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Apex Scalper EA

The unique algorithm of this adviser determines the emerging areas of supply and demand as they develop, after which it enters the positions within the Forex market at these levels. Transactions are supported by price fluctuations in supply and demand zones. Apex Scalper EA is a Powerful Forex Auto Trading EA Robot optimized for up to 20% Monthly Profit. Order Now to get 90% Discount.

Does not use martingale, grid, arbitrage or hedging elements.

Transactions are always protected by a preventive stop loss.

Intelligent output functions

  • Prevention of losses by transferring to breakeven.
  • Smart trailing stop.
  • Multilevel profit-taking. Target profit levels are located at a distance of x pips from each other.

Security features

  • Protection against volatility. Orders are removed from the market when the maximum volatility is exceeded on a 1-minute timeframe. This is to prevent hazardous conditions with increased spread/slippage.
  • Protection against a dangerous spread. Orders are removed from the market when the maximum spread is too high. This is to prevent hazardous conditions with increased spread/slippage. New deals will not be established until the average value of the spread drops to an acceptable level.
  • New orders are going to be opened only under conditions of low spread / low volatility. This is a key factor for any scalping algorithm.
  • Checking for transaction problems in order that Apex Scalper never leaves transactions unprotected. A critical feature for any serious trader.

Apex Scalper runs on an hourly timeframe. On currency pairs with a low spread


  • Choose Money Management – lot management: fixed (Fixed lots) or dynamic (Dynamic lots).
  • Risk Setting – risk settings for dynamic lot size.
  • Fixed Lot Size – fixed lot size, if Fixed lots are chosen above.
  • Max Spread Avg – the utmost average spread size (over the last 20 ticks) at which pending orders are allowed.
  • Max Volatility – the utmost allowable volatility above which trading is prohibited.
  • Max # of Orders Replaced – the utmost number of orders which will get replaced after the weekend or a dangerous spread/volatility.
  • Max Pending Orders – the utmost number of pending orders placed on the market at an equivalent time.
  • Max Order Distance – the utmost distance by which it’s allowed to re-order. Measured in pips.
  • Order Offset – the space in pips to offset the order entry levels from the demand and provide zones.
  • Target Profit – take profit in pips.
  • Use reach – set to faithful use the breakeven transfer.
  • BE Activation Pips – the number of profit pips to activate the breakeven function.
  • Initial Stop Loss – the initial stop loss in pips.
  • Trailing Stop – trailing stop in pips.
  • TS Activation – the number of pips in profit for activating a trailing stop.
  • Trailing Step – increment to maneuver stop loss. for instance, 0.5 pips. The trailing stop will move every 0.5 pips within the direction of profit.
  • Multiple Entry Orders – if true, several orders with different take profits are going to be placed at a distance of x pips.
  • The number of orders to open – the number of orders with various take profit levels which will be set.
  • Target Profit Spacing – the interval in pips for a multi-stage take profit (if Multiple Entry Orders = ‘true’).
  • Friday Exit Hour – the hour on Friday at which all pending orders are going to be deleted. the worth is from 1 to 24.
  • Order Expiration Minutes – the expiration time of orders; set the worth to 0 if your broker doesn’t require a sign of the expiration time when sending pending orders.
  • Max Order Retry – the utmost number of attempts to enter or delete orders.
  • Initial Balance – the initial balance. Select the whole account balance or specify the balance value that Apex Scalper Expert Advisor is allowed to use in trading.
  • Specified Balance – if ‘Specified Balance’ is chosen within the parameter above, specify here the dimensions of the balance that Apex Scalper will use.
  • Broker Digits – 4 or 5 decimal places at the broker. Five-digit quotes are recommended.
  • Enable Broken Trade Check – check for problems with deals on each tick. for instance, loss of Internet connection, “trade flow busy,” the worth changed before the installation of stop-loss, etc.
  • Delete Orders When EA is Removed – if ‘true’ is chosen, all pending orders are going to be deleted when the EA is far away from the chart or during initialization.
  • User-Defined Tag – a label that will be added to the comment field of orders. It is often changed by the user.
  • Magic Number – atomic number for Apex Scalper. When launching multiple copies of the EA on one account, make certain to use a singular number for every copy.

Register and Login to Download. Please test in a demo account first for at least a week. Also, familiarize yourself with and understand how this product works before using it in a real account. To get consistent results, this program should run on a VPS with minimal latency and no interruptions. As a result, we strongly advise you to use this program on a Reliable VPS. After completing the download in your computer or laptop you have to extract the file using WinZip software. Also check How do I Install an Expert Advisor on MT4.



Rating: 4/5
8Expert Score

This Forex EA is one of the newest Forex Robot that shows itself as a very profitable low-risk trading strategy. In this forex robot review, we're going to break down the pros and cons of this automated trading system to see if it's worth purchasing for long-term trading. We hope this helps you. Wish you all the best. Happy Trading.

  • Gain: 1082.93%
  • Monthly Profit: 10%-50%
  • Minimum Deposit: $500 Cent
  • Drawdown: Maximum 25%
  • Number Of Trade Per Day: 15-50
  • Time Frame: H1
  • Terminal: MT4
  • All trades are secured by Take Profit
  • Safest EA with Scalping Strategy
  • Sometimes drawdown is high
  • Longer times to close trades
  • Initial investment is high
  • No Stop Loss
  • Floating trades in the weekends
  • Strict Money Management
  • During a recovery, the EA can have many trades opened at the same time in the same direction


Automated System

Opens, manages, and closes the best trades for you. No need to lift a finger.

Great Trading Strategy

Plots chart price in real time to find the best entry and exit points with no lag.

Fully Optimized Settings

Comes loaded with optimized settings for all common forex pairs.

Real Time Broker Shield™

Keeps shady brokers from trading against you by guarding your trade information.

Most Popular Forex Robot

The #1 choice of professional forex traders using expert advisors.

Simple To Setup And Use

Designed for any skill level. Get up and running in less than 5 minutes.

“If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

- Warren Buffett


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