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Babe Blade Algo Forex Robot Free Download

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Babe Blade Algo

The Babe Blade Algo EA is Created on Neural Deep Learning with Algorithm to enter in to the

  • Features and some useful indicators

– Allow interest or Fix lots by user

– Spreads protection, using pending Trades without market orders

– No grid, 1 order – maximum 2 orders at an equivalent time

– No martingale

– A small Stop loss for every trade

– Combine with Ichimoku and MACD indicators



The Babe Blade Algo EA is predicated on Neural and Deep Learning with special Algorithm to entry the market.


Features and a few useful indicators – Allow interest or Fix lots by user– Spreads protection, using pending orders without market orders– No grid, 1 order – maximum 2 orders at an equivalent time– No martingale– little Stop loss for every trade– Combine with Ichimoku and MACD indicators


Setting– Lots is Fixed (if this > 0.0) = 0.0 : If this field > 0 that mean do not allow compound interest bellow– Lots per 1000 of balance (Compound interest) = 0.3++ 0.3 If the leverage > 1:100, anything else please using this: Lots = Margin * Leverage / Contract++ Ex: EURUSD, Lots = 1000EUR * 30 / 100000 = 0.3 lots (should be < 0.3 – the balance is 1000EUR, Leverage=1:30)– Minimum of lots size = 0.01– Maximum of lots size = 60– Max spreads to entry = 1.2 (in pips)– MACD: Fast – Slow – SMA = 12,26,9 (Default – not change)– Ichimoku: TekanSen – KijunSen – SenkouSpanB = 9, 26, 52 (Default – not change)

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Free Vps


120% Bonus


$500 Bonus

Initial Deposit $500

If we can get 25% profit per week, then we can double the account in one month.

After 1 month 1k
After 2 month 2k
After 3 month 4k
After 4 month 8k
After 5 month 16k
After 6 month 32k

We are depositing our profit as balance every month and increasing the profit by compound method.

After 7 month 64k
After 8 month 128k
After 9 month 256k
After 10 month 512k
After 11 month 1024k
After 1 year 2048k

So you can see starting with only $500 we can make $20,48,000 in just one Year with 2M Strategy.

This is a manual trading system. we will analyze the market with trend strategy and lion king . we will maintain fixed lot size with proper money management. we will start with $500 as initial investment. Our target is to make $2 Million in one year. if you are really interested please order the advance trend trading course. i will setup everything in your mt4 & train you to follow the strategy.

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we will post our trading result daily on our telegram channel. please check the result and decide by yourself whether you will join us to the $2m challange.

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