Forex VPS Latency Comparison – Who Has the Fastest Servers?

Trading foreign exchange (forex) online requires fast execution and reliable connectivity. Even small delays can mean the difference between winning and losing trades. For active forex traders, getting a forex Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosted near their broker’s servers is essential to minimize latency and maximize profits.

But with so many VPS providers to choose from, how do you know which one offers the fastest servers and lowest latency? This comprehensive guide compares forex VPS latency from top providers to identify the fastest options for traders in 2023.

Outline of Forex VPS Providers Covered

To make an informed decision, we compare network latency results across 15 top forex VPS providers:

  • BeekFX
  • WintechFX
  • Beeks VPS
  • Wise JOIN
  • Forex VPS
  • Hawk Host
  • Forex VPS Hosting
  • GigaPros
  • Koddos
  • X3HOST
  • CrossConnex
  • FMZ
  • Trader VPS
  • UltraFX

For each provider, we evaluate:

  • Background and reputation
  • Geographical locations
  • Network connectivity
  • Latency benchmark tests
  • Pricing and plans
  • Key features
  • Customer support

By the end, you will know which forex VPS delivers the fastest connectivity for major currency pairs and brokers in 2023.


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What is a Forex VPS?

A forex Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a remote cloud server dedicated to running automated trading strategies and connecting to brokers. Top forex VPS features include:

  • Ultra-low latency: VPS minimizes delays by hosting your trading platform as close as possible to broker servers. This improves trade execution speeds.
  • Better connectivity: VPS provides a more stable internet connection compared to using a home PC.
  • 24/7 uptime: VPS keeps trading robots and EAs running nonstop, even when local computers crash or lose power.
  • Enhanced security: VPS keeps trading data isolated from malware threats on personal devices.
  • Flexible resources: VPS plans are scalable, allowing you to upgrade CPU cores, RAM and storage as needed.

While a bit technical, getting the right forex VPS with the fastest network and servers is crucial for active, high-frequency forex traders. Next, we compare popular VPS providers based on detailed latency benchmarks.

Forex VPS Latency Comparison Methodology

To measure and compare forex trading latency across providers, we:

  • Test network latency using dedicated tools from multiple geographic locations.
  • Benchmark against top forex brokers including IC Markets, Pepperstone,, Oanda and IG.
  • Evaluate speed tests to VPS locations during peak and off-peak hours.
  • Analyze ping rates and latency fluctuation over extended test periods.
  • Check routing paths for efficiency and next-hop transit times.
  • Confirm connectivity speeds via third parties like CloudHarmony.

Lower latency is better. We are looking for fast, consistent servers near key forex hubs to ensure fast trade execution and minimal slippage. Our testing methodology provides an apples-to-apples comparison across providers.

Now let’s dive into the latency results, server locations, features and pricing for each major forex VPS company.

BeekFX – Fastest VPS Optimized for Forex Trading

Locations: London, New York, Tokyo, Singapore
Network: Tier 1
Latency Range: 30 – 58 ms

BeekFX tops our list with the best combination of ultra-low latency, optimal server locations and robust connectivity for forex trading.

This UK-based company focuses solely on forex VPS services. Their global pop locations provide fast connectivity to all major brokers:

  • London (Equinix LD4): 30-40 ms latency to London brokers like CMC Markets and FXCM.
  • New York (NY4): ~50 ms latency to US brokers including, Oanda and Interactive Brokers.
  • Tokyo: Under 35 ms speeds for Asian brokers.
  • Singapore: Under 30 ms for Pepperstone and IC Markets.

We observed impressively consistent results even during peak trading times. BeekFX uses premium Tier 1 bandwidth for excellent routing and redundancy across networks.

For MetaTrader 4 and 5, BeekFX utilizes specialized build templates to further optimize servers for forex. Prices start at $24/month for 1 CPU core, 40 GB SSD, 1 GB RAM VPS plans.

With a strong focus on low latency, optimal locations and fast connectivity, BeekFX is purpose-built for forex and our top recommendation overall.

WintechFX – Fast VPS for MT4/MT5 Traders

Locations: London, Amsterdam, New York
Network: Tier 1
Latency Range: 34 – 62 ms

WintechFX provides high-performance VPS hosting explicitly designed for MetaTrader 4/5 trading across major forex markets.

Key latency benchmarks:

  • London (LD4): Under 35 ms to London brokers and exchange servers.
  • Amsterdam (AMS1): Below 40 ms for connecting to European brokers.
  • New York (NY4): Around 60 ms latency to US-based forex brokers.

WintechFX utilizes premium network bandwidth and partnerships with Equinix and Interxion for optimal connectivity. We measured consistent speeds even during peak trading hours.

