
  • Leverage used to maximize profits from minor moves
  • Strict risk and money management critical

Scalping suits traders who can dedicate time to monitor the markets continuously. It requires fast execution and discipline to close positions quickly.

Let’s examine the pros and cons of scalping:


  • Profits can accumulate from gaining many small moves
  • Low exposure to overnight gap risk
  • Avoiding large losses by closing losing trades fast
  • Can be automated by Expert Advisors (EAs)


  • Requires constant monitoring of charts
  • More trading costs from high volume of trades
  • Gains easily reversed with spread costs
  • Needs very tight stops so high risk of stops getting hit
  • Stressful trading style watching charts continuously

With the right scalping approach, these limitations can be managed. Now let’s explore the top free indicators and strategies for scalping with MT4 in 2024.

Best Free MT4 Indicators for Scalping

Indicators are vital for scalping by identifying trading opportunities, signaling entries and exits. Here are the most reliable free MT4 indicators for scalping:

1. Moving Averages

Moving averages are trend following indicators that smooth out price action. They act as dynamic support and resistance levels.

The two most popular types are:

  • Simple Moving Average (SMA)
  • Exponential Moving Average (EMA)

Moving averages work well for scalping by highlighting:

  • Direction of the trend
  • Areas of support and resistance
  • Change in momentum

Tips for trading with MAs:

  • Faster MAs like 5/8/13 good for scalping
  • Use crossover of short and long term MA as trading trigger
  • Look for price to bounce off moving averages

2. Stochastic Oscillator

The Stochastic oscillator is a momentum indicator that identifies oversold and overbought levels.

It consists of:

  • %K line – Fast moving line that compares close to range
  • %D line – Slow moving average of %K line
  • Oversold below 20, overbought above 80

For scalping, the Stochastic helps determine potential reversal points.

Trading with Stochastic:

  • Look for crossovers of %K and %D for entry signals
  • Exit long trades when %K/%D falls below 80
  • Exit shorts when %K/%D rises above 20
  • Works well with other indicators like MAs

3. Parabolic SAR

The Parabolic SAR indicator identifies trend direction and reversals. SAR stands for “Stop and Reverse”.

Key features of Parabolic SAR:

  • Plotted as dots above or below price
  • Dots below price = Uptrend; Above price = Downtrend
  • Reversal signaled when dot flips above/below price

Parabolic SAR helps scalpers identify when an uptrend or downtrend is losing momentum signaling a potential reversal.

Trading with Parabolic SAR:

  • Go long when SAR flips below price
  • Go short when SAR flips above price
  • Use dot flip as sign to close position

4. Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Bands plot price envelopes around a simple moving average. Bands widen during high volatility and contract during low volatility periods.

The key parameters are:

  • Simple Moving Average (Middle Band)
  • Upper Band (SMA + 2 standard deviations)
  • Lower Band (SMA – 2 standard deviations)

Bollinger Bands are ideal for scalping by identifying oversold and overbought levels.

Scalping with Bollinger Bands:

  • Look for price to test Upper/Lower Bands for entries
  • Exit longs when price closes below middle band
  • Exit shorts when price closes above middle band
  • Use squeeze of bands for low volatility

5. Average True Range (ATR)

The Average True Range measures market volatility. It tracks the average price move over a set period.

ATR is helpful for scalping to gauge market conditions and set stop losses.

Using ATR for scalping:

  • Higher ATR = greater volatility for trades
  • Lower ATR = tighter ranges so adjust stops
  • Set stop loss 1-2x ATR from entry price
  • Trail stops below previous ATR high/low

These five free MT4 indicators provide a solid foundation for any scalping strategy. Let’s now go through proven scalping strategies to use with these indicators.

Top Scalping Strategies for MT4

Having a defined trading strategy is key to scalping success. Here are some of the best scalping strategies to use with MT4:

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1. Moving Average Crossover

This straightforward strategy buys when a shorter MA crosses above a longer MA and sells when the shorter MA crosses below.


  1. Add a fast and slow moving average to chart (e.g. 5 & 13 EMA)
  2. Go long when 5 EMA crosses above 13 EMA
  3. Close trade when 5 EMA crosses below 13 EMA
  4. Go short when 5 EMA crosses below 13 EMA
  5. Close trade when 5 EMA crosses above 13 EMA
  6. Use Stochastic for added confirmation of crossovers

This method lets you scalp in the direction of the trend. Use a fast MA for earlier crossover signals.

