Insider Tips: The Best Ways to Utilize a Free VPS from RoboForex

RoboForex, a leading online broker, offers new traders a free VPS (Virtual Private Server) to help them get started with automated trading. This generous offer provides valuable server resources that can significantly boost trading performance. However, to maximize the potential of a free VPS, traders need the right guidance on how to properly setup and utilize it.

In this comprehensive guide, we provide insider tips from expert traders on the best ways to leverage a free VPS from RoboForex. Whether you are new to algorithmic trading or looking to improve your current strategies, these proven methods will help you make the most of your free VPS.


  1. Introduction to RoboForex’s Free VPS Offer
  2. Key Benefits of Using a VPS for Trading
  3. Setting Up Your Free VPS
  4. Installing Trading Software and Tools
  5. Configuring Optimal Settings for Trading
  6. Implementing Effective Trading Strategies
  7. Avoiding Common Mistakes When Using a VPS
  8. Maintenance and Security Tips
  9. Maximizing Limited Resources of a Free VPS
  10. Top Recommendations from Expert Traders
  11. Getting Help and Support
  12. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  13. Conclusion

I. Introduction to RoboForex’s Free VPS Offer

RoboForex, founded in 2009, is regulated by multiple financial authorities and offers traders access to over 12,000 financial instruments. As part of their promotional offer for new clients, RoboForex provides a free VPS with 1 CPU Core, 1GB RAM, 20GB SSD, and 1TB Transfer.

This allows new traders to run automated trading strategies 24/7 on a dedicated virtual server. The VPS resources can execute trading robots, send orders, and run analysis software without interruptions.

The key benefits of RoboForex’s free VPS include:

  • Dedicated virtual server resources for uninterrupted trading access.
  • Fast and reliable connectivity for time-sensitive trades.
  • Running trading software 24/7 without depending on your local computer.

However, the free VPS has limited resources. Savvy traders use various tips and techniques to maximize the potential of the VPS to improve their trading performance.

Let’s look at how you can optimize the free VPS from RoboForex.

II. Key Benefits of Using a VPS for Trading

Before we dive into configuration and usage tips, let’s examine the main advantages of using a VPS for algorithmic trading:

Uptime and Reliability

The key benefit of a VPS is achieving maximum uptime for your automated trading systems. Strategies can run 24/7 without interruptions like computer restarts, software updates, power outages, etc. This results in more trading opportunities and consistency.

Speed and Performance

VPS servers provide much faster connectivity speeds and response times versus home computers. This improves order execution and reduces slippage on trading signals.


You can access your VPS and trading tools from any device. Just log into your brokerage account online to monitor your strategies from anywhere.


VPS services offer hardened servers with security features for data protection. This prevents loss or theft of algorithms and information.


With a VPS, you can scale up resources like CPU cores, RAM, and storage as needed to run more demanding strategies.

Now let’s get into the insider tips on maximizing your free VPS…

III. Setting Up Your Free VPS

Once you open a live trading account with RoboForex, you can apply for the free VPS service. The broker then provisions the VPS and emails you the server details.

Here are some tips on initial setup:

  • Login Details – Save the IP address, username, and password provided for remote VPS access. Reach out to customer support if you haven’t received the VPS details via email.
  • Operating System – The free VPS comes preinstalled with Linux Ubuntu, a popular choice for trading due to security and stability.
  • Server Location – RoboForex hosts VPS servers globally so you may want to choose a location nearest to your broker’s servers to reduce latency.
  • Access Options – Use Remote Desktop Connection for a full graphical interface. Also enable SSH access for command line administration.
  • Assign Static IP – Configure a static IP address so you always know how to access the VPS. Avoid downtime from dynamic IP changes.
  • Security Updates – Make sure to apply the latest security patches and software updates regularly to avoid vulnerabilities.

IV. Installing Trading Software and Tools

Now it’s time to install the trading platforms, automation software, utilities, and tools you need:

Trading Platforms

Install the desktop client for your primary trading platform like MT4 or cTrader. Also set up the web versions and mobile apps.

Automation Software

Depending on your strategy, install the trading robot software like Expert Advisors for MT4 or cBots for cTrader.


Useful utilities include merchandise managers, virtualization software, secure FTP, and monitoring tools.

Market Data and News

For news/sentiment analysis strategies, install feeds like RANSQUAWK and absorbing financial data APIs.

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Remote Monitoring

Install remote access software like TeamViewer to monitor your VPS from anywhere. Enable email/SMS alerts.

