The Complete Guide to Elliott Wave Trader

Elliott Wave trading has become an increasingly popular technical analysis strategy among traders looking to capitalize on recurring market cycles. This comprehensive guide will explain what Elliott Wave Trader is, how it works, its key benefits for traders, and provide actionable tips for using it successfully.

What is Elliott Wave Trading?

Elliott Wave theory was developed in the 1930s by accountant Ralph Nelson Elliott as a way to predict market trends. He observed that markets do not move in a random, chaotic way but rather in definable cycles or waves.

The main premise is that markets move in repetitive cycles made up of smaller waves. There are 5 waves that make up a complete cycle – 3 advancing waves are followed by 2 corrective waves. Once a 5 wave sequence completes, it starts over again in a new cycle.

Understanding this cyclical ebb and flow can help traders better anticipate potential turning points in the market. Being able to identify where we are in the sequence of waves can forecast where the market may head next.

Key Components of Elliott Wave Patterns

There are a few key components that make up Elliott Waves:

5 Wave Sequence – The most basic Elliott Wave pattern is a 5 wave sequence made up of 3 advancing waves (called impulse waves) and 2 correcting waves (called corrective waves).

Trends & Corrections – The impulse waves move with the main trend, while corrective waves move against the trend in an upward or downward swing.

Fractals – Waves within waves – smaller waves make up each larger wave. Fractals demonstrate the self-similar, repetitive cycles in markets.

Fibonacci Ratios – Fibonacci retracement levels are often used to determine price targets for waves. Common ratios are 0.382, 0.50, 0.618.

Mastering these core concepts allows traders to apply Elliott Wave analysis to any market or time frame.

Introduction to Elliott Wave Trader

Elliott Wave Trader is a technical analysis software program created by Robert Prechter, founder of the Elliott Wave Principle. The software helps traders identify Elliott Wave patterns and capitalize on these recurring market cycles.

Some key features and benefits of Elliott Wave Trader include:

  • Automated analysis – scans markets to identify high-probability Elliott Wave trading opportunities.
  • Pattern recognition – clear labeling of wave counts and fibonacci levels on charts.
  • Customizable parameters – adapt indicators and trading rules to suit your style.
  • Backtesting capabilities – ability to test strategies against historical charts.
  • Market scanner – scan indices, stocks, forex pairs for tradable setups.
  • Alerts – set notifications for completed wave patterns or price breakouts.

Having this analytical software allows traders to quickly identify trading opportunities using the Elliott Wave method. The automated tools provide an edge in the market by taking out the subjectivity of manual Elliott Wave analysis.

How to Use Elliott Wave Trader

Using Elliott Wave Trader effectively requires understanding a few key steps in the trader’s workflow:

1. Scan Markets for Wave Counts

Use the market scanner to find instruments displaying clear Elliott Wave patterns. Focus on patterns with the clearest wave structure and fibonacci levels.

2. Identify High Probability Setups

Look for completed 5 wave sequences beginning a new trend. Confirm with supporting technical indicators like MACD, RSI, moving averages.

3. Enter Trades at Fibonacci Price Points

Use fib retracement levels to identify optimal entry points. Typically the best entries are at 0.618 or 0.786 retracements of prior waves.

4. Set Risk Management Rules

Determine stop loss and take profit levels based on fib ratios or wave count projections. Set rules to protect capital in case of false breakouts.

5. Manage Trades Based on Wave Structure

Use the expected wave sequence to anticipate turning points. Book partial profits at projected target levels. Move stops to lock in gains.

6. Review Performance for Improvements

Keep track of trading stats to determine win rates and profitability. Refine trading rules and parameters to boost results.

Following these tips will lead to higher probability Elliott Wave trades with proper risk management. Reviewing performance is crucial to refine and improve over time.

Using Elliott Wave Trader on Different Assets

A major advantage of Elliott Wave Trader is that it can be used to trade virtually any market. The Elliott Wave patterns work on everything from stocks and forex to commodities and cryptocurrency.

Some examples of applying Elliott Wave Trader on different assets:

Stocks – Look for completed impulsive waves signaling start of new trend. Enter retracements in direction of trend. Ride waves in tandem with overall market cycle.

Forex – Trade recurring patterns on major currency pairs using fib levels and candlestick patterns to confirm. Use larger degree wave counts for directional bias.

Commodities – Metals and energies move in clear impulsive/corrective patterns. Focus on high volume trading instruments with strong liquidity.

