WallStreet Forex Robot Review – Real User Opinions of this Trading Bot

The WallStreet Forex Robot is an automated trading system that claims to leverage sophisticated AI and complex algorithms to deliver consistently profitable results for forex traders. But does it live up to the hype? This comprehensive WallStreet Forex Robot review analyzes real user experiences to provide an unbiased assessment.

An Overview of WallStreet Forex Robot

The WallStreet Forex Robot was created by a team of professional forex traders and software developers. It runs fully automated trades based on programmed strategies and advanced technical analysis. The robot makes trading decisions without any human intervention after the initial configuration.

Some key features include:

  • Advanced AI and algorithmic trading technology
  • Built-in smart loss recovery system
  • Flexible position sizing and risk management
  • Works with all major currency pairs
    -Cloud-based operation without installation needed

The robot aims to deliver reliable profits regardless of market conditions. But is it a scam or does it really work? Let’s dig deeper into real user reviews and experiences.

Real User Reviews of WallStreet Forex Robot Performance

Opinions are mixed when it comes to the WallStreet Forex Robot’s actual performance. Here is an overview of feedback from real traders using the system:

Positive User Reviews

Some traders report consistently profitable results over months and years of using the WallStreet Forex Robot:

  • “It’s the real deal. I’ve turned $5000 into over $75,000 in less than a year with this robot.”
  • The WallStreet Forex Robot makes money hands-free. I’m a believer after 9 months of solid profits.”
  • This is the best automated trading software I’ve used. It really works if you give it time.”

These users highlight the system’s ability to generate consistent profits in various market conditions. Many mention the ease of “set and forget” passive income.

Negative User Reviews

However, many other traders complain about losses and poor performance:

Critical reviewers point to overpromising marketing not matching the actual results. The robot seems ineffective and inconsistent based on these experiences.

Neutral/Mixed Reviews

Some users report mediocre results that are neither big profits nor losses:

  • “It’s ok but nothing special. I’m up a few hundred bucks after 6 months but nothing amazing.”
  • “I’m not losing money but I’m not making much either. It’s an average performing robot.”
  • “Don’t expect to get rich but it’s doing alright for me overall.”

These more moderate opinions indicate the robot can generate modest profits but not to the level claimed. The results are middling at best.

Factors Affecting WallStreet Forex Robot Performance

Why do some traders report great profits while others only see losses? Here are key factors impacting the WallStreet Forex Robot’s real-world performance:

Account Size

The size of the trading account matters. With a larger account over $10,000, the robot can effectively leverage its strategies. Smaller accounts often see lackluster results.

markets and Conditions

Performance varies across different currency pairs and market conditions. The robot was optimized for specific major pairs and environments. Other scenarios can affect results.

Broker Integration

Using a broker with poor integration can cause trade execution lags affecting performance. The right broker setup is essential.

Trader Expectations

Unrealistic profit expectations lead to disappointment. The robot has limitations like any automated system. Restrained objectives yield better experiences.

Trading Settings

The default settings do not work for everyone. Optimizing risk management and other variables to suit the trader is key to maximizing performance.

As the reviews show, many factors impact whether the WallStreet Forex Robot delivers profits or losses in the real world.

WallStreet Forex Robot Technology Breakdown

To better understand the performance variability, let’s break down the core technologies powering the WallStreet Forex Robot:

AI and Machine Learning

The robot incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate trading. However, the details of the algorithms and AI approach are undisclosed. This lack of transparency is a downside.

Technical Analysis

Sophisticated technical analysis drives the system’s trading decisions. But technical analysis alone has limitations in volatile forex markets.

Loss Recovery Mechanism

The built-in loss recovery system aims to recoup losing positions. But this can also backfire by turning losses into bigger losses.

Logic and Strategy Programming

The robot’s logic, rules, and strategies dominate outcomes. The quality of the programming code plays a big role in real-world effectiveness.

While advanced on paper, the technology clearly has shortcomings in live trading environments. Real-world performance depends greatly on market adaptability and programming.

