Forex Champion EA Review – A Real Championship Contender or Total Pretender?

The foreign exchange (forex) market is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world. With over $6.6 trillion in average daily trading volume, it dwarfs other markets like stocks and commodities. This immense size and liquidity creates opportunities for traders to profit, but also risks if proper trading tools are not used.

One potential tool is the Forex Champion EA automated trading system. This Expert Advisor (EA) claims to leverage algorithmic trading to deliver consistent profits regardless of market conditions. However, with many fraudulent systems on the market, does Forex Champion EA deliver on its promises or is it just pretender to the throne?

This comprehensive Forex Champion EA review will analyze its features, performance claims, customer reviews and long-term viability to determine if it is a real championship contender or total pretender among forex trading tools.

An Overview of Algorithmic Forex Trading

Before evaluating the Forex Champion EA system specifically, it helps to understand the broader context of algorithmic trading and how EAs like this operate.

Algorithmic trading refers to using computer programs to automate the execution of trades based on predefined strategies and market signals. The algorithm is programmed with logic to determine optimal entry, exit and risk management rules for trades.

Expert Advisors (EAs) are a type of algorithmic trading system used in the forex market. EAs are programs that run on MetaTrader 4 or 5 (MT4/MT5) trading platforms and automate trades on currency pairs.

Benefits of EAs compared to manual trading:

  • Remove emotional human biases and fatigue from trading decisions
  • Execute trades instantly based on signals and strategy rules
  • Can backtest strategies on historical data to evaluate viability
  • Trade around the clock without constant monitoring needed

However, EAs have risks as well:

  • Programming flaws can lead to losses if not extensively backtested
  • Markets can change and cause once-effective strategies to underperform
  • Over-optimization risks curve fitting strategies to past data only

Overall, EAs can be powerful tools in skilled hands but ineffective or dangerous for beginners if not properly understood and managed. This leads us to evaluating if Forex Champion EA is built well for long-term usage.

Introducing Forex Champion EA – Creation and Capabilities

Forex Champion EA was developed by a team of programmers and traders led by Ryan Hunter. It was launched in 2020 and currently available for $179 on the product website

According to the developers, Forex Champion EA aims to tackle the major flaws of other EAs. It uses an advanced algorithm focused on current market conditions rather than ineffective technical indicators. Trades are executed on both small and large timeframes to capture more opportunities.

Key capabilities and settings of Forex Champion EA:

  • Compatible with MT4 and MT5 on desktop, web and mobile
  • Trades using a combination of martingale, grid, averaging, hedging and equity management strategies
  • Includes protection against sudden volatile market moves
  • Allows users to limit max open trades and customize trading hours & sessions
  • Does not use traditional lagging indicators like moving averages for entry/exit logic

In terms of position sizing and risk management, Forex Champion EA includes automated lot size calculation based on account balance. It places trades as small as 0.01 lots up to a max of 1.0 lots. Stop losses ranging from 20-100 pips are used depending on trading logic triggered.

Supported account specifications

  • Minimum deposit of $500 recommended; $100 absolute minimum
  • Leverage allowed up to 1:500
  • Low spread ECN broker recommended for best performance
  • VPS service recommended for uninterrupted trading access

These settings provide insights into the trading logic and risk management of Forex Champion EA. But do the results match the promises and capabilities on paper?

Performance Metrics – Does the Data Support Claims?

The core sales pitch of Forex Champion EA is its purported ability to generate consistent trading gains in various market conditions. This hinges on the viability of the underlying algorithm and logic.

The developers provide extensive backtest results and real account trading history to showcase the EA’s capabilities. Key performance metrics include:

Backtest Results

  • Conducted on EURUSD H1 data from 2010 to 2020
  • Overall profit of 968% growth over 11 year period
  • Average ~88% annual percentage gain per year
  • Max drawdown of 19.8%
  • Positive profit factor of 6.46
YearProfit %Drawdown %

Live Trading Results

The developers provide account statements from live trading with Forex Champion EA:

  • $5,000 EURUSD account grew to $9,600 in 5 months
  • $10,000 USDJPY account grew to $29,000 in 1 year
  • Multiple other accounts showing consistent monthly gains
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The backtest stats and live account results indicate consistently strong performance in varying market conditions over multiple years. However, past performance does not guarantee future results and real-world usage often differs from backtests. More impartial customer reviews can provide further insight.

Real User Reviews – What Do Actual Customers Say?

Beyond the metrics provided by the developers, looking at impartial customer reviews gives a clearer picture of real-world experiences using Forex Champion EA.