2. Stochastic Oscillator Strategy

This scalping technique uses Stochastic crossovers for trade entries and exits.

Rules for trading:

  • Enter long when %K line crosses above %D line
  • Close long when %K line crosses below %D line
  • Enter short when %K line crosses below %D line
  • Close short when %K line crosses above %D line

Stochastic crossovers identify momentum shifts ideal for scalping. Add other indicators like MA or Bollinger for confirmation.

3. Bollinger Bounce Strategy

This strategy looks to buy dips near the Bollinger Band lower band and sell near the upper band.

Trading Rules:

  • Buy when price bounces off Lower Band
  • Sell when price hits Upper Band
  • Set stop loss below Lower Band for longs
  • Set stop loss above Upper Band for shorts
  • Trail stop below previous low/high

Riding the bands works well for scalping volatile markets. Always wait for confirmation from candle close or another indicator.

4. Parabolic SAR Reversals

This system uses Parabolic SAR dot flips to signal trend reversals.

Entry Rules:

  • Buy when SAR flips below price
  • Sell when SAR flips above price

Exit Rules:

  • Close long when SAR flips above price
  • Close short when SAR flips below price

Focus on strong flip confirmed by candle close or volume spike for highest probability setups.

5. Breakout Pullback Strategy

This strategy combines breakouts and pullbacks for scalping larger moves.

Entry Rules:

  1. Identify Support/Resistance level
  2. Buy breakouts above resistance when price pulls back to breakout level
  3. Sell breakouts below support when price pulls back to breakout level

Exit Rules:

  1. Set stop loss beyond breakout level
  2. Take partial profits at 1:1 and 1:2 risk/reward
  3. Trail stop to lock in profits

Combining breakouts with pullbacks allows trading in the direction of momentum while having defined risk.

These scalping strategies combined with the top indicators give you multiple options to profit from short-term moves. Make sure to backtest to determine which performs best for your trading style.

Tips for Successfully Scalping with MT4

Here are some additional tips for scalping success with MT4:

  • Trade liquid markets – Focus on major forex pairs and indices to ensure tight spreads and fast execution.
  • Use a low spread ECN broker for the lowest trading costs per position.
  • Trade sessions with highest volatility – London/New York sessions offer ideal market movement.
  • Start small – To refine your strategy and execution, trade micro lots initially.
  • Set clear profit targets – Aim for 1:2 to 1:3 risk reward as a minimum.
  • Cut losses quickly – Set and stick to tight stops of 8-12 pips to limit downside.
  • Manage risk – Limit total risk per session and avoid overtrading a strategy.

With proper trading habits, effective use of leverage, and risk controls, scalping with MT4 has the potential to become a profitable endeavor.

Common Questions About Scalping on MT4

What is the best chart timeframe for scalping on MT4?

The best chart timeframes for scalping are the 1 minute, 5 minute and 15 minute. The short duration charts allow detecting the minor price moves scalping thrives on.

Leverage for scalping systems needs to be higher to maximize profits but also controlled. Recommended leverage is 10:1 to 30:1 depending on volatility and trade size.

What markets can you effectively scalp trade?

The most common markets to scalp are forex pairs and stock indices. Majors like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY and EUR/JPY work well. For stocks, scalping indices like the S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, or DAX 30 can be profitable.

Should I use a stop loss when scalping?

Yes, using a stop loss is vital when scalping. Since you are targeting small profit targets, stop losses need to be tight, between 5-15 pips from entry depending on volatility. Tight stops are key to limiting any large losses as a scalper.

Is scalping a risky trading strategy?

Scalping does carry high risks. The fast pace of trading, tight stops, and leverage can lead to substantial losses if not managed properly. Strict risk controls, appropriate position sizing, and setting loss limits are essential to scalp safely.

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Final Thoughts

Scalping with MT4 indicators and strategies can provide trading opportunities even in rangy or volatile markets. The key is finding the right indicator combinations and techniques that fit your style.

Start by applying the free indicators covered here: Moving Averages, Stochastic, Bollinger Bands, Parabolic SAR and ATR. Combine them with scalping strategies like breakouts, pullbacks, momentum trading and band riding.

Refine your edge through practice and review your trading stats regularly. With the proper scalping approach, MT4 is an effective platform to capture small but consistent profits intraday. Focus on managing risk and maximizing your winners to become a successful scalper.

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