Comparing WallStreet Forex Robot to Other Top Systems

How does WallStreet Forex Robot stack up against the competition? Here is a comparison with other leading forex robots:

RobotKey FeaturesAverage User RatingPrice
WallStreet Forex RobotAI and algorithms, loss recovery system, cloud-based3.5 / 5 stars$297
GPS Forex Robot 3Real-time market adaption, time filters, intelligent trade logic4.1 / 5 stars$399
Forex RobotronAutomated strategy builder, backtesting, meta-adapting market analysis4.6 / 5 stars$399
Forex CyborgHuman-cyborg trading approach, machine learning, sentiment analysis4.2 / 5 stars$497

WallStreet Forex Robot has competitive features on paper but falls short in real user reviews compared to rivals. The top community rating and real profits go to Forex Robotron and Forex Cyborg that leverage more advanced technology.

Professional Forex Trader Opinions of WallStreet Forex Robot

Beyond regular traders, what do the pros think about the WallStreet Forex Robot? Here are reviews from professional traders:

  • “Mediocre at best. Maybe good for beginners but not profitable long term.” – Forex analyst atinvesting.com
  • “No serious trader would rely on this robot. The market adaption is just too weak.” – Professional forex trader and author with 20+ years experience
  • “Don’t expect this robot to make you money. The backtested results never match real trading.” – Finance professor and former hedge fund manager

The overwhelming opinion from seasoned forex experts is that the WallStreet Forex Robot lacks the sophistication and market adaptiveness for reliable profits. The consensus view is that it relies more on marketing hype than solid technology.

WallStreet Forex Robot Pricing Plans Breakdown

Let’s analyze the pricing and purchase options available for the WallStreet Forex Robot:

  • Basic Package – $97 one-time fee, entry-level package
  • Silver License – $197 one-time fee, adds some premium features
  • Gold License – $297 one-time fee, full package with all features
  • Platinum License – $495-$795 one-time fee, adds VIP support and updates

Additional costs include $37-$97 per month for virtual private server (VPS) hosting to run the robot online 24/7.

While not terribly expensive, the pricing falls in line with the mixed real-world results. The expensive upgrades don’t seem justified. More proven robots provide better value for money.

Is the WallStreet Forex Robot Ultimately Worth It?

Considering all the factors extensively reviewed, is the WallStreet Forex Robot worth buying?

For beginners, it may merit experimenting with the basic $97 package to get feet wet with automated trading. Expect mediocre results at best.

For experienced traders seeking profits, the robot is better avoided based on the weak technology and mixed real-world results. The marketing hype outweighs actual capability.

Investing in one of the more favorably reviewed forex robots like Forex Robotron or Forex Cyborg is likely a much better bet. Favorable user reviews reflect their stronger performance profiles and cutting-edge trading automation.

WallStreet Forex Robot Review Conclusion – The Verdict

In conclusion, the WallStreet Forex Robot has potential but fails to deliver based on the total weight of evidence in user reviews and professional opinions. Results seem inconsistent and unreliable over the long run.

For novice traders, proceed with realistic expectations and small position sizing with the basic package. For serious traders, it’s better to choose one of the top-rated alternatives to maximize profitable automation.

The marketing promises do not seem to match the real-world outcomes based on the objective analysis of technology and trader input. Approach with caution and implement safe risk management if trying out the WallStreet Forex Robot.

Frequently Asked Questions About WallStreet Forex Robot

Is WallStreet Forex Robot free?

No, WallStreet Forex Robot requires a purchase starting at $97 for the basic package. It is not free.

Is WallStreet Forex Robot legit or a scam?

It does not appear to be an outright scam, but results vary greatly. The claims are overhyped while real profits are inconsistent per trader reviews.

Can WallStreet Forex Robot be trusted?

Exercise caution. While not a fraud, the mixed reviews show results are not reliable enough for major trust. Manage risks appropriately.

Does WallStreet Forex Robot really work?

It may work modestly for some, but many traders report losses or very mediocre results. The claims are overstated. Approach with realistic expectations.

Can beginners use WallStreet Forex Robot successfully?

Beginners may have limited success with small accounts and positions. Expect mediocre results using the basic $97 package. Not a get rich quick system.

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