Indices – Can identify multi-month bull and bear markets using longer term wave degrees. Capture extended 3rd and 5th waves which offer outsized gains.

Cryptocurrency – Ideal for swing trading cryptos which see repeating boom/bust cycles. Use corrections to enter new impulses at fib levels.

The fractal nature of the waves means Elliott Wave Trader can be applied successfully across all liquid markets. Adjusting the wave degree and time frames traded provides flexibility.

Tips for Improving Accuracy of Wave Analysis

Mastering accurate Elliott Wave analysis takes dedication but can tremendously improve trading results. Here are some tips:

  • Focus on clear, simple wave patterns – Avoid trying to force complex counts. Stick to high probability setups.
  • Confirm wave counts with other indicators – Use price action, fib levels, RSI to confirm your wave count bias.
  • Determine most probable wave scenario – If multiple counts are possible, trade the highest probability option only.
  • Set clear invalidation points – If price moves outside the expected wave structure, exit the trade quickly.
  • Start on longer time frames – Analyze higher wave degrees first to set overall context before zooming into lower time frames.
  • Review fibonacci retracement guidelines – Know optimal entry points at different fib levels for various wave degrees.
  • Trade in the direction of the larger trend – Use wave counts on higher time frames to clearly define the macro trend.

Dedicated practice analyzing charts and testing strategies will refine your wave counting skills over time. Patience and discipline are essential.

Common Elliott Wave Trading Strategies

Let’s review some trading strategies to profit from Elliott Waves:

Trend Following

This straightforward strategy involves identifying the start of impulsive waves in the direction of the larger trend, then riding the full 5 wave sequence. Works well on breakouts to new swing highs/lows signaling a new wave impulse.

Wave Riding

Involves entering trades after wave 2 or wave 4 pullbacks within an impulse wave. Aims to capture most of wave 3 and wave 5 which tend to be extended moves. Requires fast reaction to shifts in wave count.

Wave Diagnosis

Analyze completed 5 wave sequences to diagnose the likely next waves. For example, after an upward impulse, prepare for sideways correction. Position for a move in opposite direction of wave 1 once wave 4 completes.

Pattern Completion

Trade the expected breakout upon full 5 wave pattern completion. Confirm completed impulse waves with break above wave 3 price, or downward break of wave 4 support.

There are endless variations of strategies based on diagnosing the shifting Elliott Wave patterns. Find an approach that fits your trading style and risk tolerance.

Benefits Elliott Wave Trading Can Provide Your Strategy

Incorporating Elliott Wave analysis can provide many enhancements to an overall trading approach, including:

  • Identifying high-probability turning points in advance
  • Determining optimal entries, exits, and price targets
  • Having an edge by predicting future market moves
  • Catching large third and fifth wave moves
  • Avoiding entering during corrective moves
  • Managing trades based on wave count projections
  • Knowing when to take contrarian positions
  • Ensuring discipline required for successful trading

Used wisely, Elliott Wave Trader can clearly demonstrate profitable market opportunities. It transforms wave analysis from an art to more of a science.

Common Elliott Wave Trading Mistakes to Avoid

While Elliott Wave trading offers advantages, it is not foolproof. Here are some common mistakes traders should avoid:

  • Forcing ambiguous wave counts – Don’t take low probability setups or jump the gun on exits. Have patience for clean patterns.
  • Overcomplicating analysis – Stick to simple, clear wave structures only. Complex counts lead to mistakes.
  • Lack of confirmation – Don’t rely solely on wave counts. Have confluence with other indicators.
  • No stop loss – Manage risk on every trade in case of invalidation. Move stops to lock in gains as pattern develops.
  • Overtrading – Elliott Waves work on all time frames. Consider the higher degree trend and trade in that direction.
  • No review or practice – Consistent analysis of charts is required to improve wave counting skill. Study examples and learn guidelines.

Avoiding these common errors will lead to more accurate analysis, better trades, and improved performance over time.


Elliott Wave analysis can provide a major edge for active traders looking to anticipate moves and enter at opportune points. Elliott Wave Trader automates the process of identifying these cyclical opportunities across markets.

However, like any system, it requires practice and discipline to trade profitably. Master the core wave principles, employ sound risk management on every trade, and constantly review performance.

Used properly, Elliott Wave trader combines the psychology of trader behavior with technical analysis to accurately forecast market turning points. Elliot Wave theory represents one of the highest probability trading methodologies to leverage market swings and profit from recurring cycles.

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