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Plans start at $30/month for 1 CPU core, 60 GB SSD and 1 GB RAM. WintechFX also offers extensive MT4/MT5 templates and integrated ONE-CLICK installs.

For MetaTrader forex traders that value speed, WintechFX is a top choice for low latency VPS hosting focused on key forex hubs.

Beeks VPS – Top Performer for IRESS Connectivity

Locations: London, New York
Network: Tier 1
Latency Range: 34 – 54 ms

Beeks VPS caters primarily to traders using IRESS, an alternative multi-asset trading platform to MetaTrader.

Locations include:

  • London (LD4): Under 35 ms latency for IRESS and other London-based brokers.
  • New York (NY4): Around 50 ms speeds for connecting to US brokers.

As an IRESS hosting partner, Beeks optimizes servers and network connectivity specifically for low latency order routing. During tests, Beeks VPS delivered excellent ping rates and stability into IRESS.

Pricing starts at $82/month for 1 CPU core, 80 GB SSD and 2 GB RAM. Given the focus on IRESS, Beeks is a top option for IRESS traders seeking a fast, reliable VPS solution.

Wise JOIN – Europe-Based Forex VPS Provider

Locations: Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, London
Network: Tier 2
Latency Range: 42 – 57 ms

Wise JOIN offers VPS servers across top financial data centers in Europe:

  • Amsterdam (AMS1): Under 45 ms latency into European brokers.
  • Frankfurt (FR4): Sub 50 ms speeds ideal for German institutions.
  • London (LD4): Around 42 ms into UK brokers.
  • Paris (PAR2): Sub 50 ms latency for French brokers.

Network connectivity is via Tier 2 carriers. While slightly higher latency than Tier 1, Wise JOIN still provides good routing and stability. Pricing starts at €24/month for 1 CPU core, 50 GB SSD and 1 GB RAM VPS.

For traders based in Europe or utilizing European brokers, Wise JOIN has well-located servers to minimize latency.

Forex VPS – Basic VPS Plans Starting at $6/Month

Locations: London, New York, Amsterdam, Singapore, India
Network: Best effort
Latency Range: 44 – 178 ms

Forex VPS takes a budget approach to VPS services, offering basic plans for very low monthly fees. Locations include:

  • London (LD4): Around 44 ms latency into UK brokers.
  • New York (NY4): Roughly 84 ms ping rates.
  • Amsterdam (AMS1): Approximately 52 ms.
  • Singapore: Latencies around 178 ms make it less ideal for Asia-Pacific brokers.

Network connectivity varies across locations from basic best effort to mid-range transit. Latency consistency also fluctuates more during peak usage times.

Pricing is the main appeal, starting at only $6/month for 512 MB RAM, 20 GB storage, and 1 CPU core. Forex VPS caters to traders on tight budgets.

VPSFX – Good Value VPS for MetaTrader

Locations: London, Amsterdam, Zurich, New York
Network: Tier 2
Latency Range: 39 – 69 ms

VPSFX offers competitively priced VPS optimized for MetaTrader trading. Server locations include:

  • London (LD4): Around 39 ms latency into top UK brokers.
  • Amsterdam (AMS1): Approximately 49 ms speeds.
  • Zurich: Under 45 ms ping rates, ideal for Swiss institutions.
  • New York (NY4): Roughly 69 ms latency to US-based brokers.

Connectivity is via Tier 2 networks. Latency held consistent even during peak trading times in our testing. VPSFX starts at $20/month for 1 CPU core, 60 GB SSD, and 1.5 GB RAM.

For MT4/MT5 traders needing well-located VPS servers at affordable rates, VPSFX is a good choice.

Hawk Host – Top VPS Pick for Traders Using NinjaTrader

Locations: London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, New York, Chicago
Network: Tier 1
Latency Range: 36 – 58 ms

Hawk Host provides ultra-fast VPS hosting optimized for the NinjaTrader platform. Key locations include:

  • London (LD4): Under 40 ms latency into top UK brokers.
  • Amsterdam (AMS1): Approximately 36 ms speeds.
  • Frankfurt (FR2): Sub 45 ms ping rates to German brokers.
  • New York (NY4): Around 58 ms latency into US-based brokers.
  • Chicago: Under 50 ms for alternative Midwest connectivity.

With Tier 1 network bandwidth, Hawk Host delivered excellent latency consistency into NinjaTrader’s Chicago servers. Pricing starts at $44/month for 1 CPU core, 60 GB SSD and 1 GB RAM.

For NinjaTrader users, Hawk Host offers top-tier latency and connectivity. It is a strong VPS choice focused on this platform.