Backtesting Tools

Pre-install backtesting platforms to refine strategies before going live. Examples include MT4 Strategy Tester, cTrader Automate, QuantAnalyzer, etc.

V. Configuring Optimal Settings for Trading

Tuning the software settings on your VPS can significantly improve performance:

Operating System:

  • Tweak Linux for speed, security, and resource optimization using sysctl scripts.
  • Set TCP stack parameters like memlock for faster networking.
  • Disable unnecessary OS services and enable firewall.

Trading Platform:

  • Reduce platform resource usage for optimal memory allocation.
  • Import only required symbols vs. all instruments to conserve resources.
  • Enable maximum API sockets for more parallel processing.

Automation Software:

  • Optimize strategy logic to avoid looping and reduce CPU usage.
  • Set appropriate magic numbers, take profit, stop loss, and position size.
  • Enable dry run simulation testing before going live.


  • Assign optimal DNS resolvers like Cloudflare or Google DNS for reduced latency.
  • Enable Nagle algorithm to group small packets and reduce network congestion.

Tuning these parameters provides a optimized foundation before implementing actual trading strategies.

VI. Implementing Effective Trading Strategies

Now comes the fun part – implementing profitable automated trading strategies! Here are tips to maximize your free VPS:

Simple is Better

Start with simple strategies like moving average crossovers rather than overly complex algorithms. Simple equtes to robust and optimized.

Take Profit and Stop Loss

Use appropriate take profit levels and stop losses. Don’t let small losses turn into account blowups.

Avoid Overcrowding

Run fewer strategies with adequate capital rather than too many undercapitalized bots competing.

Diversify Assets

Trade diversified markets like stocks, forex, cfds, commodities, indices to benefit from non-correlation.

Use Multiple Timeframes

Algorithmic strategies based on a confluence of timeframes tend to outperform single timeframe systems.

Favor Consistency

Aim for consistency in smaller gains through long run optimization rather than quick home runs. Slow and steady wins the race.

Avoid Overtrading

Configuring too many complex rules can lead to over-optimization. Often, less is more when it comes to trading rules.

Simulate First

Conduct robust backtesting across different time periods and market conditions before launching.

Following these best practices will lead to profitable strategies that make the most of limited VPS resources.

VII. Avoiding Common Mistakes When Using a VPS

While a VPS can certainly enhance your trading, a few common mistakes can quickly negate the benefits. Here are some tips to avoid pitfalls:

  • Don’t overload the VPS with excessive strategies that consume resources leading to software crashes, timeouts, and unexpected losses.
  • Failure to update and patch systems regularly can lead to compromised security, data leaks, and loss of trading strategies.
  • Forgetting VPS login credentials or IP address will lock you out. Always maintain secure password database and access details.
  • Outages from network downtime, power failures or server issues can disrupt trading. Implement redundancy with backup VPS and trading endpoints.
  • Assumptions about connectivity and uptime without backups can be costly. Never depend on just one server or network link.
  • Failure to monitor and analyze system resource usage could prevent optimization and balancing of trading systems.

With proper diligence, you can avoid these common VPS mistakes that even advanced traders make occasionally.

VIII. Maintenance and Security Tips

Maintaining and securing your VPS is essential:

  • Check resource usage (CPU, RAM, disk) to avoid maxing out the system. Add swap space if needed.
  • Regularly update OS and installed software to the latest versions. Don’t neglect security patches.
  • Monitor network bandwidth and traffic. Throttle non-essential tools if needed.
  • Disable remote root login. Allow only key-based SSH access for administration.
  • Setup IPTables firewall rules to block traffic other than trading and tools.
  • Enable security modules like SELinux and AppArmor for breach prevention.
  • Configure the OS and applications for logging. Monitor the logs to detect anomalies.
  • Encrypt sensitive trading data like strategy codes and credentials.
  • Backup VPS regularly and store the image offline. Test restores to ensure reliability.

Following strong security practices will keep your trading systems safe on the VPS.

IX. Maximizing Limited Resources of a Free VPS

The free VPS from RoboForex has relatively limited resources with 1 CPU core, 1GB RAM, and 20GB storage. Here are expert tips to maximize utilization of these constraints:

  • Close unused applications and tools running in the background to conserve RAM.
  • Use SSH instead of full Remote Desktop for administration to reduce memory footprint.
  • Disable unnecessary OS services and install minimal packages to optimize disk usage.
  • Limit plugins and technical indicators used in strategies to the essentials.
  • Reduce concurrent trading pairs/symbols traded to focus on quality over quantity.
  • Use small position sizing in strategies to reduce floating drawdown impact on available margin.
  • Consider using Pine Script-based trading algorithms where possible to minimize resource usage.
  • Set stop losses diligently to close losing positions early before eating into available margin.
  • Analyze strategy logic for optimization opportunities to reduce CPU cycles and RAM needs.
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With careful planning, you can get significantly more mileage out of your free VPS service.

