Trusting Your Gut Feel in Trading

The best traders know how to “feel” the market and predict what it might do next. This is sometimes called “gut feeling,” and I rely on it a lot in my own trading. In my opinion, every trader needs to develop a gut feeling about trading. This comes from getting the right training and then using the charts and getting experience. The gut trading feeling is something that will continue to grow in you as you trade the market more and more.

The gut feeling might be easier for new traders to understand if we called it trading intuition and anticipation instead. It’s just your mind’s intuition and anticipation of something that may happen soon.

Basically, repetitive processes and patterns in the market lead to intuitive feelings and can cause déjà vu-type experiences. When these “premonitions” come to the forefront of a trader’s mind, it sets off what we call the trader’s “gut feel.” If you see something often enough, your mind will make an educated guess about what will happen next. This is obviously a very powerful and important “tool” that you will need to master if you want to join the top 10% of traders who are successful.

Practice helps you trust your gut.

A pro athlete has put in a lot of practice, and as a result, they are good enough to play for a living. They’ve played against opponents of all kinds and styles, so they have a good idea of what their next move will be. intuitively figuring out what they will do next.

For example, if you play tennis with the same person enough times, you’ll get to know their game. Eventually, you won’t even have to think about it anymore; you’ll just “feel” their next shot before it happens.

When it comes to a trader’s gut feeling, you’ll start to get it after you’ve mastered your trading strategy and spent enough time in front of the screen. Then, as you study the market, it will come down to a subconscious “yes or no?” mechanism and a gut feeling about what the market might do next. This is like a tennis player who decides to hit a deep volley on the next shot because he can “feel” what his opponent might do next. There are many more examples of gut feelings in sports and other fields, but in all of them, it comes from enough practice and experience. Raw talent helps, but I think that anyone can develop a good gut-trading feel with enough training and time in front of the screen.

Price action trading and going with your gut

The different price action strategies we use to trade will eventually become second nature to an experienced trader, and as time goes on, the trader’s gut feeling will help him or her decide if “this is a trade worth taking or not?” Sometimes, the trader may not even know why they are leaning toward one side of the market or the other. This is because their subconscious anticipation mechanism is influencing their decision-making. This mechanism doesn’t really start to work until it’s been in the market for a while.

When you start to get this gut trading feeling, you might not even know what’s going on, but the more you look at the charts and the price action, the clearer this subconscious “trigger” will become. It won’t happen overnight. First, you’ll need training, and then you’ll need time and experience in the market. But eventually, when you look at the price action on your charts, you’ll have this gut feeling, and it will become part of your overall trading strategy.

There are always two sides to a story…

Your subconscious mind is sometimes smarter than your conscious mind, so you may have a gut feeling about the market or a certain trade even if you don’t know why. So, even though we might want to go long when we see a long signal, our gut tells us “maybe this isn’t right.” The gut feeling is’seeing’ something we can’t see… It’s a message from our subconscious, which is often more objective than our conscious mind.

For instance, there are always two ways to look at the market. When one trader looks at a chart, he or she thinks it looks bullish, while another trader looks at the same chart and thinks it looks bearish. So, if you look at a chart as if you were on the other side of a trade, that is an objective way to look at it. But most of us can’t do this very easily just by thinking about it. We all get too attached to a certain view of the market from time to time, even if there are more reasons for it to go in the opposite direction. In these situations, our subconscious gut feelings can help us a lot. It can give us a gut feeling that something is “wrong,” which you can use to figure out why your trade may not be a good idea. For instance, if you have a tendency to go long and only want to go long… how can someone else look at the same chart and decide they want to go short? Your gut will tell you to look into something more.

When a chart looks long, but your gut tells you it looks wrong, we can’t see it, but our subconscious mind is being objective.

It’s looking at it from the opponent’s point of view and letting you know about it. We might not have seen it at first, but a flashing red light came over us in our minds. So, our subconscious can be objective without us even realizing it because it can see the other side of a trade based on what we’ve done in the past and how much time we spend in front of a screen.

Before you can even start to trade based on your gut, you will need to know how to read the price movement on the charts. It all starts with learning to read the price action of the market, which changes all the time. Once you do this, the time you spend looking at the screen will build up your subconscious trading sense, and you will start to “feel” the chart without thinking about it. Your gut feeling won’t always be right, but it will help you a lot and is something you need to develop if you want to be a successful trader. Click here to start learning how to read price action and trade it, which will help you build your trading “gut feel” over time.

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