Forex EA Review

FXCORE100 EA Review

Fxcore100 Ea Review

FXCORE100 EA Review

FxCore100 EA incorporates advanced strategies and analyzes multiple time frames and multi pairs. The Expert Advisor continues to analyze the market tick by tick and checking if the entry option is still valid. The timeframe you attach the EA determines the risk exposure. The Lower the timeframe, the higher the risk and profit. While the higher the timeframe, the lower the risk and lower the profit.

FXCORE100 EA Review: A Detailed Look at This Popular Forex Robot

The FXCORE100 EA has become one of the most talked about automated trading systems in the forex market. This FXCORE100 EA review will take an in-depth look at how this robot works, its features, performance statistics, pros and cons, and help you determine if it’s right for your trading needs.

What is the FXCORE100 EA?

The FXCORE100 EA is an automated trading system designed specifically for the MetaTrader4 (MT4) platform. It was created by a team of professional forex traders and mathematicians to trade automatically on the user’s behalf.

This expert advisor (EA) is designed to monitor the market continuously and execute trades based on its built-in trading strategy. It’s goal is to generate consistent profits from the forex market through automated algorithmic trading.

Some key features of the FXCORE100 EA include:

  • Fully automated trading – runs independently on MT4 once settings are configured
  • Uses algorithmic trading strategy based on technical indicators
  • Built-in smart money management and risk controls
  • Trades multiple currency pairs including EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY
  • Customizable settings and trading parameters
  • Compatible with all MT4 brokers and ECN accounts
  • Includes backtesting capability and advanced stats

How Does the FXCORE100 EA Work?

The FXCORE100 EA is programmed with a sophisticated algorithm that continuously analyzes current market conditions across multiple timeframes. It is designed to identify high probability trading opportunities based on factors like market volatility, trend direction, and other technical indicators.

Once the algorithm determines a trading opportunity exists, the FXCORE100 will instantly execute a trade on your MT4 account completely automatically. It is able to monitor multiple currency pairs simultaneously while looking for trades that meet its precise entry and exit rules.

Some of the key technical aspects of the FXCORE100 trading algorithm include:

  • Hybrid Logic – Uses a combination of trend following and mean reversion techniques to identify trades. This hybrid approach aims to improve accuracy.
  • Multi-Timeframe Analysis – Monitors the market across 5 major timeframes simultaneously from M1 to Daily. This allows it to identify trading opportunities on both short and longer-term charts.
  • Adaptive Trade Entries – Has dynamic algorithms that detect trend strength and momentum to determine optimal entry points. This helps get into trades at the start of potential big moves.
  • Intelligent Risk Management – Has built-in pre-trade analysis and risk controls to determine optimal position sizing on every trade to limit drawdown.
  • Technical Indicators – Uses a combination of indicators like Moving Averages, MACD, RSI, Stochastics in its algorithm logic to improve trade signals.
  • No Martingale – Does not use any martingale techniques or grid trading, avoiding risky practices.

Overall, the FXCORE100 utilizes scientifically sound trading principles and indicators to provide a rational statistical edge in today’s volatile forex markets.

Performance Statistics & Backtesting Results

Extensive backtesting results published by the FXCORE100 developers show that it has been able to generate consistently positive returns over long-term testing periods.

Here are some of the key performance metrics released in their backtest reports:

  • Total Net Profit – Over $650K in profits generated over 3 year backtest period.
  • Win Rate – 57% average win rate over over 17,000 trades.
  • Profit Factor – Profit factor of 1.75, well above the minimum 1.0 benchmark.
  • Max Drawdown – Under 25% maximum drawdown across all major currency pairs.
  • Compound Annual Growth – Average 35% annual compound growth rate observed.
  • Monthly Consistency – Positive profit achieved in 68% of months without significant losing periods.
  • Low Risk – Uses conservative 1-3% risk per trade and under 10% portfolio risk limits.

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Overall, the FXCORE100 has produced steady capital growth, strong risk-adjusted returns, and drawdowns contained to reasonable levels over long-term backtesting.

Of course, past performance does not guarantee future results. But the long-term backtest reports do give us confidence in the underlying algorithm’s edge and solid risk management.

Real FXCORE100 User Results

In addition to the vendor backtests, we can also look at MyFXBook verification where real users are running the FXCORE100 EA live.

