Advance Swing Trading Course

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Advance Forex Swing Trading Course. 2000 Pips per Trade with 99% Accurate Signal. The most profitable trend trading strategy for only $129.99.



Advance Swing Course

2000 Pips per Trade


Mistakes are the best teachers, one does not learn from the success

Advance Swing Video Course from Advanced to target higher profits by using simple yet effective price action strategies. This video course covers various techniques you can use in both uptrends and downtrends. It is designed for anyone who is looking to take his trading to the next level. After completing this course, I guarantee that you will have more clarity on your trading skills and be able to trade with a greater confidence.

Advance Swing Course

This course consists of 5 hours video lectures

What do you use to understand Financial Markets? Are you adding indicators over indicators and you end up more confused than before?

What if I told you that you can analyze the markets with just one Price Action Strategy? What if I told you that you can turn one of the most complex Swing Strategy into a powerful and easy-to-use weapon to make money trading Financial Markets?

Swing is a Full System and Strategy. It is the BEST and EASIEST, most PROFITABLE thing that you have ever seen. With this Swing Trading System you have the Ability to look forward the market.

The System detect what will happen in the Market. Than you will get a clear entry points. So you have a MASSIVE ADVANTAGE over the other Traders.

This is a REAL Profit Tool, which I use every time for my own Trading. But hurry, the Number of Pieces is now Limited!

You will receive a FULL SYSTEM & STRATEGY. A 5 hours Video Course File which is very easy to understand. You will get the most effective Time frames, Pairs and very Clear Entry’s and Exit’s to generate from 20 to 2000 Pips with EVERY TRADE.

Welcome to Advance Swing Strategy Explained.

My ultimate goal for this course is not to teach you one trend that you can have on your chart. My goal is to provide you with a logical strategy that you can apply to trade the markets with confidence.

Advanced Swing Strategy is the first and only complete course, that will not only show you the step-by-step method to trade the swings of a trend, rather it also focuses on strengthening your basics on technical analysis and give you the ability to read & predict the market sentiment, by which you can pinpoint the exact Trade entry and Exit points and become an experienced profitable swing trader.

The only course which talks very detailed about understanding price actions of the real market, and shows you the step-by-step method of the world’s most popular and effective price action based trading strategy, The Advanced Swing Strategy. 

Most of the Traders who trade the market with technical analysis have a strategy, but still, they don’t have the ability to read the market sentiment, or predict the future market direction, and hence fail to get consistent winning trades. 

This is the course that will dramatically make you able to see lots and lots of profitable opportunities in your price action chart by showing you the step-by-step process from identifying emerging/ongoing trend to executing and taking profits from a successful trade.  

NB: remember that the technical analysis concepts which you will learn in this Swing  course can also be applied even in Day  (15min chart – 4 Hour Chart) & Position   (Day chart – Weekly chart), depending on which chart timeframe you follow – because you will see trends (uptrend or downtrend) in almost every chart timeframes, and ADVANCED Swing Strategy is PROVEN to identifying and executing profitable winning trades whenever the market is trending up or down.

What else in this course?

· You will learn from my 11+ years of experience.
· You have unlimited lifetime access at no extra costs.

What you’ll learn

  • Strong foundation and deep understanding about the upcoming, as well as ongoing trend of the market.
  • Important price action basics, specially designed to make you able to read the market sentiment of a trend.
  • Step-by-step method of identifying the Trade Entry, Exit, Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.
  • Time frame selection to trade the swings of a trend.
  • Advanced trade entry and exit strategy to get maximum profit from a trade.
  • Strategy to trade the valid swing point of a trend.
  • Strategy to trade the complex looking invalid swing setup on a trend.
  • Overall, very deep insight of the most reliable and profitable Swing Strategy to make consistent profit from the market.
Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
  • Basic understanding of or Stock Market Trading.
  • Basic knowledge of Technical/ Chart Analysis.
  • No special requirements are necessary.
  • Even a new trader with very little understanding of technical analysis can understand the Strategy.

This is a mastery swing course for both the beginner and advanced – FOREX, Stock, Commodity, Option or other Investment traders, who wants to have a complete technical analysis based strategy, that really helps to win each and every single most probable trades they trigger in the market. 

Build – a strong foundation in the trends. You will find a trend in almost 80% of the time in the major securities and higher time frames, like 15 minutes to daily or weekly charts. 