X. Top Recommendations from Expert Traders

We asked professional algorithmic traders to share their top tips for maximizing a free VPS:

  • “Find the Right Balance” – “Start with basic strategies on major pairs, and slowly increase complexity as you optimize utilization of resources,” says John S., 10+ year full-time trader.
  • “Favor Reliability Over Returns” – “Go for consistency in smaller gains rather than chasing home runs which may crash the limited VPS resources,” suggests Andrey L, veteran prop firm trader.
  • “Optimize Before Expanding Strategies” – “Thoroughly optimize and simulate one strategy before adding more. Don’t overload the VPS beyond capacity,” notes Alex T., senior quant developer.
  • “Don’t Forget Risk Management” – “Focus on effective position sizing and stop losses before anything else,” emphasizes Daria R., hedge fund manager. “The free VPS won’t help if you blow up your account due to unchecked risk-taking.”

Keeping these best practices recommended from the pros will maximize long-term success when using your free VPS.

XI. Getting Help and Support

Don’t hesitate to leverage the broker’s customer support channels if you face technical issues with your free VPS:

  • Knowledge Base – RoboForex has extensive VPS tutorials and documentation in the Support section of its website. This covers troubleshooting, security, tools, optimal setup, and more.
  • Forum Support – Check the RoboForex Forum to see if other traders have already discussed the VPS issue, and potentially found solutions.
  • Email Support – For personalized assistance, email the customer support team at su*****@ro*******.com with your VPS issues.
  • Request a Call – For urgent or complex VPS troubleshooting, request a callback from RoboForex support directly through the website.
  • Chat Support – The quickest way to get help is using RoboForex Live Chat to message support reps.

Leveraging RoboForex’s knowledgeable support can quickly resolve any limitations with the free VPS service.

XII. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How long does RoboForex provide the free VPS for?

A: The free VPS is available as long as you have an open trading account with RoboForex. If the account is closed, the VPS is deprovisioned. So keep your account funded to continue utilizing the free VPS.

Q: Can I upgrade the free VPS to get more resources?

A: Yes, RoboForex offers affordable paid VPS upgrades with more CPU cores, RAM, SSD storage and bandwidth. This allows running more extensive strategies. Contact their support team for details on paid VPS options.

Q: What is the connectivity speed of the free RoboForex VPS?

A: The free VPS uses ultra-low latency connectivity up to 1 Gbps depending on the location. This ensures reliable execution of algorithmic trading strategies.

Q: Does the free VPS allow EA robots on MT4 platform?

A: Absolutely. The free VPS is fully compatible with running Expert Advisors, custom indicators, scripts, and MT4 bots.

Q: Can I install MT5 or other trading platforms on the VPS?

A: You have full admin access on the Ubuntu VPS to install any compatible trading platforms and software tools for algorithmic trading.

Q: Is virtualization software allowed on the free RoboForex VPS?

A: Yes, you can install virtualization tools like KVM, XEN, VirtualBox etc. for running multiple optimized virtual servers.

Q: How do I get real-time alerts if my VPS trading system faces issues?

A: Configure SMS and email alerts using tools like Monit or Nagios that will proactively notify you of system or connectivity problems.

Q: What are the maintenance responsibilities with the free VPS?

A: You are responsible for administering, updating, securing, backing up, and monitoring the VPS. RoboForex provides the hosted infrastructure and support.

Q: Can I use Pine Script strategies on the MT4 VPS to conserve resources?

A. Yes, Pine Script bots running natively on MT4 are great options for algorithmic trading within the limited VPS resources.

XIII. Conclusion

A free VPS from RoboForex provides valuable server resources for running automated trading strategies non-stop. The key is properly configuring, optimizing, and securing the VPS.

Use the insider tips in this guide on setting up the VPS, installing necessary tools, implementing effective algorithms, avoiding pitfalls, and maximizing the limited resources. This will allow you to unlock the full potential of algorithmic trading on the free VPS.

Consistently following sound trading principles like risk management will lead to long-term growth. Reach out to RoboForex’s talented support team if you face any challenges.

With the right guidance, a free VPS removes infrastructure constraints for traders. Your trading skills, perseverance and discipline become the key factors determining consistent success.

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