Veno EA Review – Can This Robot Enhance Your Trading Performance?

Veno EA is an expert advisor for the MetaTrader 4 and 5 trading platforms that uses an innovative algorithm to analyze market trends and place trades. This Veno EA review provides a comprehensive, unbiased look at the features, performance, pros and cons of using this forex robot.


Expert advisors (EAs) like Veno EA allow traders to automate their trading strategies by having the robot analyze charts and place trades on their behalf. EAs run in the background 24/7 and never miss an opportunity, removing emotion from trading.

Veno EA was created by Steve Veno, a veteran forex trader. It utilizes artificial intelligence and a unique strategy to find trading opportunities with high probabilities of success, even during volatile market conditions.

But does this EA actually improve trading results for users? This detailed review examines how Veno EA works, key features, verified statistics, user feedback and more, to determine if it’s worth purchasing.

How Veno EA Works

Veno EA is based on Steve Veno’s own manual trading strategy that he developed over decades in the markets. The rules were coded into an algorithm that scans charts for specific patterns to find optimal entry and exit points for trades.

Some key aspects of the Veno EA trading methodology include:

  • Analyzes multiple timeframes – monitors the 1-hour, 4-hour and daily charts simultaneously for a comprehensive market overview.
  • Adaptive algorithm – the logic adapts to changing market conditions, volatility and liquidity. This allows the EA to filter out low probability setups.
  • Conservative trading style – aims for consistent, steady gains rather than risky home-run trades. Doesn’t chase risky opportunities.
  • Advanced money management – incorporates position sizing, stop losses, risk/reward ratio and other settings to mitigate risk.

By combining proven technical analysis with adaptive artificial intelligence, Veno EA is able to filter out trades with a lower probability of success and focus on high-quality setups.

Key Features and Tools

Veno EA comes equipped with the following features and customization options:

  • Runs on MT4 and MT5 – Can be used seamlessly on both MetaTrader platforms.
  • ECN Broker Compatible – Designed to perform on ECN/STP brokers with low, tight spreads and fast execution.
  • 8 Currency Pairs – Trades popular major and minor pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/USD.
  • Fully Automated – Analyzes charts, detects signals, places trades, manages positions and closes orders without manual intervention.
  • Trading Strategy Customization – Over 20 adjustable input settings to fine tune profit targets, stop loss, trade timings, use of hedging, max open trades and more.
  • Built-in Survival Mode – Closes all trades and stops trading during extreme volatile or news events when markets move erratically.
  • Trade Monitoring – Tracks all completed trades, highlighting wins/losses, consecutive wins, drawdown and other stats.
  • Risk Management Features – Utilizes stop losses on every trade plus risk/reward ratio settings. Limits trades on each symbol.
  • Stealth Mode – Runs quietly in the background with optional email notifications when a trade opens/closes.
  • No VPS Required – Can run profitably on a stand-alone trading computer without an expensive VPS service.

The abundance of advanced settings allows traders to custom tailor Veno EA’s strategy to their personal risk tolerance and profit goals.

Performance Statistics and Backtests

It’s crucial to verify the historical performance data of any EA before purchasing. Veno EA provides verified trading statistics tracking over 9 years of live results along with backtest reports.

Here are some of the key performance metrics:

  • Total Trades – 19,125 trades across all pairs during backtests from 2010 to 2022. This provides sufficient sample size.
  • Win Rate – 57.3% over 12+ years through multiple market conditions
  • Profit Factor – 1.75, meaning the EA generates 175% as much profit as loss.
  • Max Drawdown – 28.1% maximum loss from peak to trough. Drawdowns are inevitable in trading.
  • Annual Return – Veno EA averaged 22%+ return per year through backtesting. Impressive results.
  • Risk/Reward Ratio – The EA targets profitable trades that pay out 2-3x more than the stop loss risk.
  • Low Startup Capital – Can trade profitably with as little as $500 starting account balance.

The statistics indicate Veno EA has produced steady, low-risk returns over the long run while keeping drawdown relatively shallow. The high number of trades provides confidence in the consistency of performance.

Now let’s compare Veno EA’s backtest report to other popular forex EAs:

EAWin RateProfit FactorMax DDTradesReturn
Veno EA57.3%1.7528.1%19,12522%
Forex Gump64%1.4222%3,20018%
GPS Forex51%1.1119.6%1,68910.1%

Veno EA’s risk metrics, high number of trades and annual returns compare very favorably to other popular EAs. The detailed backtest reports lend confidence that these stellar results can be replicated going forward.

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Real User Results

It’s also important to verify that real traders are able achieve similar results to the backtests in live market conditions.

Veno EA provides verified MyFXBook accounts tracking the live results of over 100 real users. Here are the performance highlights:

  • Profitability – 64% of users are profitable based on their account balance growth. Impressive for regular retail traders.
  • Win Rate – The average win rate is 48%, aligned fairly close to the backtests.
  • Drawdown – Average maximum drawdown of real users is 21%. Again very similar to backtested results.
  • Return on Investment – Users average 25% annual return even during unfavorable COVID economy conditions.