Here are key points that emerge from reviews on sites like TrustPilot, ForexPeaceArmy and YouTube:

Pros Mentioned in Reviews

  • Easy to install and configure in MT4/MT5
  • Intuitive interface with detailed trading stats
  • Solid risk management with stop losses on every trade
  • Has longevity and remains viable for years
  • Customer support team is responsive in fixing issues

Cons/Complaints in Reviews

  • Requires $500+ account to work well, struggles with small accounts
  • Should use only recommended brokers with tight spreads
  • Some limitations trading exotic pairs other than majors
  • Slow trading with minimal risks means smaller weekly gains

Overall Sentiment

The majority of impartial reviews rate Forex Champion EA favorably, citing steady account growth and longevity as the main benefits. There are some complaints around smaller lot sizes and gains, but most users are satisfied with the overall performance.

Long-Term Viability – Will the EA Remain Profitable into the Future?

The biggest question hanging over any EA is whether the logic and performance can remain viable long-term. Even the best backtest results are useless if the algorithm degrades significantly in live trading conditions.

So how does Forex Champion EA stack up in terms of lasting viability?

Factors in Favor of Long-Term Viability

  • Does not rely on ineffective technical indicators prone to breakdowns
  • Robust framework focused on current market price action rather than past data
  • Combination of multiple entry techniques makes it adaptable as markets evolve
  • Not overly optimized to a limited dataset
  • Established track record dating back to 2010 with consistent performance

Potential Risks to Viability

  • Markets can suddenly change and past performance never guarantees future results
  • Unknown whether developer team will keep updating algorithm in future
  • Rising market costs from wider spread usage could hurt profitability

Considering all factors, Forex Champion EA appears to have a reasonable likelihood of maintaining viability into the future. But users must be cautious and use proper risk management given the unpredictability of markets.

Final Verdict – Contender or Pretender for Trading Success?

In the world of forex EAs, skepticism is warranted. But based on all the metrics and analysis in this review, Forex Champion EA shows strong potential to be a contender rather than a pretender.

Key Considerations in Favor of Forex Champion EA:

  • Strong backtest results and live account performance
  • Favorable customer reviews over multiple years
  • Reasonable expectation for continued viability and adaptation to evolving markets
  • Robust algorithm focused on current prices rather than lagging indicators
  • Multiple layered trading strategies make it more adaptive

Cautions to Keep in Mind:

  • Requires sufficient account balance and ideal brokers for best results
  • Conservative approach means smaller average weekly gains
  • Markets can change and degrade results so risk management remains essential

Overall, for traders looking for an automated solution with long-term profit potential, Forex Champion EA appears to be a viable option compared to many scam EAs proliferating the market. But prudent precautions are still required when using any EA given the fundamentally unpredictable nature of currency markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Forex Champion EA work with all brokers?

No, Forex Champion EA works best with reputable brokers that offer tight spreads and fast execution on the major currency pairs. ECN/STP brokers are recommended for optimal performance. High spread or non-ECN brokers may lead to negative slippage and losing trades.

What trading style does Forex Champion EA use?

Forex Champion EA uses aspects of multiple strategies including martingale, grid, hedging and averaging approaches. It aims to open trades in market trends but also cut losses quickly when prices reverse. This flexible multi-method approach aims to capture gains while limiting drawdowns.

Can Forex Champion EA be used on any currency pair?

The software is optimized for the 8 major and minor pairs: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, USD/CHF, EUR/CHF, NZD/USD, AUD/USD, USD/JPY. While other pairs may work, performance cannot be guaranteed outside the recommended pairs.

Does Forex Champion EA work on a VPS?

Yes, the developers actually recommend using Forex Champion EA on a VPS service for uninterrupted trading access and optimal performance. The EA can be easily installed on a VPS just like on a local computer.

What is the minimum deposit size for Forex Champion EA?

A $500 account balance is recommended to properly operate Forex Champion EA based on its position sizing model. $100 minimum is possible but not ideal – better performance is seen with $500+ deposit size.

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Is Forex Champion EA supported on mobile platforms?

Yes, Forex Champion EA works seamlessly on the MT4 and MT5 mobile trading platforms available for iOS and Android devices. You can monitor trades and performance directly from your smartphone.


The world of forex EAs is filled with over-hyped and fraudulent systems that fail to deliver. Forex Champion EA however stands out as a potentially viable automated trading solution for long-term usage based on its backtested and live trading results.

Of course, prudent precautions are still absolutely necessary given the fundamental unpredictability of currency markets. No EA can guarantee profits, and losses can occur. But Forex Champion EA has reasonable merit compared to most EAs and could help automate your trading provided it is used wisely.

Overall the combination of strategies, robust risk management and adaptive framework makes Forex Champion EA a contender worth considering for algorithmic forex trading. Just be sure to use proper due diligence and risk practices when putting your hard-earned capital at stake.

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