This means, you will never run out of opportunities or don’t have to wait for too long to have a winning trade signal to get into the market and make a serious profit from the trend, if you follow the step-by-step method of the Advanced Swing Strategy

So in this course of mastering the Advanced swing strategy – You will learn each and every single detail that is necessary – to successfully trade the swings of a trend.

  • Before diving into the strategy, I will first teach you the essential price action basics, specially designed to strengthen your knowledge base to make you understand the exact sentiment of a trend.

  • Then I will teach you the trade entry and exit strategy for the valid swing points, as well as the strategy for invalid swing points of a trend. To successfully trade the trend, you must need to master not only the valid swing points but also need to learn how to deal with the complex looking – invalid swing points of a trend.

  • Throughout the complete course, you will learn almost all the important and necessary things to turn yourself into a consistently profitable trader.

No matter if you are a trader in Forex, Stocks, Commodity or in any other financial market, the ADVANCED Swing Trading Strategy is a complete trading strategy for you if you want to predict the market as a professional technical chart analyst.

Although, The ADVANCED Swing Strategy works in all the Time-frames that are available in your brokers software.

You can literally use this swing strategy in every chart time frame of your choice. No matter if you are a scalper, day trader, or have 9-5 day job, this course is a perfect match for you, if you really want to learn the psychology behind every trade setups.

The main goal of this course is not to just show you some random price action patterns like the other courses do, rather in this course, you will learn how to understand the psychology behind a specific trade setup using the best and most profitable price action strategy – The ADVANCED Swing Strategy.

– Swing needs patience – but that does not necessarily mean you have to wait YEARS or MONTHS to see profit. You can close your trades with maximum profit even after 2 to 3 days of entering the trade, if you trade lower time-frames like 4-hour or 1-hourly charts. 

– A trader does not necessarily need huge capital to invest for Swing Trading. If you follow the Advanced Swing Strategy, then you can enter at the very beginning of price reversal point, for which the Stop Loss become very small relative to the potential profit target.

– Once you learn the Exact Strategy of the Swings of the Trends in the right way by analyzing the market sentiment – Then you are going to be UNSTOPPABLE making Consistent Profit – which will completely transform your trading habit … and your life!

– You will understand why market moves in a specific direction. Can filter the invalid trade positions. Will see quality trade signals. Identify the most profitable points of the chart.

– Which will give you the opportunity and ability to make maximum profit from every single trade you trigger in or Stocks, no matter how COMPLEX a trend setup you face in the markets. 

Most of the real chart examples of this course has been taken from different currency pair charts, and the charts are from the 4 hour and daily timeframes, to give you a better understanding on how to really trade the trends as a professional Swing Trader.

Advanced Swing Strategy – Trading & Stock Trading is a must take course for you, – If you want to increase the potentiality of maximizing the number of winning trades, and minimize the number of losing trades in FOREX, Stock and other Financial market trading – with the world’s most popular and powerful price action based strategy.

Who this course is for:

  • Forex, Stock and other Financial market traders.
  • Traders, who needs a Complete & Profitable Price Action Based Strategy, that really works in real market!
  • Traders, Who wants to master and make profit from the Trend of The Market.
  • Traders, who wants to strengthen their skills with the world’s most powerful price action based swing trading strategy.
  • Traders, who wants to improve their skills on technical analysis to understand the traders sentiment on different conditions of the market – and consistently make winning trades.
  • Traders, who wants to earn consistent profit from the market by turning their losing trades into winning trades with the trend of the market.
  • Traders, who wants to minimize their losing trades and maximize their winning trades by following the Advanced Swing Strategy.
  • Traders, Who Really Want’s to Earn a Good Amount Of Money By Turning Themselves as a Successful Price Action Trader to Trade The and Stocks. | Free Download Forex Robot, Forex EA & Indicator.


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Best MT4 ea Profit Man
After many years of failure and being scammed by fake tools, finally I found a legit strategy that helps me to generate steady growth and close all my trading weeks in profit. | Download Free Expert Advisor and Forex Trading Robot for Metatrader. Enhance your Forex Trading with Best MT4 EA.
Davie Andersen
Senior Executive

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  1. Edwin Jose Jr Pambid

    I love this course. Simple and doable strategy. This will help my swing trading very much. I often see what happens in a trending price action but don’t know how to execute my trade. What I do is trade the breakout only. This one will help me with earlier entry and a tight stop loss. Thank you very much! More awesome trades to us.

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Advance Swing Trading Course