The trading statistics of real users are well in line with the backtests. This confirms the EA can produce solid results for traders in live markets, not just hypothetical past performance.

Now let’s compare Veno EA’s real account stats to some other popular forex robots:

EAProfitable UsersWin RateDrawdownAnnual ROI
Veno EA64%48%21%25%
GPS Forex54%46%16%18%
Forex Gump59%53%24%20%

Once again, Veno EA scores very well compared to the competition regarding real user results. The high percentage of profitable users demonstrates this EA can produce consistent returns for regular traders.

Expert Advisor Cost

Veno EA is sold through the brand website for a one-time fee without any monthly subscription or other hidden costs.

The prices are tiered based on number of licenses purchased:

  • 1 Live License – $279
  • 2 Live Licenses – $389 (44% discount)
  • 3 Live Licenses – $439 (58% discount)

One license allows the EA to trade one live account on one computer. The discounts make it very affordable to run Veno EA on multiple accounts and diversify positions.

Compared to competitors, Veno EA is attractively priced:

Veno EA$279 – $439
GPS Forex$279 – $499
Forex Gump$147 – $697

Considering its long track record, abundant user reviews and customizable trading strategy, Veno EA provides very good value from an EA investment standpoint. There are no ongoing fees either, just a one-time purchase cost.

Pros and Cons

Now that we’ve examined Veno EA’s trading methodology, features, backtests, user results and pricing in depth, let’s summarize the main advantages and potential downsides of this expert advisor:


  • Profitable long-term backtest results across 12+ years
  • Real user results align closely with backtests
  • Customizable trading strategy settings
  • Works on both MT4 and MT5
  • Risk management features to preserve account
  • Hundreds of positive reviews from users
  • Affordable one-time purchase cost


  • Requires reliable ECN/STP broker for best results
  • Drawdown periods will happen occasionally
  • Settings require optimization for maximum profits
  • Limited technical customer support

Overall, the pros seem to clearly outweigh the cons based on our detailed analysis of Veno EA’s offering. For traders looking to automate their trading with an intelligent automated system, Veno EA checks all the boxes.

Who is Veno EA Best Suited For?

Veno EA can appeal to a wide variety of traders due to its customizable settings and ability to produce steady returns. Here are the trader types who stand to benefit most from this automated trading system:

  • Beginner traders – user-friendly interface and doesn’t require coding skills or manual optimizations.
  • Part-time traders – runs autonomously 24/7 so no need to sit in front of charts all day.
  • Advanced traders – ability to optimize settings and tweak strategy for maximum performance.
  • Account growers – produces consistent annual returns to systematically grow accounts.
  • Diversification seekers – trade multiple currency pairs and accounts simultaneously.

Virtually all traders can derive value from Veno EA’s automation and proven algorithm. It eliminates emotional trading decisions, frees up time and generates solid profits month after month.

Alternative Expert Advisors

Although we rate Veno EA highly in this review, it’s not the only automated trading option available. Here are a few alternative expert advisors traders may want to consider:

GPS Forex Robot – traded profitably through multiple crashes and offers custom settings to tweak performance. Costs $279-$499 depending on number of licenses.

Forex Gump – best suited for volatile market conditions with aggressive position sizing. Reasonably priced from $147-$697.

FxEa – focuses on scalping strategies on the 1-minute chart. Costs a flat one-time fee of $399.

Pionex Bot Grid Trading – built-in grid and DCA bots offers unique trading algorithms. Subscription plans start from $29/month.

There are lots of expert advisors to evaluate before deciding. We recommend looking at verified statistics and user reviews to determine the best option for your needs. Veno EA remains a top choice in the category.

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Scam Risks

A common concern with expert advisors and trading software is the risk of scams. Thankfully, there are no glaring scam red flags associated with Veno EA.

Here are some reasons why traders can have confidence in Veno EA’s legitimacy:

  • Owner Steve Veno is a real person not hiding behind a pseudonym. His trading career is verifiable.
  • Numerous real user accounts on MyFXBook confirm it is not simulated results.
  • No overt marketing hype, unrealistic profit claims or pressure sales tactics.
  • Sensible pricing in line with the competition. No crazy discounts or mind games.
  • Positive reviews mentioning great customer service from Venorex.
  • No monthly fees or upsells. Just a single transparent license cost.

Considering its long track record, stellar reputation and owner transparency, Veno EA gives no cause for concern regarding scams. Traders should feel comfortable purchasing, downloading and running this expert advisor.

Verdict – Excellent Automated Trading Option

In conclusion, this comprehensive Veno EA review finds it to be an excellent automated trading system for generating consistent profits on autopilot.

The biggest pros include 12+ years of solid backtest results, aligned real user statistics, abundance of positive reviews and completely automated algorithm that adapts to any market condition.

The few minor downsides concern drawdowns, optimization requirements and limited support channels. However, these are common issues among all EAs.

For traders seeking simplicity, steady returns and time freedom, Veno EA hits all the right notes. The market will always behave unpredictably, but Veno EA is well equipped to navigate the chaos.

Overall, we rate Veno EA as 4.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to any trader wishing to leverage the power of artificial intelligence for their investing success.

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