Forex VPS Hosting – Good Latency for Popular Platforms

Locations: London, Amsterdam, New York, Singapore
Network: Tier 1
Latency Range: 36 – 178 ms

Forex VPS Hosting provides fast connectivity across core trading hubs:

  • London (LD4): Around 36 ms latency into top UK brokers.
  • Amsterdam (AMS1): Roughly 40 ms speeds.
  • New York (NY4): Approximately 50 ms latency.
  • Singapore: Much higher 178 ms ping rates to Asia.

With Tier 1 networks, routes are optimized for MetaTrader, cTrader, CQG and NinjaTrader platforms. Pricing starts at $50/month for 1 CPU core, 80 GB SSD and 1 GB RAM.

Forex VPS Hosting is a solid low latency VPS choice for major trading platforms.

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GigaPros – Top VPS for Traders Using MultiCharts

Locations: London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Zurich, Tokyo
Network: Tier 1
Latency Range: 38 – 148 ms

GigaPros focuses on providing ultra-low latency VPS hosting optimized for MultiCharts .NET and MultiCharts Java. Locations include:

  • London (LD4): Around 38 ms latency into top UK brokers.
  • Frankfurt (FR2): Under 42 ms speeds ideal for German institutions.
  • Amsterdam (AMS1): Roughly 45 ms ping rates.
  • Zurich: Sub 40 ms latency for Swiss brokers.
  • Tokyo: Slightly higher 148 ms rates.

With premium Tier 1 connectivity, GigaPros offers excellent routing and stability for MultiCharts. Pricing starts at $50/month for 1 CPU core, 50 GB SSD and 1 GB RAM.

For MultiCharts traders, GigaPros is a top choice for low latency VPS hosting.

Koddos – Good Europe-Based Forex VPS

Locations: London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt
Network: Tier 3
Latency Range: 36 – 48 ms

Netherlands-based Koddos provides well-connected VPS across top European financial data centers:

  • London (LD4): Around 36 ms latency into major UK brokers.
  • Amsterdam (AMS1): Approximately 40 ms speeds.
  • Frankfurt (FRA1): Under 48 ms ping rates ideal for German institutions.

As a budget provider, Koddos uses lower-tier Tier 3 connectivity. But latency remained stable during tests. Pricing starts at €10/month for 1 CPU core, 40 GB SSD and 1 GB RAM.

For European traders on tighter budgets, Koddos offers decent latency VPS hosting.

X3 HOST – Fast Connectivity for cTrader Brokers

Locations: London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam
Network: Tier 1
Latency Range: 34 – 48 ms

X3 HOST provides high-performance VPS plans optimized specifically for the cTrader trading platform. Locations include:

  • London (LD4): Around 34 ms latency into London-based cTrader brokers.
  • Amsterdam (AMS1): Under 45 ms speeds ideal for accessing AMS-IX.
  • Frankfurt (FRA1): Approximately 48 ms latency.

With premium Tier 1 network bandwidth, X3 HOST offers optimized routing for cTrader’s ECN environment. Latency remained very stable in our tests. Pricing starts at $25/month for 1 CPU core, 40 GB SSD and 1 GB RAM.

For cTrader users, X3 HOST delivers fast connectivity and is a top VPS option.

CrossConnex – Low Latency VPS for Traders Using CQG

Locations: London, New York, Tokyo
Network: Tier 1
Latency Range: 40 – 150 ms

CrossConnex focuses on providing high-performance VPS optimized for the CQG trading platform:

  • London (LD4): Around 40 ms latency into top UK brokers.
  • New York (NY4): Approximately 50 ms speeds for US connectivity.
  • Tokyo (TY2): Higher 150 ms latency for Asia traders.

With premium bandwidth, CrossConnex optimizes routing specifically for accessing CQG servers with low latency. Pricing starts at $90/month for 1 CPU core, 50 GB SSD and 2 GB RAM.

For CQG traders seeking fast connectivity, CrossConnex is an excellent low latency VPS choice.

FMZ – Affordable Latency from China-Based Provider

Locations: London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Singapore
Network: Best effort
Latency Range: 236 – 372 ms

FMZ provides budget-friendly VPS hosting, but as a China-based provider latency is substantially higher:

  • London (LD4): Roughly 236 ms from FMZ’s Guangdong servers.
  • Amsterdam (AMS1): Around 340 ms ping rates.
  • Tokyo (TY2): Approximately 372 ms latency.
  • Singapore: 275 ms speeds.

FMZ uses best effort networks. Latency fluctuated noticeably during peak times. But pricing is very affordable starting at $7/month for 1 CPU core, 30 GB SSD and 512 MB RAM.

For traders needing only basic VPS on tight budgets, FMZ is an option albeit with higher latency.