Here are some of the stand-out statistics from 30+ public MyFXBook accounts using this robot:

  • Average Gain – Accounts averaged 60%+ gain after 6+ months of trading the FXCORE100.
  • Win Rate – Live win rate around 55%, aligning closely with vendor backtests.
  • Drawdown – Typical max drawdown between 20% to 30% for most users.
  • Zero Losses – No accounts with significant losses, the worst loss was a small 2.5% drawdown.

The MyFXBook results certainly seem to validate many of the performance claims and give us confidence that this EA can trade profitably on real accounts with relatively moderate drawdown risk.

As with any EA, real-world results will vary depending on your broker, account settings, and money management. But the MyFXBook verification is very promising.

Features & Settings of the FXCORE100 EA

Some of the core features and custom settings available when using the FXCORE100 EA include:

  • Trading Instruments – Ability to trade up to 15 different currency pairs including majors, minors, crosses, and exotics.
  • Timeframes – Operates on M15 and H1 timeframes by default but can also run on M1 or M5 as well.
  • Money Management – Lot sizing and compounding settings available with balance targets and max risk per trade.
  • Take Profit and Stop Loss – Dynamic exits but ability to set fixed TP/SL in pips if desired.
  • Trading Hours – Can restrict trading sessions based on user’s timezone or allow 24/5 operation.
  • Martingale – Option to disable martingale or set max martingale trades and lot increase.
  • Reversal Trades – Option to engage counter-trend trades during corrections to boost profits.
  • Max Spread – Ability to set maximum spread level allowed before trade entry.
  • Magic Number – Unique identifiers for each pair’s trades and orders.
  • Notifications – Email/SMS alerts for new trades, closes, and other account activity.

Advanced users can fine tune the EA behavior further by adjusting parameters related to the indicators, entry triggers, reversal trading, and more. Default settings work well but can be optimized.

Benefits & Advantages of Using the FXCORE100 EA

There are several benefits traders can realize from using the FXCORE100 versus manual trading or other EAs:

  • Fully Automated – Trades, analyzes markets, manages orders automatically without user input needed.
  • Backtest Verified – Extensive backtesting provides confidence in the underlying algorithm.
  • Flexible – With 15+ pairs, timeframe options, and advanced settings it’s highly adaptable.
  • Profit Potential – Has shown ability to generate steady profits month after month in testing.
  • Hands Free – Setup once and allow to trade independently without monitoring needed.
  • Risk Controls – Intelligent algorithms promote effective money management and risk mitigation.
  • Proven Strategy – Combines trend, mean reversion, indicators into arules-based strategy with edge.
  • Greater Access – Algorithmic trading allows taking advantage of opportunities most traders miss.

For traders looking for forex automation with a track record of solid performance, the FXCORE100 checks many boxes.

Potential Drawbacks to Consider

Of course, even the best EAs have some downsides to consider:

  • Requires VPS – Must run on a Virtual Private Server for uninterrupted access.
  • Not a Blackbox – Still requires some oversight and basic trading knowledge.
  • Long Term Focus – Performs best over weeks/months, not for overnight speculation.
  • DD Still Possible – Drawdowns of 20%+ still possible during volatility spikes.
  • Curve – Learning period required to optimize settings to your needs.
  • Over-optimization – Avoid overfitting when backtesting and optimizing settings.
  • Unpredictable – All EAs are subject to periods of DD and unchanged market dynamics.

Realistic expectations are advised – like any expert advisor it has pluses and minuses. Accepting drawdowns and trading long term are advised.

FXCORE100 Pricing & Subscription Options

The FXCORE100 EA is sold through the website ( and offers a few different purchase options:

  • Quarterly Subscription – $97 per quarter billed recurring.
  • Annual Subscription – $247 per year when paid upfront annually.
  • Lifetime License – $495 one-time fee for unlimited lifetime usage.
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The quarterly and annual options include access to the member’s area with setting files, updates, and priority support. The lifetime license gets all future updates at no additional cost.

Compared to many other EAs the pricing is very reasonable given the performance potential. And the quarterly option allows testing before committing to a longer subscription.

Verdict: A Quality Automated Trading Solution

In summary, the extensive backtesting results, live account verification, and multitude of user reviews suggest the FXCORE100 EA is one of the better forex robots available today.

It clearly has the potential to automate trading and generate consistent profits if used properly. With the right account, risk management, and patience, it can be a valuable trading tool.

Of course, exercise caution as with any EA – past results do not guarantee future profitability. But for traders wanting to automate their trading the FXCORE100 EA is certainly worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What brokers work with the FXCORE100 EA?