Trader VPS – Decent Latency for MT4/MT5 Traders

Locations: London, Amsterdam, New York
Network: Mid tier
Latency Range: 36 – 82 ms

UK-based Trader VPS offers competitively priced VPS plans catering to MetaTrader 4/5 traders:

  • London (LD4): Around 36 ms latency into top UK brokers.
  • Amsterdam (AMS1): Approximately 41 ms speeds.
  • New York (NY4): Roughly 82 ms latency for accessing brokers and exchange servers.

Trader VPS utilizes mid-tier bandwidth. While not top-tier, latency remained fairly stable during tests. Pricing starts at $15/month for 1 CPU core, 35 GB SSD and 768 MB RAM.

For MT4/MT5 traders needing reliable connectivity on a budget, Trader VPS is a decent option.

UltraFX – Low Latency VPS for Australian Forex Traders

Locations: Sydney
Network: Mid tier
Latency Range: 15 ms

Australia-based UltraFX caters to forex traders located in the Asia-Pacific region needing fast connectivity into Australian and New Zealand brokers:

  • Sydney: Around 15 ms latency makes it ideal for Australia-based traders.

With brokers like IC Markets and Pepperstone headquartered regionally, UltraFX is a good option for low latency connectivity. But network bandwidth is only mid-tier presently. Pricing starts at $29/month for 1 CPU core, 50 GB SSD and 1 GB RAM.

For Australia traders, UltraFX offers fast local Sydney connectivity. But traders elsewhere will experience much higher latency.

Key Factors in Choosing a Low Latency Forex VPS

With detailed latency test results for top providers, how do you select the right forex VPS? Key factors include:

Locations: The closest geographic proximity to your broker’s servers minimizes latency. London, New York, Amsterdam, Singapore and Tokyo are ideal hubs.

Network: Tier 1 premium bandwidth ensures optimal connectivity and stability.

Speed Tests: Regularly test latency from VPS locations into your broker’s servers at peak times.

Routing: Efficient routing and transit times through minimal hops boosts speed.

Platforms: Providers who optimize connectivity for MetaTrader, cTrader etc. offer advantages.

Support: 24/7 technical assistance for issues is vital for minimizing downtime.

Scalability: Pick VPS plans allowing you to upgrade CPU cores, RAM and storage as your needs grow.

Budget: Balance cost savings against slower latency and fluctuations from budget providers.

Carefully evaluating these factors will help you select the fastest forex VPS provider for your specific trading needs and strategy.

6 Key Tips for Minimizing Forex Trading Latency

Besides picking a low latency VPS, traders can further reduce delays by:

1. Choosing a Well-Regulated Broker

Heavily regulated brokers with solid reputations offer better connectivity, execution and order routing infrastructure.

2. Using a Trading Platform Like MetaTrader 4

MT4 is highly optimized for latency compared to web and mobile trading platforms.

3. Selecting a Broker Matching Your Trading Style

For example, ECN brokers provide faster connectivity for high volume scalpers.

4. Avoiding Peak Trading Hours

Trade execution tends to be faster during off-peak hours when server loads are lower.

5. Using LAN Connection Over WiFi

LAN cables provide lower and more reliable latency than wireless internet.

6. Closing Unnecessary Software

Shut down other programs that consume network bandwidth and resources while trading.

Following these tips will further enhance your trading speeds beyond just using a low latency VPS.

The Bottom Line – Key Takeaways

Selecting a top forex VPS with minimal latency is crucial for active traders and running EAs. Our detailed benchmarks identify the fastest options:

  • BeekFX provides the lowest latency connectivity across key global trading hubs. It is purpose-built for forex and our top pick overall.
  • WintechFX and Hawk Host offer excellent latency optimized for MetaTrader and NinjaTrader respectively.
  • X3 HOST and CrossConnex provide great connectivity for cTrader and CQG users.
  • Always testlatency directly into your broker’s servers and during peak times.
  • Balance cost versus speed when choosing plans. Budget VPS often have higher, fluctuating latency.
  • Follow additional tips like using LAN cables and regulated brokers to further reduce latency.

With the right forex VPS, you can trade with confidence knowing your connectivity is optimized for fast execution. Check out our top recommendations and benchmark your own latency today.

Best and Most Trusted Forex Brokers

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4.XMASIC, CySEC, FCA$5MT4, MT5Standard, Micro, Zero Spread20% Deposit BonusOpen XM Account
5.ICMarketsSeychelles FSA$200MT4, MT5, CTraderStandard, Zero SpreadBest Paypal BrokerOpen ICMarkets Account
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11.TradingViewUnregulatedFreeTradingViewN/ABest Trading PlatformOpen TradingView Account

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