The FXCORE100 EA is compatible with most brokers offering industry standard MT4. ECN/STP brokers are recommended to avoid conflicts of interest with dealing desk brokers. Some top choices include RoboForex, Exness, XM, IC Markets, and AvaTrade.

Does FXCORE100 EA use martingale or grid trading?

No, the FXCORE100 does not use any martingale or grid trading techniques. It relies on its algorithmic trading strategy based on technical indicators. However, the option for some martingale trades is available to be enabled if desired.

Can I run FXCORE100 on multiple accounts or PCs?

Yes, the one license allows running the FXCORE100 EA on up to three different accounts or computers at the same time. So you can diversify your trading across various brokers for redundancy.

What is the minimum account balance needed?

An account balance of at least $1,000 is recommended to properly balance trade sizing and risk management based on the FXCORE100’s default settings. Lower amounts are possible but will require adjusting the EA’s parameters.

What pairs and timeframes does FXCORE100 trade?

The FXCORE100 EA trades 15 pairs by default mostly on the M15 and H1 charts. This includes majors, minors, crosses, and exotics. Advanced users can also run strategies simultaneously on shorter or longer timeframes.

Is FXCORE100 EA supported on Mac, Linux, or web browsers?

No, the FXCORE100 will only work on the MetaTrader4 platform running on a Windows PC. It also requires a VPS server to run continuously, so web browsers are not supported. Linux and Mac users must run MT4 through an emulator like Wine.

What kind of returns does the FXCORE100 EA generate?

Based on backtesting and live results, gains averaging 35-60% per year have been typical. But as with any EA, future profitability cannot be guaranteed. Proper trading protocols and risk management are essential.


The FXCORE100 EA provides traders with an automated algorithmic trading system that can potentially trade profitably on your behalf. However, like any EA it has pros and cons. Doing further due diligence is advised before purchasing any automated system. Use proper risk management and reasonable expectations regardless of your choice.

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Grid trading has become very popular amongst traders because it does not use stops, is highly mechanical, has no reliance on direction, uses the intrinsic wavy nature of the market, does not require indicators or charts to trade and can be easily automated. Grid trading refers to the trading approach which uses fixed price levels to enter and exit trades.

On the bright side, a grid trading strategy can profit from the same absolute market movement several times and can even make money if the market is moving against your grid. On the downside it can appear complex and illogical initially, it can incur large drawdowns if poorly managed, requires more patience than normal and may require forex traders to make a huge paradigm shift it their thinking.

Once a grid has been allocated, the system will cash-in profits every time the market moves the desired spacing and replace the trade as soon as possible to repeat the process. Hence, the expert advisor can cash-in the same price movement several times, capturing up to four or five times more profits than a single trade with the same exposure.

Grid trading is a highly profitable and mechanical trading strategy which has no reliance on direction, profits from volatility and uses the intrinsic wavy nature of the market. It requires no market timing or complicated analysis, but rather, the ability to forecast where the market won’t go in the long term and a good understanding of equity, exposure and leverage.


FxCore100 EA is a very profitable scalper Exper advisor created by professional traders. It incorporates advanced strategies and analyzes multiple time frames and multi pairs. The Expert Advisor continues to analyze the market tick by tick and checking if the entry option is still valid.

You can setup FxCore100 EA easily within minutes, simple to activate. It has Built-in risk management.

The timeframe you attach the FXCore100 EA determines the risk exposure. The Lower the timeframe, the higher the risk exposure. While the higher the timeframe, the lower the risk exposure. So the higher the risk exposure, the high the profit, and the lower the risk exposure, the lower the profit.

The best option is low-risk exposure. The gradual growth of the account keeps you safe and saves you from emotional attachment.


Developers recommend using the default setting of the FXCore100 EA. Without adjusting any settings on the EA. The following account size is suitable for the following timeframe for Low-risk trading or equivalent Micro/Cent account.

$200 to $1000 for H4
$2000 to $4000 for H1
$5000 to $10,000 for 30M
$11000 to $16000 for 15M
$17,000 to $30,000 for 5M
$31,000 to $50,000 for 1M

How to Install FXCore100 EA

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If you can’t keep your PC / Laptop on 24 hours a day so better choice is to get a vps service.

Robot will stop working. You must have to start the robot as soon as possible. Otherwise your running trades will not be closed and it may occur big draw down.

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